People this Stupid Should be Shot

A man was on a flight and decided to play a joke on his wife. He sent her a text message indicating that the plane was being hijacked by terrorists and that they were being taken to an unknown destination.

Of course, she contacts the police and they contact the airline. The airline made contact with the pilot who assured them that they were not being hijacked. The police were able to determine that this was a prank. They detained the man when the plane landed and then let him go.

What kind of idiot, especially after 9/11, would do such a stupid thing? Why would anyone play this kind of a joke on someone he supposedly loves? Why would this idiot play a joke that is sure to get a great deal of attention from law enforcement officials? This man needs to be taken out behind a hangar and shot. This is the kind of lunacy that causes delays, disrupts airline schedules, and gets law enforcement all worked up. I have a novel idea for this idiot. The next time you are on an airplane, if they ever let you back on, and you want to send your wife a text message try this:


It is a meaningful gesture that will not involve the police, will not disrupt air travel, will not cause you to be delayed by said police, and most importantly, it will not cause your wife any grief. They are talking about allowing cell phone use on air planes. That in and of itself would be the most annoying thing in the world and will probably lead to more air rage. This incident is just one more good reason to make people turn the damn things off and leave them that way until well after the plane has landed.

The story is here.

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