Perhaps Clinton Should Give the Book Away

Bill Clinton has a new book out and it is about giving. The book is not doing very well and has pretty much dropped off the radar. Clinton’s first book, My Life, sold over a million copies because he was out promoting it all over the place. He has not put in much time on the new book because he is busy trying to hustle his way back into the White House by selling us a bill of goods in his candidate wife. He also does not have the same motivation that he did with the first book.

In that one he rewrote history, so he was out hawking that book so people could see the way it “really” was, not the way some evil member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy would have you believe.

I guess what I want to know is, if this book is about giving and the merits of philanthropic work, why doesn’t he just give it away?

That’s right, making money is only bad if you are the one making it. As long as Bubba and Satan make money, life is good.

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One Response to “Perhaps Clinton Should Give the Book Away”

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