Perhaps Democrats Should Try This Nationally

The thing about liberals is that they have so much fun and are free spenders so long as they are spending someone else’s money. They love to make promises about how much they will spend and then they love to demonize rich people and raise everyone’s taxes in order to pay for their promises. They are not so eager to spend their own money but love to spend someone else’s.

This is quite evident at the national level. The liberals keep saying we need to spend more and more and they refuse to cut anything. We are now around 16 TRILLION dollars in debt and liberals want to raise the debt ceiling again. Democrats scream bloody murder and start stomping around like their heads are on fire and their asses are catching when anyone suggests cutting the budget. Liberals do not want smaller, more efficient government because they want more power and to get it they will continue to spend money that the country does not have and they do that because it is not coming out of their pockets.

When it comes to their own situation they are very willing to cut spending. The Democrats will hold their convention in North Carolina this year and they have a fundraising goal of 36.6 million dollars. They have only raised 10 million dollars so they can’t, as yet, afford their convention.

The first thought I had was that this is nothing new. Democrats are famous for spending money they don’t have. Hell, Barack Obama and his Democrats have been doing that since he was immaculated and we are now more than 5 TRILLION dollars deeper in the hole. It appears the only shovel ready project Obama had was the one where he kept digging us deeper in debt.

But an amazing thing happened on the way to Charlotte. Democrats have decided to do what they oppose when they govern and that is to cut items from the spending list. Yep, Democrats have cancelled a convention kick-off event at Charlotte Motor Speedway because they can’t afford it.

The Democrats have decided that they do not have enough of their own money to afford all of their convention events so they are scaling back. This is the exact opposite of what they do when they are spending OUR money. When we are paying for it they keep piling on and adding to the debt.

You can bet your bottom dollar that if the taxpayer was footing the bill this event would take place and they would add other events on top of it.

Like they say, Democrats are always generous with other people’s money.

Perhaps if they applied their convention plan to the national budget they would not have lost in 2010 and they would not be on the verge of being thrown in the ashbin in November.

I would not hold my breath on this one. Democrats live by one phrase:

What’s in your wallet?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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