Phony Racism Charges; The Democrat Weapon

There was a fable about a boy who cried wolf when there was no wolf. One day a wolf appeared and when he cried wolf no one came because they figured it was just another phony report of a wolf. This is how the left has abused the accusations of racism. It has screamed racist so many times when no racism existed that the claims are often ignored.

The NAALCP passed a resolution condemning racism within the TEA Party and called for the TEA Party to purge its ranks of the racists. After the NAALCP issued that statement, Andrew Breitbart posted a portion of a video showing a woman, Shirley Sherrod, making statements describing her own racist views. The entire video (which Breitbart did not have but the NAALCP did) shows that Sherrod had an epiphany and discovered that it was about helping the poor and not the color of a person’s skin.

Breitbart claims that the issue was never about Sherrod. He says, and it is true, that while she is describing here racism toward a white farmer the audience is laughing, cheering and agreeing with her treatment of the white guy. Her epiphany is revealed after this. Breibart says it was about people, members of the NAALCP, agreeing with and laughing about her description of the racism she engaged in. He says that shows that there are those who agreed with the racist view once held by Sherrod at a time when the NAALCP was passing a resolution to paint the TEA Party as racists.

Sherrod became a victim of the NAALCP and the Obama regime. The NAALCP had the entire video and did not look at it before condemning Sherrod. The Obama regime asked for her resignation before getting the entire story from her because it was worried that the video would be splashed all over Glenn Beck. Beck defended her and said she should receive an apology and her job back. The funny thing is, the left will label him the villain in this and not the NAALCP or the Obama regime.

The NAALCP investigated further and issued a retraction in which it states it was “snookered” by FOX News and a TEA Party activist. FOX News did not air the story until well after Sherrod had been forced to resign and had nothing to do with the issue other than posting the video. But FOX needs to be the villain as does the TEA Party.

This is important because Democrats want to hold onto power and they need to fuel the fire with claims of racism in order to do that. Racism is no longer a word used to describe people who treat people differently based on race. It is used by the left as a political weapon in order to get and keep power. The word racist is now nothing more than a political weapon that is used with the particular purpose of smearing people who are not racists. Look at the news of the Journolist forum. The weapon of choice to counter the Jeremiah Wright racism (the real kind, not the phony Democrat kind) was to pick a conservative who opposed Obama and call that person a racist. You read that right; journalists were working to assist a candidate by concocting schemes to falsely accuse people of being racists.

This is the whole purpose behind the NAALCP resolution. The TEA Party is not racist and has no more or no fewer racists in its population than any other segment of the population including the NAALCP (with the possible exception of the NBPP which has more racists than any segment). But the NAALCP, as an arm of the Democrat party, needed to assist the the party in the upcoming election and it did so by falsely making the claim of racism.


Think I am wrong? Then let me quote for you the words of Democrat and Liberal Mary Frances Berry:

Tainting the tea party movement with the charge of racism is proving to be an effective strategy for Democrats. There is no evidence that tea party adherents are any more racist than other Republicans, and indeed many other Americans. But getting them to spend their time purging their ranks and having candidates distance themselves should help Democrats win in November. Having one’s opponent rebut charges of racism is far better than discussing joblessness. [emphasis mine] Politico

Take a close look at her statement. Tainting the TEA Party as racists is proving to be an effective strategy. She is admitting that the left is using the cries of racism as a political tool, just as the Journolist members decided to do. Berry admits that the TEA Party members are no more racist than any other group of Americans but that calling them racists is a good strategy because it gets them to purge their ranks and makes candidates distance themselves which Berry says will help Democrats in November. It is all about winning an election.

Berry further states that it is better to have one’s opponents rebut charges of racism (phony charges of racism) than discussing joblessness. You got it folks? It is better to make phony accusations of racism and have opponents chasing those around rather than discussing the weaknesses that might cost you an election.

This statement also helps to explain why black members of Congress made claims of racism when walking through a TEA Party crowd. It was part of the playbook. They never figured their claims would be disproven. No one called them the N word or spat upon them. They made it up as part of the strategy being used by Democrats. Just ask Mary Frances Berry.

It also helps explain why George Soros edited clips of TEA Party events to show a person spouting racist things. The edit left out the part where the TEA Party members tell the guy he does not represent them and he does not belong there. They go after him and do not tolerate what he says and he eventually leaves. Soros could not show that part because it would not fit in the Democrat strategy of making phony claims of racism. Again, ask Mary Frances Berry.

