Petty, Petty Democrats And A Republican Too

There is word out that the Democrats think President Bush might have violated the Constitution. What else is new? If President Bush breaks wind he violated some law and someone will either try to censure him or impeach him. In the latest “What can we charge the President with” episode we find the Democrats asking what the President knew about a bill he signed into law. Seems there was a minor discrepancy between the House and Senate version and they must be the same before they can be signed into law. The whole thing involves a clerical error that was cleared up and the White House considers it over, a non-event. Here is the entire Breitbart article:

House Democrats want President Bush to say whether he knew of what they call a “fundamental constitutional problem” with the $39 billion deficit reduction package he signed last month.

A letter to Bush, signed by House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Henry Waxman of California and released Thursday, is the latest challenge to a bill that was passed in slightly different forms by the House and Senate before it was sent to Bush.

“A bill is not law unless the same version is passed by both the House and the Senate and signed by the president,” top Democrats wrote to Bush. He signed it on Feb. 8.

The Senate version of the bill said Medicare can pay to rent some types of medical equipment for 13 months, as intended by congressional negotiators. A clerk erroneously wrote down 36 months before the bill was sent back to the House for a final vote, and that’s what the House approved Feb. 1.

By the time the bill was shipped to Bush, the number was back to 13 months as passed by the Senate.

Recognizing the problem, the Senate passed a resolution hours after Bush signed the bill confirming that the measure transmitted to the president was “deemed the true enrollment reflecting the intention of the Congress.” The White House considers the matter settled.

Others do not. A liberal watchdog group, Public Citizen, filed a lawsuit Tuesday asking a federal court to throw the budget bill out. A Republican activist also has sued in federal court in Alabama. (Source)

I think some people do not like the bill so they are using any means possible to to get it tossed. Perhaps the people we pay $1700 a day to work could actually work on something meaningful for a change.

Oh, and Pelosi and Waxman, if the President violated the Constitution then so did the House and Senate for not sending identical bills. Just thought you would want to know how silly it is. IT WAS A CLERICAL ERROR. Get over it and get back to work.

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