Pelosi’s Ethical Congress

Nancy Pelosi made the same claim that every political leader of Congress makes and that is their version of the mob will be the most ethical in history. They are usually going to be the most open as well. Turns out that Pelosi’s reign is not over an ethical Democratic Congress but one that is full of abusers and law breakers. The past few years have seen the likes of Dodd, and Jefferson and now we have Charlie Rangel.

Rangel has been a criminal fro a long time. He wastes taxpayer money driving around in an expensive leased vehicle that the taxpayers get soaked for. He has more than the number of rent control apartments than he is allowed by law and he now has troubles with his taxes. Rangel owns property in the Dominican Republic and is facing an ethics investigation (as if that will matter) for evasion of taxes (related to income from the property), failure to report income and failure to disclose required items on his financial disclosure statement.

Rangel is chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee which means he has a lot to do with the tax laws in this country. Somehow, he was unable to follow the laws that he helped get passed. His finances are so messed up that he has had to hire a forensics accountant to figure out the problems.

Rangel is not being removed from his position. Why would he be? He is a Democrat so he is allowed to break the law and get away with it. Speaker Pelosi, Ms. more ethical Congress, is not (at least so far) removing him from his position. Republicans have a rule that if they are under investigation they must step down until it is over. The ethical Democrats have no such rule or their would not be enough of them left to run things.

Charlie Rangel has also said that he just had trouble with the language difference (as if he could not find someone in Harlem to interpret it). He is willing to pay what he owes and let’s be done with it.

Not so fast. If one of us had this problem the IRS would be bashing through our doors like a SWAT team and raping us with interest and penalties until we were left bankrupt. We would not be allowed to say we had trouble understanding anything. We would not be able to say “my bad” and just pay the taxes. No, we would get screwed to the wall.

I expect nothing less for the guy who is in charge of the tax rules. He needs to go down in flames. Pelosi needs to remove him from his position and he needs to be thoroughly scrutinized. He also needs to pay back taxes with interest and penalties no matter how much it adds up to.

This should take care of that arrogant jackass and it should remind the rest of them they are not above the law.

Wanna bet Pelosi does not remove him?

FWIW, I know there are Republicans who have problems. I want them in hot water as well.


Big Dog

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