Does anyone wonder why most cries of racism (except for extreme or obvious cases) fall on deaf ears? The NAACLP has lost its relevance and it is using phony cries of racism to falsely paint the TEA Party as a bunch of racists. Ms. Berry admits that this is the game plan and that it is working.

This is their playbook and we should not get sucked into the game. Ignore their phony cries of racism and do not waste time defending against these phony claims. If confronted with the charge of racism simply state it is a Democrat strategy to make false allegations of racism and that this particular case is one of those false allegations and then move on. Do not allow the race baiters to seize the initiative on this issue.

This has been a long time coming. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAALCP, and the rest of the race hustlers have invented racism and racist charges for years. They have fabricated charges of racism in events where it did not occur for the benefit of the Democrat party. Remember Ms. Berry’s words and you will see that this has been an effective strategy for a long time.

True racism is ugly and should not be tolerated. It is not only immoral but is illogical as well and it should never be tolerated.

But the charge of racism, like the charge of rape, should never be made casually and without merit. It should certainly never be made as part of a political strategy. Doing so waters down the severity of actual racism and removes any credibility those asserting the falsehoods might have had on the issue.

It also minimizes the struggle and sacrifices of those who fought for equal rights and it dishonors the memories of those who gave everything in order to rid the country of the inequalities of racism.

And like that boy who cried wolf, it turns deaf the ears of people who might otherwise care.

Then the question becomes, if you care so little about racism that you will falsely claim it as part of a political strategy, why should anyone else care about allegations of racism, even if they are true?

Democrats think so little of the black community that they will use racism as a tool and thereby minimize the history of racism and the struggle for equality in this country.

The sad thing is many blacks, like the NAALCP and Ms. Berry will go along with the plan and express happiness at the perceived success.

It is November or never.

Daily Motion

Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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35 Responses to “Phony Racism Charges; The Democrat Weapon”

  1. Blake says:

    Anyone who calls me racist loses, because I do not have to defend what is blatantly untrue, and the same goes for the TEA Party-
    There will ALWAYS be some who believe liars, but the progressives are vastly overplaying their hand here, and by November, people will be sooooo used to the phony calls of racism from the left, that it will have lost its sting.

  2. Adam says:

    Good news:

    An embarrassed White House apologized on Wednesday to a black Agriculture Department employee who was ousted for her remarks about race, saying the administration did not know all the facts when she was fired.

    I think it’s time for another beer summit. Let’s get Sherrod, Breitbart, Biden and Obama together at the White House to talk this over and discuss how they can avoid falling for the outright lies and partisan manipulation from Breitbart and the right wing media in the future.

    • Big Dog says:

      As Breitbart said, it was not about Sherrod, it was about the reaction of the audience when she talked about her racism and before she revealed what she learned.

      Once again, the WH jumps to conclusions. The police acted stupidly, fire this woman before she is on Beck, blah, blah.

      He is quick to jump when it deals with racism but slow and deliberate (according to supporters) when thinking about troop levels for Afghanistan.

      I hope the Russians don’t make a racist remark while Obama is next to the nuclear launch button…

      How about that beer summit have Soros and his ilk and talk about left wing manipulation (TEA Party video) or a summit to discuss the left wing manipulation via the Journolist?

      Or does it only count when the right wing allegedly manipulates?

      • Adam says:

        “As Breitbart said, it was not about Sherrod, it was about the reaction of the audience when she talked about her racism and before she revealed what she learned.”

        See, this is what happens when you carry water for liars like Breitbart. If you watch the video you’ll see Sherrod introduces her story this way:

        When I made that commitment I was making that commitment to black people and to black people only. But you know, God will show you things and put things in your path so that you realize that the struggle is really about poor people. You know, the first time I was faced with having to help a white person…

        The crowd’s reaction was not support for her actions. She had already told them that she knew she was wrong and they agreed. The clip of the speech leaves that part out conveniently.

        The crowd reaction during the story was simply a response to understanding where she was coming from and why she felt as she did since she prefaced the whole thing with stories about the racism she witnessed as a young adult and the murder of her own father by a white man.

        “He is quick to jump when it deals with racism but slow and deliberate (according to supporters) when thinking about troop levels for Afghanistan.”

