People Euthanising Tortured Animals

Two humane workers at PETA have been arrested for dumping dead animals in a dumpster at a shopping center in North Carolina. The animals were allegedly alive when they left PETA and the two have been charged with cruelty to animals.

The interesting is that PETA is supposed to be for the ethical treatment of animals. So it is interesting that this statement was made by them:

A PETA spokesperson told WAVY News 10 that the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has a long-standing relationship with shelters to euthanize pets that the shelters feel are no longer adoptable, and the spokesperson is confident the animal cruelty charges will be dropped

So when these animals are no longer adoptable, they are put to sleep. Now that is the way to treat animals ethically. I wonder if these weren’t the animals that PETA put to sleep and then had the two employees dump them to reduce the cost of disposal.

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One Response to “People Euthanising Tortured Animals”

  1. Surfside says:

    FYI, it’s illegal to dump animal carcasses in regular trash or even a landfill in Virginia.

    After reading the story, I was appalled that they were telling these vets and shelters they were going to try to find homes for the animals; and, then killed them almost as soon as they received the animals. This sure give PETA a black eye. They’re always acting so morally superior.