Playing It Straight In Kentucky

I wrote not long ago about the way military recruiters were treated by the cowards at UC Santa Cruz. The short story is that the anti-war crowd there created a threatening environment when recruiters arrived on campus. In addition, they damaged the recruiters vehicles. I wrote to their web site asking them if they were ready to give up federal money because of these acts. The cowards deleted the three items I wrote. I wrote to over 100 members of Congress asking that they take away federal funding as required under the Solomon Act. Only one responded…

Now, there is a case in Kentucky where a gay rights group is trying to have taxpayer money withheld from a university in the state because a gay man was expelled from the Baptist school. The group is demanding that the state follow its Constitution and veto 11 million dollars in state funding because of what they did. There is no indication if the student was expelled because he was gay or he was expelled for some infraction and happens to be gay.

Why is there no group protesting to Congress to have money withheld from UCSC? I wonder how many Americans wrote to their representatives (though, given my experience, no one would get through) demanding that federal taxpayer money be withheld from the school. We need to organize and force the government to uphold the law and take this money away from the liberal twits who refused the recruiters access.

Source: Access North GA

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3 Responses to “Playing It Straight In Kentucky”

  1. Robert says:

    It’s really simple BD, Political correctness is rearing its ugly head. If you stand up to the military you are a hero, if you stand up for moral values you are bigot. I guess we are a dying breed Dog, Let it be said when we die, that we went down swinging.
    Good post.

  2. Big Dog says:

    When we go down swinging it will be watching each other’s backs…..