Perhaps The Focus At The VA Was All Wrong

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel discussed the problems at the Veteran’s Administration and indicated that this is something that should have been looked at “years ago.” Hagel indicated that the problems did not start with current VA Secretary Eric Shinseki but have been a problem for a long time. Perhaps he was vaguely blaming Bush…

General Shinseki was nominated by Barack Obama to head the VA and carry out Obama’s pledge to fix the broken VA bureaucracy. If the problems are no better or are worse than Shinseki has fallen short of Obama’s goal. It is fairly simple, the issues were not fixed.

Secretary Hagel said that these are things that should have been looked at years ago (which is what Obama pledged) but it appears as if the focus was not in the right place in the Department of Defense.

Instead of working to fight and win the wars we are engaged in and instead of working to ensure the best system available for our wounded warriors the DOD focused on integrating homosexuals into the military. A lot of time and effort went into repealing don’t ask, don’t tell to allow openly gay service. Now the SECDEF is indicating that the military should review the transgender ban

The problems at the VA have been going on for a long time, and there is no doubt about this as Hagel has said so. If the DOD spent as much effort looking into these issues as it did (and is still) on integrating homosexuals it is possible the problems could have been fixed.

Instead, the warriors took a backseat to a politically motivated agenda that was designed to garner more votes from the homosexual community. The DOD played politics with the lives of those who were wounded while honorably serving in order to appease a political constituency.

It is a lack of leadership that allowed this to happen. They lost focus on our warriors in order to focus on politics.

The VA is in bad shape. It is government run health care and it is full of problems where no one is held accountable. The lives of our wounded warriors are at risk because of a massive government system that is poorly run and lacks leadership.

This is the future for everyone under Obamacare.

And no one will be held accountable for that either.

Unless, of course, we make them pay in November.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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