Plasmus Maximus

In the olden days, way back when, so far back that you would have to have studied history in order to grasp the timeline, (so that omits many liberals, who went to a college where history was not required), there was, in the city of Rome, a place called the Coliseum – a place where violence was waged on a regular basis.

This was the place where the populace had their escapist entertainment, their gladiators facing the wonders of the world, lions and tigers and elephants, oh my- all brought from the corners of the Roman Empire in order to placate the mob, which is the term the Roman “elites” gave to their populace (they just loved the people- you can always tell from the pet names). The Coliseum was the escapist entertainment that kept the population from noticing the way the Caesars and Senators were governing, or not- depending on the Caesar du jour.

The Coliseum was their Discovery channel, their Nascar, their football games. We have TV– that is our Coliseum, our “Circus Maximus”- often, that is all we look forward to, coming home after a hard day’s work at a job that might or might not suck like a wind tunnel. Our little window on the world. As much as things cost nowadays, this is it for many.

And now government wants to shrink our window- and this is a bad idea that rivals or possibly exceeds all the bad ideas this administration has had so far- the day is young, however, with the Resident in office less than a year. Admittedly, this idea begins in California- the Cereal State, Land of fruits,nuts, and flakes, but this is a small demonstration of what our Regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstein,  wants for the rest of the nation.

Concerned that the growing popularity of big-screen televisions could make it harder for California to keep pace with electricity demand, state energy regulators are poised to crack down on energy-guzzling sets despite opposition from a powerful electronics trade group.

The first-in-the-nation TV efficiency standards would require electronics retailers to sell only energy-sipping models starting in 2011. Even tougher efficiency criteria would follow in 2013.

The California Energy Commission is slated to unveil the new standards today, followed by a 45-day public comment period. The commission is expected to approve the measure in early November.

The rules, which took more than a year to develop, are designed to shave $8.1 billion off Californians’ electricity bills over a 10-year-period. That works out to $30 per set per year, according to commission officials.

Now, I am all for efficiency, but how efficient are these sets, really? Will they actually have picture quality as good as the others? Because I gotta tell you- if I can’t see the blood fly in slo- mo, while watching a Tarantino film- that is not good enough for me- nor will it be for anyone else who will have to shell out more money  (What? You didn’t think these new “greener” TVs would be Less expensive, did you?)

Oh yeah- this is how the regulatory Czar works- write a few regs that restrict  the energy usage, or size, or whatever reason he wants to justify the shrinking of our lifestyle- and it will happen. Just imagine how the populace in ancient Rome would have reacted to the downsizing of the Coliseum- the riots and revolutions would have commenced forthwith.

It will also help California utilities head off the need to build more power plants just so residents can watch “American Idol” and other shows. TVs already account for 10% of residential energy use in California, driven largely by surging demand for large-screen TVs. Strict state mandates for cutting greenhouse gas emissions are further pressuring officials to act.

“Increased efficiency is the most cost-effective way of meeting our renewable-energy goals,” commission Chairwoman Karen Douglas said.

Environmentalists have applauded those efforts. But some industry groups, including the Consumer Electronics Assn., dispute the notion that the new efficiency rules would benefit consumers.

About a quarter of currently available television models would have to be pulled from store shelves, said Doug Johnson, senior director for technology policy with the Arlington, Va., group that represents TV makers, distributors, retailers and installers.

That could raise television prices, put home theater installers and wholesalers out of business and destroy jobs, he said.

The association contends that the regulations would force TV buyers to buy banned sets from out-of-state dealers over the Internet, depriving California retailers of customers and state and local governments of needed sales tax and corporate income tax revenue.

Don’t you just love those inhibiting regulations- instead of building more power plants, we’re going to downsize our life. There is a lack of common sense here- after all, unless John Holdren, Hussein’s Science Czar,  succeeds in putting sterilants in our drinking water, (which I doubt, but which he did advocate), there are going to be more people, which should mean, in the land of Common Sense, that there would be more power generating stations, be they coal, hydro-electric, wind, or nuclear- but no! Instead, let’s downsize the TVs (That’s a good first step)- next, we’ll take control of how much total power you will be allowed to consume (already in the works), the size and kind of car we have to drive (check that one off of our list- done), and the kinds of food you will enjoy (enjoy is a subjective word- it might be better to say endure). Just remember the proposed tax on sodas and fruit drinks- that one’s coming.