        When Obama or his administration has done the wrong thing on race they have admitted so publicly and apologized to those involved. I fail to see how Afghanistan matters in this.

        “How about that beer summit…”

        That would mean something if the Obama administration had used the video you keep complaining about or had anything to do with the Journolist.

        • Big Dog says:

          Soros is the money behind Obama and is working for him and the left.

          The epiphany came late and they were happy about it when she was describing the racism. Breitbart showed her making the statement about the epiphany and he did not edit the video. That is what he received.

          The reality is that he did what he wanted to after the NAALCP passed a resolution calling the TEA Party racists.

          You must be real dizzy. Obama and the NAALCP condemned her and fired her (remember, it was they who fired her, not Breitbart). They did not do what they should to follow up. Anyway, Beck and Ann Coulter defended her and Coulter said her story was inspiring.

          It must eat you up that they are on the right side of the issue.

          And keep in mind, I did not think she should have been fired and I am happy she had the epiphany. I just find it funny that the shoe is on the other foot (being misrepresented as a racist) and those who usually do this are unhappy about it.

          The responsibility for this is on the Obama regime and the NAACLP. Breitbart did not fire her.

          Think of how the WH and NAALCP could have scored big if they would have checked it out.

          The response was an understanding of where she was coming from. Is there any liberal claptrap you will not rationalize?

        • Big Dog says:

          Well Adam, I know you are an authority on this and you see the reaction one way but it would appear as if the NAACLP agrees with Mr. Breitbart. This is from the statement they issued after she was fired:

          The reaction from many in the audience is disturbing. We will be looking into the behavior of NAACP representatives at this local event and take any appropriate action.

          The NAACLP leader says the reaction from the audience is disturbing. Even though the story changed once the entire video was shown in full there is no way to change the fact that the reaction of the audience “is disturbing.” That did not change and the reaction was from before she revealed that she had found redemption.

          That is from the head of the NAALCP and the FACT he pointed out cannot be changed or argued any other way. He cannot change this part of the statement because the reaction is, and has always been, in context.

          NAALCP and Breitbart -1
          Adam – 0

        • Big Dog says:

          And of course, this is NOT racist. But it is at an NAALCP event.

          Tell me again how the NAALCP has no tolerance for racism?

          I know you will excuse it and rationalize. But it is racist.

  3. The racism gambit is dead, if not yet buried.

    Sensible Americans have developed mental calluses against accusations of racism, especially given the numerous incidents of Jeremiah Wright / New Black Panther-style black racism toward whites. At this point, the charge mostly draws contemptuous scorn from us in the Right. Which suggests that we ought to encourage the Left to keep at it, no?

  4. Adam says:

    “The NAACP leader says the reaction from the audience is disturbing.”

    Notice that the NAACP said it in the release they retracted once they saw the whole video. The audience reaction is perfectly in line with the tone of the story which is not the racist revelation it was presented to be by the liar Breitbart.

    “That did not change and the reaction was from before she revealed that she had found redemption.”

    Still wrong…as I clearly pointed out above. Watch the video again.

    “Tell me again how the NAACP has no tolerance for racism?”

    I can’t say one way or another. In this case I only defend Sherrod against right wing-liars.

    “I know you will excuse it and rationalize. But it is racist.”

    Poor, poor white people getting stereotyped as having no rhythm? Cry me a river. Wright has said plenty of offensive and racist things. This one doesn’t even register.

    • Big Dog says:

      There is no attack on Sherrod, that is a left wing invention. Her story is inspiring and though I am sure she still harbors racist views she has learned to temper them and to help people regardless of color.

      Wright said racist things? Who would have known that the way you all defended him and prestended that Obama never heard him.

      The point is, the NAALCP let him speak and tolerated the description. I imagine that if a conference of white people had a speaker who used stereotypical depictions to mimic blacks you would be OK with that? No, I imagine you would condemn the speaker AND the group.

      I get it, your side does nothing wrong and is as pure as the driven snow.

      Keep thinking that.

    • Big Dog says:

      I notice that the reaction is disturbing and it remains that way despite the retraction. They did not know where she was going with the story and that aspect did not change. The reaction is the same because of what they thought while she was saying it, the same thing everyone who ciewed this thought.

