Pelosi Tries to Shake Liberal Elitist Image

Incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been plagued by her rivals with accusations that she is a San Francisco liberal elitist who is out of touch with the mainstream. Though Pelosi is very wealthy and is very liberal, she has worked hard to shake this image. So how does a rich liberal elitist shake the image of a rich liberal elitist? Why throw an elitist $1000 per ticket exclusive 4 day gala to celebrate her coronation. San Fran Nan will spend part of the time getting back to her roots in Baltimore where they will name a street after her.

Baltimore has a perfect street to name after Pelosi and that is Baltimore Street itself. The street has a history for a section known as the block. Back in the day it was filled with strip joints and prostitutes peddling their wares. This would be a great street to name after Pelosi given how she makes money for selling herself. Given the seedy history of the street it would fit her (or most politicians) perfectly.

Nancy Pelosi, Queen of the Block.

Times Online UK

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