Pimp My Daughter

Bill and Hillary Clinton are upset at a remark made by MSNBC’s David Shuster who said that the Clintons had “pimped out their daughter” by having her call the Super Delegates on her mother’s behalf. Shuster has been suspended from his on-air duties at the network and the Clinton campaign said it does not see how it can have any debates on the network. A debate is scheduled for 26 February.

I know the Clintons have tried to keep their daughter out of the limelight through the years but now they are using her to campaign for Hillary. There is nothing wrong with that and it is only natural for family to help out in campaigns. However, if they are going to put her out there then she is going to be mentioned. I find no problem with what Shuster said because it is accurate. They are pimping their daughter out (I won’t be suspended for that).

Chelsea Clinton has been an untouchable for years and she has gotten much better treatment from the media than the Bush twins have. If she wanted to remain private then she should not be out campaigning for her mother. If you are campaigning for someone you will be open game. Oprah Winfrey has been the object of scorn by women who think she abandoned the feminists by not supporting Hillary. It is going to happen unless they do not put her before the public. It is important to realize that Chelsea would hardly be mentioned if she were not out trying to snag the young vote from the Obama camp.

I just don’t think the “pimping out” remark was a big deal. Certainly we have heard much worse said about people in this campaign and we have most assuredly heard a lot of bad things about the Bush girls.

I also find it disingenuous that the Clintons would get upset over someone saying something in reference to their daughter especially when one stops to consider what Bill Clinton did to another man’s daughter, who by the way, was younger than Chelsea at the time.

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37 Responses to “Pimp My Daughter”

  1. Stormwarning says:

    I have no opinion on Shuster’s comment or the Clinton’s response. However, I’ll be you that you don’t know the significant differences between the Bush twins and Chelsea. First, Chelsea was never one to carouse. Second, and note, there is absolutely everything admirable about Jenna’s work as a teacher and her book etc., and whatever architectural thing that Barbara is doing…Chelsea has done quite well in consulting at a very high level.

    Taking a shot at Ms. Clinton is a low point…even though I’m not a Democrat.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. I did not take a shot at Chelsea. I only stated that the remark about pimping her out was not out of line. I don’t think it was.

    It does not matter what the kids are doing, if the media leaves one family’s child alone they should leave the other family’s children alone. Let their parents deal with them and leave them out of the media.

    Chelsea has done well and I am sure she is bright. Her parents had the money to send her to a great school. But make no mistake, she would not have the job she does if it were not for her well connected parents. There are thousands of kids who graduate each year and who are smarter but don’t get such great jobs. The fact that her boss is a big Clinton supporter should provide all the clues one needs.

    They are pimping out their daughter.

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  5. Cao's Blog says:

    uh-oh Berkeley is just beginning to heat up…

    This video was put together by Rep. DeMint’s people.
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  6. Cao's Blog says:

    Marine Reservists forced out of Toledo by Mayor Finkbeiner…

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  7. kender says:

    Big Dog, please report to the front office. We have a suspension notice here for you under the Hypocritical Political Correctness and Time Travel Act signed by President Chelsea Clinton in 2025.

    Thank you for your cooperation, and your Government Issued Debit and Tracking Device mandated by the We Control Everything You Do Say Or Think Administration has been debited for the fines, levies, fees, surcharges and taxes allowed by law. Congratulations, you will only have to work until September 23rd to fulfill your financial obligations.

    Have a nice day.

  8. Schatzee says:

    I would have to agree – if Chelsea wants to be supportive and “work” on her mother’s campaign then she must accept the scrutiny and coverage (good, bad, right, or wrong) that comes with that kind of situation. I don’t see anything wrong with his comment – he’s entitled to his opinion and should not have to worry about Hillary acting so childish about not doing a debate on MSNBC because of it.

    Get real – this woman wants to be President and she can’t take a little needling from some reporter-type? How do you think she will stand up in the face of terrorists and other “bullies” around the world? You can’t tell them your daugther is off limits either and expect it to stick.