      Once again, it is not about Sherrod, it is about the NAALCP and its resolution against the TEA Party. The left loves to sling accusations of racism when it does not exist. Be prepared to have those arows shot back if you are going to continue to make false accusations.

      Remember, this is the game plan as spelled out in Journolist and by Mary Frances Berry. They are deliberately slinging the racist meme to push a political agenda and false claims as a political weapon, especially about something as terrible as racism, minimizes the struggles of the Civil Rights movement.

      Shame on the Democrats but then again, they are the party of slavery.

  5. Adam says:

    “The responsibility for this is on the Obama regime and the NAACP. Breitbart did not fire her.”

    Of course. That’s the story that the right is pushing today for sure. It’s not Breitbart’s fault the USDA and NAACP believed his pack of lies, right? Why should he be held responsible for posting, tweeting and promoting the lies? Breitbart is as much a victim here as Sherrod…

    • Big Dog says:

      No one said breitbart is a victim. The NAALCP owns the video. Are you suggesting they could not check it out? The responsibility rests with those who had the power to fire her.

    • Blake says:

      Breitbart had no “pack of lies”, Adam- Just a video that a lot of people,(most on the left) misinterpreted.
      The NAACP jumped the gun, so they could add support for their attack on the Tea Party-(see how FAST we police our own?), when reason and due deliberation would have served everyone better?
      You (and every other leftie) are just mad at how easily you were gulled by Breitbart, and how easily you took this video the wrong way.
      I too was struck by the audience reaction the very first time I saw this- it just reinforced my contention that the NAACP would never willingly do anything for a white person (what? Are we not a color, too? Whatever happened to that happy rainbow? No room for White? How about pinkish?)

  6. Adam says:

    “The reaction is the same because of what they thought while she was saying it, the same thing everyone who viewed this thought.”

    Are you still ignoring the fact that Sherrod prefaced the story by saying God showed her struggle is really about poor people?

    “The left loves to sling accusations of racism when it does not exist. Be prepared to have those arrows shot back if you are going to continue to make false accusations.”

    This is a false equivalency. Sherrod was simply relating a story from 24 years ago of a short lived error in judgment which taught her a valuable lesson about her job and her path in life. She was not even saying she looks back now and wishes she had helped him. She did help him at that time.

    On the other hand there are documented instances of <a href="“>tea party leaders or tea party endorsed candidates using racism recently. Since the NAACP released the statement there have been other instances of racism (which you laugh off as satire of course).

    Now, I accept that on the ground the tea party protesters have shouted down racists and morons. What we have seen very little of is anyone inside the movement admitting the racism extends beyond protesters to the actual leadership of the movement. Where the NAACP comes out ahead in all this is that racists like Williams have been taken down from their positions already since the resolution because racists always get exposed in the end. They can’t help it.

    “The responsibility rests with those who had the power to fire her.”

    I’m not saying the White House, USDA, and the NAACP are blameless in the firing. I’m just saying let’s not forget that the liar Breitbart put out this story without knowing the context. It soon spread to Fox News and Drudge and then to blogs like this one. At the time your side was loving it, promoting it, and cheering the resignation. Only after it blew up in your faces did your side start to say “Who me? It’s not our fault. We didn’t fire her. It’s not about Sherrod anyway…”

    • Big Dog says:

      The God showed her part came later.

      How do I know that the alleged racial emails came from him and this is not part of the Journolist attacks? Huffpo is part of that cabal.

      No one denies that there are racists in all groups of people. The NAALCP acts as if that is th esole motivation or that it is what inspires the movement. They have their own problems which they ignore. Why no resolution condemning the NBPP? Why none denouncing Jeremiah Wright?

      And please do not lie to us. FOX News did not air the story until LONG after she had been fired. Look at the timeline. She had been fired by the time it was first mentioned and that was on O’Reilly’s show at 8pm EST. Beck mentioned it the next day and was in support of the woman. I know it fits your playbook to blame FOX but that network had absolutely nothing to do with the frenzy.

      I bet Media Matters and Politifact will not do a story saying they had nothing to do with it because those FACTS do not help the left.

      Ann Coulter had nothing but praise for the woman. I know that eats you up.

      We know your playbook. Falsely accuse people of racism. The Journolist and Berry said that was the game plan. The NAALCP is following the game plan as are those Congressmen who LIED about being called the N word. The story was already coordinated before they left the building so they could say it at the end of their walk and it would be out on the net. It did not happen but it was part of the game plan.

