Perhaps Israel Should Wipe Iran Off The Map

For years and years Iran has threatened to wipe Israel off the map and Iran has been working on nuclear weapons so it can do just that. It seems like every so often the Middle East Nations and terrorist factions that despise Israel provoke that tiny nation into a conflict and then cry to the United Nations when Israel kicks the snot out of them.

Israel has shown remarkable restraint considering how often its neighbors lob rockets at them and kidnaps and murders its citizens.

Every time Israel responds it is made out to be the bad guy by the UN and our own leadership demands restraint.

The Obama regime is working with Iran to help clear a path so it can develop nukes and Israel does not appreciate that. Obama is an anti Semite so he is quite comfortable when the people of Israel come under attack.

Israel recently took out a group on the Syrian border because that group was involved in acts that were a danger to Israel and her people. Iran did not like that and has vowed to attack Israel for the aggression.

Let them attack and this time when Israel responds the rest of the world can keep its mouths shut as Israel hands Iran is ass on a platter. If Iran goes after the Jewish nation then it should respond with devastating force and completely and utterly destroy Iran. When Israel is done there should be nothing left but rubble.

And any nation that retaliates should suffer the same fate.

As for those who will sit back and condemn Israel, keep your mouths shut. You have interfered far too often when Israel is beating the hell out of an aggressor but keep silent when it is being attacked.

So let Iran attack and Israel respond and be done with this mess.

Then Obama will have one more reason to dislike Israel.

As if he needs one.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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4 Responses to “Perhaps Israel Should Wipe Iran Off The Map”

  1. Barbara says:

    AMEN !!!! I AGREE 100 PERCENT.

  2. shayan says:

    Like a rat dreaming of tearing apart a tiger, sweet dreams!

  3. Blake says:

    One Israeli can beat five Iranis- they are cowards who routinely lie in the name of allah- as if that is a surprise.