Perhaps Their Parents Should Make Them Exercise

Here we go again. The DNC has its collective panties in a wad because President Bush exercises. They report that he is in excellent physical condition because he exercises but they also claim he has cut funding for school athletic programs that would give our children the same benefits of exercise. First of all, I am not even sure the claims are true. I do know the President does not pass the budget, the Congress does. They are free to change it anyway they want and if the donks were so concerned then they could use their filibuster to hold up the process. Oh wait, they only do that to obstruct judges.

They are out with their latest attack using an old formula and that is “Its for the children.” If the donks really cared for the children they would have seen to it that the budget contained what they claim the President cut out. Be that as it may, they are once again showing us their true colors. The donks are once again showing us that they do not think we should have personal responsibility. I think that parents should encourage their children to get exercise. Instead, they plop them in from of a TV or computer and allow them to vegetate.

The last time I checked, you need no special equipment to exercise and you do not need a school program to achieve fitness. One needs nothing special to walk, run, do push-ups and sit-ups, and sporting equipment like balls are relatively inexpensive. The President does not have a special program or a school for fitness. He takes his own time and goes out running or biking. When he is at his ranch in Texas he is out doing work.

Maybe instead of attacking the President for his work ethic the donks should be encouraging children to be more like him and take personal responsibility for their health. We know that will never happen. The donks feel they need to pretend to be advocates for the children and they certainly will never advocate personal responsibility. They obtained their base by providing for people and creating a class dependant upon government. What better place for them to indoctrinate than in the ranks of the children.

Kids, take the lead from the President and get out and exercise. Be responsible for your own health. Parents, stop making your kids slugs and get them outside. Hell, go walk with them, it will do you a world of good.

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