    A little off topic here, but speaking of that, is anyone concerned that having a woman as President might hurt us internationally with countries that are not as modern and ERA as the US? I am a woman but must admit that I fear this may be a problem (however, given the fact that this situation involves another Clinton in the Big House I mean White House, that is only one of many, many very bad fears). Man, I miss Fred!

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  11. Stormwarning says:

    Big: I disagree fully on the point that Chelsea got her job because of who her parents are (“she would not have the job she does if it were not for her well connected parents”). My own child has a very “similar” position. Another close relative has a very “similar” position. I’m not, haven’t been, and don’t want to be POTUS.

    “Normal” kids get great jobs because they’re bright and they are achievers…and yes, often because their parents sent them to great schools…so?

  12. Big Dog says:

    It would be hard to remove the connection and say she received the job based upon her merits when the people who hired her are friends and contributors.

    Regardless, if they put her out in the light she is open to critique. What the man said was not bad.

  13. Adam says:

    Welcome to the world Big Dog. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know, and Chelsea being part of that is no big surprise…

    The pimping out comment is absolutely out of line and everybody at MSNBC knows that, which is why they’ve taken the steps they have.

    First of all, pimping out would imply she is a hooker or some sort of call girl. That’s why the usage is wrong.

    Second, nobody ever accused the Bush twins of being pimped out because they worked for their dad’s campaign. You are allowed to work for your parents’ campaign and not be a bunch of whores.

    Third, you’ve heard bad things about the Bush twins because they were doing bad things. Chelsea was not out doing drugs and partying like the Bush twins did while their dad was campaigning for president and trying to get the public not to notice his daughters were acting just like he did when he was their age. There is no comparison in the coverage of the Bush twins versus Chelsea Clinton.

    Forth, it’s not disingenuous of the Clinton’s since the only real evidence of an affair was between Clinton and mutually consenting young adult, and that has no bearing on the fact that MSNBC called Chelsea a hooker.

  14. “Chelsea Clinton has been an untouchable for years and she has gotten much better treatment from the media than the Bush twins have.”

    Chelsea has been busy getting an education while the Bush girls, at least at the beginning of GWB’s terms, were doing the party circuit, using fake IDs, etc. People’s kids should be off limits.

    Besides Monica was an adult when she got into her tryst with WJC.

  15. Big Dog says:

    Pimped Out is a comment that means to be used. Only people who want it to mean the whoring thing have looked at it that way. Of course, Bill never meant to be racist by what he said but Shuster meant Chelsea was a whore, a double standard.

    Ever heard of pimping out a ride, or being pimped out in the entertainment industry. Has nothing to do with someone being a whore.

    Don’t kid yourself, MSNBC caved because the Clintons might not do debates on that network and the Clintons still hold sway over the MSM. Matthews had to apologize because he offended Clinton with a perfectly legitimate observation.

    You cannot say that the Bush girls and Chelsea cannot be compared. Keep in mind the Bush girls were older so it is unlikely Chelsea was drinking or doing drugs (proof of the drugs by chance?) She has certainly had her drunken episodes since she has been old enough to drink.

    Once again, no one called Chelsea a whore, he said she was being used (pimped out) to persuade delegates. That is true and in the urban dictionary vernacular, not incorrect. MSNBC did not call Chelsea a hooker. Pimp is a transitive verb that means “to make use of often dishonorably for one’s own gain or benefit.”

    As for Moncia, he was old enough to be her father and until the dress appeared he was making as if she was nuts and a stalker, ready to throw her under the bus. Bill defiled a woman and though it might have been consensual (not all his sex was) he should have known better and should have asked himself how he would feel if it was a man his age and Chelsea.

    I guess he would have that guy killed…

    Besides, Web Hubbell never seemed to mind that his daughter is being pimped out for mommy and Bill.

    People’s children should be off limits. Where does it say that 27 year olds are children and if you use them they are subject to scrutiny.

    Besides, the comment was not directed at Chelsea, it was directed at Hillary. SHE pimped out (used) HER daughter.

  16. Big Dog says:

    Adam, Big Dog’s world.