      Falsely accusing of racism is like falsely accusing a person of child molestation or rape. It ruins lives and that is what you guys like to do.

      As for me, I feel sorry for the lady. I mention it because the no so squeaky clean NAALCP saw fit to accuse the TEA Party of racism. They should clean up their own house before they worry about others.

      And we will not play the game.

      To be clear, FOX did not have anything to do with this and if you were honest you would admit that. I feel sorry for this woman but if we are going to be subject to false claims it is going to get ugly.

      I wonder if she violated the Hatch Act? I wonder if they are now trying to get her back to keep from getting sued….

    • Blake says:

      She didn’t “preface” her story- that part came later, after all the “cracker-haters” in the audience had begun to laugh, sensing a “Hate Whitey” story- when she began to talk about her conversion from bigot to human, the crowd ceased laughing.

      • Big Dog says:

        Here is some interesting information on post racial Shirley and her husband (from the Patriot Post):

        Race baiting — what a surprise: “I know I’ve gotten past black versus white. [Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart is] probably the person who’s never gotten past it and never attempted to get past it. I think he would like to get us stuck back in the times of slavery. That’s where I think he’d like to see all black people end up again.” –the “post-racial” Shirley Sherrod

        All in the family: “We must stop the white man and his Uncle Tom from stealing our elections. We must not be afraid to vote black. We must not be afraid to turn a black out who votes against our interests.” –Charles Sherrod, husband of Shirley

        Breitbart wants us to go back to the days of slavery and her husband is sick of Uncle Toms helping out whitey. Vote black, he says.

        No racists there. Just two wholesome people using the liberal playbook of screaming racism to get what they want.

        Screw them both.

  7. Darrel says:

    Rod Blagojevich said he realized something the other day. He’s come to learn that he talks too much. He’s right.

    Lot’s of words and fury do not a good argument make. There is a lesson for Big Doggie here. The strains of interpretation and ridiculous howlers he provides above (as Adam has shown) might be enough to make Blogojevich blush.

    Breitbart flounders as his Sherrod story collapses

    • Big Dog says:

      Coming from the guy who cuts and pastes paragraphs of info.

      If could read Darrel you would see that it is not as you describe.

      And it was peaceful without you. Please stop by again in a month or two.

      And Blago might just get off on this charge since the prosecution, probably on orders from the WH, did not call the key players.

      Would not be good to implicate the Commander in Thief in this mess…

  8. Big Dog says:

    Still waiting for Media Matters to show how Soros lied about TEA Party in his video. Still waiting for them to show how the Democrat Congressmen lied about being called the N word.

    That would not fit in the liberal agenda.

    Shame on the left for allowing a blogger to set the agenda.

    I guess he showed Obama is not so post racial after all..

    Obama is afraid of Glenn Beck, the guy who actually supported Sherrod…

  9. Darrel says:

    All bark, no bite.

  10. Adam says:

    “The God showed her part came later.”

    No. Still wrong. Please do me a favor and take a look at this transcript and find me the point in the speech where she says the following quote:

    But, you know, God will show you things and He’ll put things in your path so that — that you realize that the struggle is really about poor people, you know.

    Is it before or after the part of the speech in the clip that Breitbart embedded in his post?

    “Why no resolution condemning the NBPP? Why none denouncing Jeremiah Wright?”

    Why do they need a resolution for either of those things? NBPP is clearly a racist hate organization and Wright has been criticized by all sides for being a racist. There’s no sense in condemning something that everybody already clearly agrees with.

    On the other hand the Tea Party movement has a growing number of cases of racially charged actions and/or language being used which has either been ignored completely or laughed off as “satire” or perhaps liberal impersonators trying to take down the movement.

    • Big Dog says:

      That is a generic statement that could apply to anything. The very next is when she discusses the clip and then this, which Breitbart included in the video, is said:

      That’s when it was revealed to me that, y’all, it’s about poor versus those who have, and not so much about white — it is about white and black, but it’s not — you know, it opened my eyes, ’cause I took him to one of his own and I put him in his hand, and felt okay, I’ve done my job.

      There is no way to tell from the first statement what she is talking about. Prior to making it she is talking about thinking her job is to help black people. It is possible to conclude she was talking about the poor among the blacks and not just blacks in general.

