Perception is Reality Part II

I wrote that Barack Obama said that the arguments of Liberals were based in reason and fact. Interestingly, this does not hold true and Obama and the MSM are a great example. During the 2004 election Dan Rather and CBS took forged documents and ran with them despite the warning signs that were present. There should have been enough red flags to make them stop and think and they did not. Their blind hatred for George Bush caused them to lose focus and run with documents that a blogger debunked in 15 minutes. Most of the Liberal world excused this behavior and indicated that even if the documents were phony the stories were real so that makes it OK. It is obvious that Dan Rather did this with malice.

Contrast this with an error that Fox made in reporting that Obama attended a Madrassa. Someone at Fox got the information from a web site and it was reportedly released from one of Hillary’s folks (that part is probably true). An on air talent aired the information before it could be vetted. Now what Fox did was wrong but it is obvious there was no malice.

Obama is giving the Fox reporters the cold shoulder and will not do interviews with them. This is an unwise move for a guy who is well behind Queen Hillary. In any event, the “reason and fact” in Obama could not allow him to see that someone had made a mistake and that he might be better off venting his anger at the source rather than the messenger especially since the messenger will be needed if he wants to win.

In the world of Liberal reason and fact Dan Rather was duped by Karl Rove who was busy helping George Bush crank up the hurricane machine and aim it at New Orleans so he could flood the blacks (who he hates you know), while simultaneously helping the Swift Boat Veterans screw over John Kerry. Fox News on the other hand is just a bunch of liars who are out to destroy Hussein Obama.

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