Perception is Reality

Barack Obama is a very liberal person even though people believe he comes off as centrist. Obama has a hard time agreeing with Conservatives because of a deluded blindness he has. He believes that Liberals base things on fact and reason:

“The arguments of liberals are more often grounded in reason and fact.” Examiner

Nothing could be further from the truth. liberals base everything on emotion and on their belief that they are the chosen ones who should lead all people. The Liberals believe in Global Warming and yet as many scientists oppose the idea as support it and no one, not even Al Gore, has come up with definitive proof that it is happening or that man is responsible if it is. Liberals believe that it is murder to put a convicted killer to death but a right to kill an unborn child. Liberals believe that the terrorists who want to kill us would be much friendlier if we just sat down and talked to them.

Liberals believe that guns commit crimes and that the people who use the guns are just victims. Liberals believe that any mention of God is wrong and not protected under the First Amendment but that the same Amendment allows newspapers to print classified information. Liberals believe that this is George Bush’s war and that he started it. They also believe that the people who attacked us were freedom fighters and it is our fault they did so.

Liberals believe that Bill Clinton shares no blame for the terrorist attacks after eight years in office and that George Bush shoulders all the blame after just eight months in office. Liberals believe that Bill Clinton was telling the truth when he said that we had not heard of al-Qaeda or bin Laden and that there was no reason to go after him and also believe him when he contradicts himself and says he came the closest to getting bin Laden.

If this is all fact and reason then America needs to dismiss Obama right now. He has been rated 95% liberal and he believes that Liberals base things on fact and reason. So far, I have seen absolutely no facts and no reasoning in anything that Liberals have said or done.

Here is a fact to chew on. Liberals would be happy to see us lose the war.

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