      The revelation is the part I posted and even in that she says it is about black and white but not so much.

      The funny thing is she was fired for something taken out of context and then you and the liberal media, and even Sherrod, accused FOX of spreading it all when FOX did not mention it until 2049 hours, long after she had been fired. Then, Beck defended her before the NAALCP or anyone else was backtracking on statements made about the original piece. Funny how you all paint FOX by taking them out of context, the context being non existent.

      • Adam says:

        “It is possible to conclude she was talking about the poor among the blacks and not just blacks in general.”

        Perhaps if English is your second language. The rest of us know that when you typically use the word ‘but’ you are contrasting something. To paraphrase: I was making that commitment to black people only…but…the struggle is really about poor people.

        But I give up. If you refuse to read for comprehension there’s no sense talking about the content of the speech anymore. We all know you were part of the big lie. That’s life in the echo-chamber though, isn’t it? You have to rush out that story that the other right wingers are parroting so you can be part of it as well. Shame on you.

        “FOX of spreading it all when FOX did not mention it until 2049 hours”

        Now you’re spreading even more lies. It’s time to start checking your sources because they are misleading you.

        Breitbart’s post went up about 8 AM on July 19th. Fox went online the very same day with a a news piece and an opinion piece. Both the permalinks and the user comments for the articles show they were originally published and commented on the 19th just hours after Breitbart.

      • Darrel says:

        Bigd: “Then, Beck defended her before the NAALCP or anyone else was backtracking on statements made about the original piece.”>>

        Actually, Beck played the same bogus/doctored audio clip on his radio show just like everyone else.

        Have you gotten even a single thing right in this entire exchange? Right-wing talking points burn you every time.

        Despite accusing Sherrod of Marxism and “discriminating against white farmers,”Beck proclaims that he took her side

        Beck builds a show around bizarre rhetoric supported by falsehoods

        Beck’s purported “facts” about Sherrod resignation ignore Fox’s online promotion of deceptive video and his attacks on her


        • Blake says:

          Show me that Beck did NOT take her side- even if he showed the “same”bogus/doctored” audio clip”- I happened to watch the entire Beck show on FOX, and he defended her the ENTIRE time- he did not “attack” her, but tried to put this into context, while the NAACP (a racist org. if ever there was one) was throwing her under the bus, the train, and anything else it could throw her under- before they decided to “reconsider”-
          How kind- they were against her, before they were for her.

  11. Big Dog says:

    And there is no growing number of TEA party actions that are racially charged. They police their ranks and chase off the liberal plants who try to discredit them. The charges of racism are false and part of the game plan.

    Like the post says, it is crying wolf…

  12. Big Dog says:

    I have gotten all the points right. The point of the post was to show that screaming racism is part of the game plan. Berry and Journolist shows that. I also said Sherrod was not the issue, the reaction was and the reaction is clear. Despite Adam’s assertions of a higher level of understanding of the English language (fat chance) there is no revelation early on and even the NAALCP condemned the way the audience reacted when they thought it was a get the whitey story.

    Sherrod is not the story, racism on the other side is.

    The issue was FOX News. Everyone is blaming FOX News. Beck’s radio program is NOT fox News. I do not have access to the entire audio from that day (only what you linked to) so I do not know what was said after it. Since Media Matters does take things out of context I can’t say they are being honest. I also think it is funny you would slam Breitbart for taking out of context but rely on a snippet of the Beck program. Like the Soros ad, there could be more that shows him saying wait, it sounds like she is saying…

    Adam, the permalinks only show the date. There is no time for the post. Now I know you said the comments show that they posted it several hours after it went up at Breitbart but I am having trouble with this for one reason. The item on the FOX Nation (not the news site) starts off:

    “The Department of Agriculture official who resigned Monday over a YouTube clip said the White House forced her out without bothering to hear her side of the story. She said a deputy undersecretary “harassed” her with warnings about the attention she was going to receive after the video surfaced showing her telling a story about how she withheld help to a white farmer in trouble.”

    Now if the article starts off saying the official who resigned MONDAY would that not indicate that the article was put up after MONDAY? And even if it was put up MONDAY, wouldn’t it have to be after she resigned since it mentions she resigned? Therefore, how did this article influence the decision?

    Now, if the server is set for Pacific Time then it might be accurate since the earliest entry is 1:41 pm which would be 4:41pm Eastern. She resigned before Beck went on the air.

