Plans for New Orleans

I have a post up comparing the response of citizens in Iowa to those of New Orleans and in it I make a comparison of the cultural differences that left those in New Orleans in dire straights, pointing their fingers at the federal government and crying racism to the Iowans, who are having problems such as looting, and how they reacted to the crisis there.

I was flamed by a bunch of people who live in New Orleans and who blame the entire issue on the federal government and the Corps of Engineers who built the levees poorly and caused the whole issue. Not one of the commenters defending New Orleans could find one issue that lays some of the blame on the corrupt government pervasive in Louisiana and particularly present in New Orleans. New Orleans was not that bad. It could not have been if William Jefferson had time to take military vehicles and soldiers away from rescue mission in order to go check on his house and remove the bribe money he had in his freezer. He had time to do all that and then leave without checking on the people affected by the flood. Ray Nagin stayed in a hotel in the fetal position and Governor Blanco cried on TV. Neither of them was on the ground in NO directing things.

Things could not have been that bad since all the cops stopped what they were doing and helped the looters and then left town. Certainly things could not be too bad if the cops could leave. Let’s fault everyone else for not getting there immediately and helping out when those sworn to stay and help, left.

Of course, what happened there was a tragedy. It was caused by many things and there is plenty of blame to go around. I know it sucks but I did not do it, I did not cause it, I did not abandon anyone and I did not commit crimes after it. Even though I had nothing to do with it happening my tax dollars have been sent there to fix it (not only mine but a lot of people’s). I said at the time they needed to watch every penny like a hawk because it would be spent on non flood related items. Mary Landreau submitted a 400+ page request that had us paying for alligator farms in areas NOT affected by the storm. I guess she figured she could use the tragedy and our generosity to gussy up the place. When your major concern after such an incident is having Mardi Gras, you have priority issues.

I felt sorry for the people when this happened but to tell the truth I am tired of hearing all the whining about it from those living there. They have enough time to type on their computers perhaps they should spend it working. I know 90% of the people got out and did what is right and it might seem unfair for me to paint with a broad brush based on the 10% who did not. However, a lot of people certainly painted the government with a broad brush based on the failure of about 10% of the people. No other state affected by Katrina is getting rebuilt any faster and I don’t hear them crying. I did not hear them then.

Here is my plan for New Orleans. Bulldoze the place in. Fill it wil concrete or dirt. It would be best if they dug a ditch across the southern border and pushed all the dirt into New Orleans and let the water back fill the ditch. Fill the ditch with alligators and that will keep the ILLEGAL immigrants down. Filling in New Orleans will keep it from getting flooded again. Then, they can build a city inland where it is above sea level.

Other than that, I don’t want to hear about all their problems. I did not cause them and about now I don’t care about them.

The victim mentality…

Big Dog

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3 Responses to “Plans for New Orleans”

  1. doctorj says:

    Spoken like the ignorant sorry soul you are. Just don’t ever think of yourself as a patriot because you are not.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Dr J,
    I am tired of hearing people whine about New Orleans. You would think that is the only city in this country or the only city ever to experience disaster. Be mad at the government, be mad at the corps, be mad all you want but it won’t change what happened and it won’t change the fact that there is equal blame all around.

    Bury it and move inland.

  3. kender says:

    BigDog, the folks that stayed in new orleans as a huge storm bore down on a town built below sea level (something I have always shook my head in amazement at) basically deserved what they had earned.

    They earned it by their inaction and reliance on government to take care of them, they earned it by their insistence that government was responsible for their lives and not themselves and not taking an active role in securing a better live for themselves and their families and they earned it the same way a wimp earns a whipping from a bully, by being slothful and cowardly.

    Until these people wake up and realize that in a free society (which we really aren’t anymore) the government owes them nothing and it is upon them to do for themselves we will have these crowds of people demanding that someone somewhere owes them something.

    To all of you from NO that are still sitting on your behinds waiting spend some quality times reading this essay here that completely and perfectly explains why what happened happened and how it is solely the fault of the left and the folks that stayed.

    kenders last blog post..A Bit of Levity for A Hot June Day