    You left wing nuts all thing GWB only succeeded in life because of his daddy and someone else’s money. I am sure if you look you will find many of your liberal buddy’s comments that say similar items about many of the high ranking Republicans. It goes both ways and I never denied that people on the right get jobs because of who they know.

    Monica got a gob (and gave one) because of who she knew (and who she blew).

  17. Big Dog says:

    I suppose the pimp the vote websites are asking hookers to vote?
    Pimp my Vote

    Pimping the Vote

  18. Big Dog says:

    NBC did not take the steps they did because they knew it was wrong:

    “Chelsea’s efforts on behalf of her mother have been generally well-received, and MSNBC scrambled to patch things up in hopes of salvaging the debates, which have proven enormously lucrative for the networks that host them.”

    Follow the money.

    Like I said, I would go ahead with the debate and if she did not show Obama would have free air time.

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  20. hdrk05 says:

    In Adams world nothing could ever stick to a Clinton and they should never be held accountable for their actions.

  21. Adam says:

    Big Dog:

    You can drag out your urban dictionary, you can try to blow it all off, but the bottom line is this: It is all to suggest that Chelsea is not campaigning for her mother out of her own free will and that instead her mother is using her like a pimp uses a hooker. Shuster’s comment was incredibly sexist and short sighted but then again, this is the station that hosts Chris Matthews, the biggest sexist pig in the mainstream media.

    I wouldn’t expect you to think what MSNBC’s guy said was wrong either, so I’m not sure why I’m arguing with you. You say worse about liberals and other groups on your site every day and defend it with more of the same. You also defend sleazy slimy bastards like Chris Matthews when they attack the Clinton’s so I guess I give up on this one…

    The MSNBC guy got what he deserves and if it were up to me Chris Matthews would be suspended himself. Shuster can go and sit with Don Imus in a room somewhere and wonder why people like Chris Matthews and Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity can say whatever they want about whomever they want and not get in trouble…

  22. Cao's Blog says:

    Surprise, surprise Mayor Finkbeiner is a democrat…

    Thanks to Glenn Reynolds for that little pearl of wisdom.
    A great article on this controversy is here, entitled “Toledo to Marines: Drop dead”
    We read:
    I gather that Mayor Finkbeiner (a Democrat, readers will be surprised to learn), like th…

  23. Cao's Blog says:

    McCain has little conservative support: CPAC poll…

    Read the whole article-click on the picture above.
    What I feel is the most important excerpt from it is here:

    Toward the end of his speech, after promising to prevent Iran from possessing, “…the weapons to advance their malevolent ambitions,” M…

  24. Big Dog says:

    I think what they said was no big deal, like I think what most people say is no big deal because, unlike liberals, I believe people have a right to say what they want. I did not say PMS NBC was wrong for suspending him, there are consequences for actions when you work for someone.

    I know what he meant and maybe that is because I am not blinded by a ravenous love of Clinton (or any politician). I know what the man meant and I would think a guy with a college degree who is much younger than I would understand it but then again, that would require critical thinking.

    You and other on the left think Matthews and Shuster were wrong and got what they deserve. What about the people who think they were right and should not be disciplined? Those opinions are just as valid.

    The real problem is that liberals only get upset when a person on the left is attacked. Al Franken says far worse stuff, Randi Rhodes, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Bill Clinton and his racist remarks. You guys dismiss it but the minute someone says something about a liberal icon you lose your minds. How many libtards got upset when that Congressman said Bush gets pleasure out of seeing our troops killed?

    Let me be clear, Hillary got where she is because of her husband and would never have been elected Senator if she had not been the victimized wife. Chelsea Clinton is being pimped out for the campaign.

    Any questions, my complaint person is Helen Waite. If you have a complaint go to Helen Waite. One thing is for sure, they won’t suspend me for saying it.

  25. Adam says:

    Alright, if I may for one moment exercise my right to free speech and my ability to say something out of line, uncalled for, and stupid which I’ll be forced to apologize for later:

    The members of the military are a bunch of cowards and American flags make better door mats than they do symbols of this country.

