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  1. Patsy
    Sunday Mar 30th, 2008

    If I were in charge of Pizza Slut’s weapons policy for their delivery drivers, I’d make it mandatory for them to be armed. Furthermore, I’d publicize the fact that my drivers were licensed to carry handguns and were armed. There are those who order pizza simply to rob the delivery personnel. I should think robbers would avoid ordering from restaurants whose drivers are encouraged to defend themselves.

  2. whome?
    Sunday Mar 30th, 2008
  3. Schatzee
    Sunday Mar 30th, 2008

    I’m with Patsy. I think the quote about it being a measly 20 buck is stupid. People have been shot and killed over far less than 20 bucks and who’s to say that the man would not have killed the delivery man after taking his money to keep him from being a witness. Pizza Hut joins the ranks of stupid employers and companies in my mind…

  4. Patsy
    Sunday Mar 30th, 2008

    Thank you Schatzee. We own an aircraft maintenance business, with 38 employees. We send our technicians on the road to repair aircraft that are grounded (AOG)in need of repairs. I wouldn’t dream of putting our guys on the road to lovely destinations like Detroit (last week) without a licensed weapon.

    We had $12,000 in tooling stolen in Monterrey Mexico, and of course had no way to recover them. UPS insurance is worthless, they deny every claim. What a scam.

    We sent a crew to Oakland, CA, and because they flew out there, of course they couldn’t take a weapon. So what happens? The 3 of them came face to face with some gang bangers in San Francisco. Good thing they were young, big & strong, because those thugs meant to do them some harm. It’s a dangerous world we live in. We’re at war, the productive against the non-productive.

    Americans should be able to go where they need to for business purposes without being subjected to dangerous criminals. But since we have raised an entire generation of spoiled-brat sociopaths, we have to defend ourselves from the violent.

    A handgun is the great equalizer and the best way to prevent yourself from being killed. It’s also the best way to deter felons from perpetrating crimes in the first place. An armed citizenry is a polite society.

  5. Mustang
    Sunday Mar 30th, 2008

    I can understand Pizza Hut’s policy; he was making to much money, and if he were killed “in the line of duty,” they could hire a cheaper delivery man.


    I’m with you on this one, BD.

    Mustang’s last blog post..Haditha Legacy

  6. Dukehoopsfan
    Monday Mar 31st, 2008

    Pizza Hut’s policy is just a “cover their ass” position to keep them out of lawsuits. They could give a rat’s a– about driver safety.

  7. Patsy
    Monday Mar 31st, 2008

    Good point, Duke. It’s obvious that Pizza Slut doesn’t care about the safety of its drivers, otherwise they’d be supporting him. They’d be saying publicly how glad they are that, although company policy prohibits weapons being carried by pizza delivery drivers, we are glad he thwarted the criminal and defended himself. Furthermore, they should have told the criminal element that they’d best forget about robbing their drivers, since this incident has shown them the error in their anti-weapons policy.

  8. Schatzee
    Monday Mar 31st, 2008

    Well said Patsy – “an entire generation of spoiled-brat sociopaths.” I have never heard it said better. The entitlements and “everyone wins” philosophy have helped to develop a generation of “if I want it it’s mine and I don’t care how I have to get it” kids. They are completely without guile, empathy, and put no value on life. Your description – spot on!

  9. Patsy
    Tuesday Apr 1st, 2008

    That’s exactly right Schatzee. Look at the would-be killers who have been arrested in Virginia for the sniper firing at 6 vehicles. Local young boys, aged 19 & 16, probably just shooting at passing vehicles to cure their boredom.

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