But we will all be so much healthier, if not happier, if we just step aside and let these government people get on with our lives- it’s for our own good.

At least four out of five government goons say so.

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13 Responses to “Plasmus Maximus”

  1. Adam says:

    Prove to us that John Holdron advocated sterilants in our drinking water. You’ve become a serial liar when it comes to these czars.

    • Blake says:

      Oh please- read the book he co authored with Paul and Anne Erlich- in it he posited that the main problem with that idea would be getting the dosage right, because some people, like myself drink very little water.
      Go ahead- read it- I am not going to quote you passages of the book itself- do your own homework.

      • Adam says:

        Holdron is not “advocating” for sterilants just because he mentions their use in the textbook and you know this. Your pants are on fire, just like Glenn Beck.

        • Blake says:

          Oh please, if he did not advocate their possible use, why even put that speculation in a book? That would be academic suicide, just putting rambling speculation in a book for publication.
          Rambling speculation is for a personal diary- if you are to be published, that is not the way to go.
          I saw nothing in the book that said,”This scenario would be BAD, and this is not something any right- thinking scientist would do.”
          Instead, it read in parts, like the journals of Dr. Mengele- “How do we rid ourselves of these troublesome cretins?”

        • Blake says:

          Holdren never (nor did his co- authors) backed away from the ideas postulated- instead, in a very cowardly, passive- aggressive way just left the idea out there, instead of taking a stand morally- but then, after reading his book I understand his morals are few and ambiguous.

        • Darrel says:

          BLK: “Holdren never (nor did his co- authors) backed away from the ideas postulated”>>

          You lie, like a dog.

          “[Holdren] was confirmed as Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy on March 19, 2009 by a unanimous vote in the Senate. [3][4] [5] He testified to the nomination committee that he does not believe that government should have a role in determining optimal population size [6] and that he has never endorsed forced sterilization.[7][8][7][9]”

        • Blake says:

          Did it never occur to you that Holdren lied in order to get confirmed? It surely occurred to me.

        • Darrel says:

          BLK: “Did it never occur to you that Holdren lied…”

          Making a case for someone lying involves more than you having an idea “occur to you.”

          If you want to make the case that he lied, do it. A, B, C,.

  2. Blake says:

    Don’t you just love all them inconvenient facts? Like how much cap & tax will actually cost the taxpayer?
    Instead of a “Green Jobs economy, it’ll br a “GreenTaxes” economy- oh Goody-

  3. Adam says:

    Oh please, yourself. It’s not a paper by Holdron saying “I think we should put sterilants in drinking water and use forced abortions to control population.” It’s a section of a science textbook discussing an array of options for population control when faced with extreme overpopulation. This is garbage and you know it. Stop lying.

    As far as your inconvenient facts go, I think what’s more inconvenient is the way you ignore how much the article you base your cap and trade attack on has been rebuked since it came out. And citing CEI? Get real. Of course they oppose cap and trade. They oppose any kind of regulation on the basis that it’s regulation and then they fix their facts to fit their stance.

    • Blake says:

      This is not supposed to be a land of interminable regulations- you as a citizen, are supposed to be above being stupid, and have some personal responsibility over your life.

    • Blake says:

      “An array of OPTIONS for population control…”
      So is shooting everyone behind the left ear, but I didn’t see that one in their “array of options”- that would be as effective- or how about gassing, that one is tried and true- he was mentioning the best way to do this WITHOUT the “unwashed” masses knowing about it- birth control through deception, as if they alone are the arbiters of what is the right thing to do.
      How very “elitist” of them.
      I do not think I agree.

  4. Blake says:

    Well, now, CEI just reported the info dump, which is what the Hussein camp does with inconvenient facts, like the 300 billion dollar ANNUAL cost on this FUBAR of a bill.
    Hussein and his posse must be used to the Chicago trash trucks running on a friday, because that is when they dispose of their bodies.