  26. Big Dog says:

    You are entitled to that opinion and if you truly believe that then you took the easy way out by writing it on a blog.

    Remembering that I said some actions have consequences associated with them.

    I would like to see you come to a GOE event or a military base and say that (or step on a Flag). You don’t have to worry. If you really believe the folks in the military are cowards you will be fine. I am willing to bet there would be women on the post or at GOE that would stomp you into a mud puddle and then walk you dry. But you are entitled to that speech.

    I am willing to bet quite a sum you will not do that….

    Free speech is not free. The people you insulted protected it for you with their blood.

    If you were trying to insult me or rile me up it will not work. I know that people are brave when they can write stuff and not have to account for it.

    The difference is, I would tell Hillary to her face that she pimped out her daughter.

  27. Big Dog says:

    I did want to clear one thing up for you. You have no right to free speech at my blog. You comment here because I let you just like I comment at your site because you let me. So you are not exercising your right to free speech, you are using my generosity to make a political statement.

    Also, the reality is speech is not without consequences. The First Amendment was designed solely to keep the government from infringing upon you. No one else has to allow you to speak or to be heard. The government had erroneously ruled that burning a flag is free speech. That only means the government can’t stop you from doing it. That does not mean a private citizen cannot stop you. That is what powerful water hoses are for.

  28. Adam says:

    You and I both know (or you should anyway) that I respect the military but while I would not burn a flag myself I do believe it is part of free speech. My point is only that we all have issues we believe in, issues we want heads over. When I see members of the media using overt sexism and people defend it with “oh you know what he meant” then I am bothered. When Berkley rules against the military because the city is stupid then that bothers you. So don’t try and write this off like it’s free speech and that is why you think it’s a non-issue. It’s a lot more than that to most people, which is why he was suspended.

  29. Right Truth says:

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  31. Big Dog says:

    It was offensive because people blew it out of proportion and it was no worse than what Bill said in reference to Jesse Jackson but you all played the “you know what he meant” card.

    As for Berkeley, it is not a free speech issue. The city council has made an arm of the government that is paying rent unwelcome by vote. They have given more rights to Code Pinko than to the counter protesters and have had conflicts of interest. Free speech is what we have and what cannot be infringed upon by the government. The city council is violating the first amendment with regard to counter protesters AND they have spoken out and insulted the Marines. They are free to do that but that does not mean there are no consequences.

    I cannot wait until they lose federal funding.

    It does not bother me what you say, you are entitled to it. I don’t have to agree that burning a flag is part of free speech any more than burning a cross is (one of those will get you arrested for a hate crime).

    I would just make flag burners get a permit for the open burning (a $10,000 permit) and I would make it the law that flags can only be burned on your own property. Anyone violating that would get bounced around at the end of a fire hose.

    Free speech isn’t FREE and there are consequences to what we say. Imus, Shuster and anyone else has a right to free speech, unless it bothers a race hustler or a moonbat. You guys on the left say what you want all the time about the president and people in government.

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    You bet.
    The ongoing colossal transfer of wealth to the Middle East Muzlims in exchange for…you got it……..OIL.

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  36. Eyal Cohen….Nice UniforM!…

    But instead of respecting those who defend the country he has freedom in, – the one providing that very opportunity, he does what A-rabs do best: He dissed them.

  37. Renee says:

    The Clintons didn’t hesitate to place Chelsea (she was about EIGHTEEN at the time) between them, holding each of their hands, while they walked across the South Lawn to Marine One in front of the cameras during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

    Hillary didn’t hesitate to have Chelsea join her for the FIRST time while she was campaigning the same weekend OOOOprah campaigned for OOOObama.

    Chelsea has refused to talk to the press and/or give interviews, even when a 9-year-old Sydney Reickhoff, a “kid reporter” for Scholastic News asked her if she thought her dad would be a good ‘first man’ in the White House.

    Now suddenly Chelsea is making phone calls on behalf of Hillary to celebrities and SUPER DELEGATES?

    Give Me A Break!

    If it looks like a pimp and it acts like a pimp…….