Perhaps They Should Retire

Recently, three Senators named Kennedy, Kerry, and Boxer spoke out against the war in Iraq. For Kennedy and Boxer this is not new because they have been against it for a while. Kerry is against it. But he was for it before he was against it, blah, blah, blah. These buffoons were calling for the end of US involvement. Kennedy said we need to bring our troops home now. A clever ploy to use against Bush for not getting the job done.

Boxer, between the tears, was using the confirmation hearing of Condi Rice to get up on the soap box and bash the administration and its policies. We were all the victims of a big dupe orchestrated by Rice, Bush and the others. We need to postpone the Iraqi elections, things are too bad, blah, blah, blah.

Kerry, in his first senate stint since the election (or in the past 20 years for that matter) used his time to show the sour grapes often displayed by losers from the left. It almost seems he wants to put his fatigues back on and throw somebody else’s medals over the fence again. I think he is trying to get the old group together so they can hold hands and sing songs protesting the war. He and the others are at their best when they are talking hatred and defeat with regard to the US.

I think it is time for these overpaid blow hards to step down and let some real Americans come in to do the job. They have shown that they have nothing but contempt for our country and those who serve it. Boxer’s tearful outbursts portray her as the spoiled child upset she must eat her spinach. Kennedy’s drunken tirades are best left to the times he must admonish the younger Kennedys for raping and killing young women. At least in those outbursts he speaks from experience. Kerry’s outbursts are childish and show that he has not gotten over the rejection of election day. Kerry would have been better off asking America to postpone the election but Iraq is the next best thing.

These ding dongs need to retire and let the adults run the country. Bush said the elections would take place on time, they did. Bush said the Iraqis would come out in large numbers to vote, despite the danger, and they did. He has been right about this all along and the loser patrol can not get over it. They can’t believe that a man they think is an idiot beat them and is right about Iraq. They really need to get out so the obstruction will stop and real progress will be made.

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2 Responses to “Perhaps They Should Retire”

  1. Steph says:

    You know, it is good to hear that there are others in the world who find Barbara Boxer as annoying as I do. Every election cycle that goes by in which she is left in office causes me to have some serious concerns about my fellow voters here in the Golden State. Am I the only voter in California who would rather be represented by the Taco Bell dog?

  2. Steph says:

    Oh yeah, and another thing about Barbara Boxer:

    This woman bursts into tears more often than Tammy Faye Baker. The next time Boxer decides to punctuate her grand-standing with an emotional outburst, can someone just give her a Midol and send her to the nearest lady’s room?

    I am sick and tired of other members of my gender providing stereotypical anecdotal evidence of the “over emotional female”.

    Like Hillary wasn’t enough of a stumbling block for us.