    And she said that she was told they wanted her to resign before it ended up on Beck. Obama is afraid of Beck because he has been exposing him. That is why it happened the way it did.

    Anyway, if you want to show this was on FOX News all day you need to explain why the opening paragraph contradicts the issue by indicating she had already resigned.

    The News item has no post time but the earliest comment is at 6:22 pm, again long after she had been fired.

    So once again, explain to me how FOX had anything to do with it.

    And we know that she and the NAALCP were talking about the TV channel but even expanding it to the web news site and the web forum, we can’t get to where FOX put it up there. The words and the comment times indicate that the stuff was published after she was fired.

    The News item was published on 7/20 (and did not hit Drudge until 7/20 in the afternoon) so how do the comment dates have 7/19?

    Not sure your points hold water here unless you can show they were published early.

    I will say this, a CBS affiliate had it up long before FOX. Why was CBS not mentioned?

    • Adam says:

      “…and even the NAACP condemned the way the audience reacted when they thought it was a get the whitey story.”

      Of course they did. They didn’t know the context of the story because liars cut the video to mislead and cause a firestorm. I fail to see how that has any relevance in any argument.

      “…there is no revelation early on…”

      You can stop lying at any point now and just admit you were wrong.

      “Sherrod is not the story, racism on the other side is.”

      Strange, because the only racism from the other side in the story is in the phony context provided by liars. There is no actual racism in the speech or in the crowd reaction. You can keep on pretending the crowd was just too dense and were cheering her perceived racism because they didn’t understand her point yet but that’s complete nonsense and you know it.

      “Now if the article starts off saying the official who resigned MONDAY would that not indicate that the article was put up after MONDAY?”

      The confusion comes from Fox updating the articles over a series of dates which is common on news sites. That’s why the permalink and the early commments are so important.

      There’s a comment in the Fox Nation entry that says at Monday, July 19, 2010 at 01:41 PM:

      In this day and age, we cannot permit this type of racial one-sided decision making to continue. This lady needs to step down or get canned.

      You can see from the permalink the original title of the post was not about the resignation and the comments back that up. Any news about resignation was added later which has made the publish date no longer accurate.

      Each of these articles were originally published just hours after Breitbart posted his lies. If you still doubt Fox reported early on this then just look at the updated news item I linked where Fox admits they published a report before the resignation:

      The Agriculture Department announced Monday, shortly after published its initial report on the video, that Sherrod had resigned.

      Now, I don’t really know the timing of the Fox News channel so your questions there seem appropriate. All I know is that Fox began beating their drums about this online as early as a few hours after Breitbart.

      This lie spread from Breitbart over to Fox and then from there to the largest conservative bloggers and Drudge within hours so I hardly see how you can make the case that Fox News wasn’t involved with this just because we have no idea when the actual channel started reporting it.

      • Big Dog says:

        Perhaps what you say about FOX reporting it ONLINE is true. But you and the rest of the left are laying this on FOX and only FOX (as far as news outlets go) and the reality is other networks reported on it including CBS.

        The game plan is to cry racism and blame it all on FOX. The on air outlet did not report it until well after and the website, from what you show, reported it a few hours after it was posted. The CBS outlet published it around the same time as FOX so why blame it all on that one network?

        • Adam says:

          Maybe I’m mistaken, but I’ve only seen where a CBS affiliate ran the story later in the afternoon. That’s not quite the same as running it early in the afternoon so I don’t see how blaming CBS is of any value.

      • Blake says:

        Since Beck didn’t mention Mz. Sherrod on Monday (at least on his on- air program), I fail to see why he would even be mentioned by Adam- Beck waited until Tuesday to talk about this incident, and then he took her side- and yes- the audience laughs at inappropriate times during her speech, which is WHY THE NAACP IS LOOKING INTO IT, ADAM-
        If you insist on arguing, argue facts, not fallacy.

  13. Big Dog says:

    It is not a matter of who ran it, the fact is two major networks ran it and you all are blaming Fox for the problem.

    You are partly right though. The Coward in Chief was so worried that it would end up on Glenn Beck he rushed to judgment. He is so worried because he is losing the white vote, the one he needs to win, and he is trying to look tough.

    But his cowardice showed when he fired her without looking at facts. He was worried about Glenn Beck. LOLOLOLOLOL