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Pelosi to Violate Constitution

Incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi is proposing legislation that will violate the First Amendment of the Constitution by limiting or restricting the free speech of American Citizens. According to NewsMax:

Leading Capitol Hill watchdogs are sounding alarms by plans of the soon-to-be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and her majority of House Democrats to ram through a new law that would seriously undermine free speech and put restrictions on conservative groups and others who encourage ordinary citizens to directly deal with Congress.


At the top of the list is seemingly good legislation intended to curb the power of lobbyists. But the Pelosi law goes far beyond bridling Washington influence peddlers. Under her proposed legislation, Pelosi will seek to control and limit any organization in America from encouraging citizens to communicate and influence Congress.


“The reporting requirements and more severe penalties being written in response to recent congressional corruption scandals would apply to those who have no Washington lobbyists, who make no political contributions, and who do not provide gifts, travel or anything of value to politicians,” Viguerie continues. [emphasis mine]

The First Amendment to the Constitution clearly states that Congress shall make “no law abridging the freedom of speech.” This is a particularly troubling item in that any web site owner or mass mailer that encourages people to contact Congress will be required by law to report to Congress. This is a violation of the Constitution because it is a law designed to stymie free speech. No private citizen should have to report to Congress for its grass roots efforts. The whole idea behind representative government is the involvement of the people.

Given that the Democrats beat Bush to death over his alleged abuse of the Constitution it is alarming that they would so blatantly violate it. What will happen if Rosie is on the view and encourages people to write their Congressman? What will happen if Kos, LGF or Michelle Malkin encourage that people who read their sites contact Congress about some legislation? I might not agree with some of the web sites or organizations but I will die defending their right to say what they want. This legislation is a serious problem for the American people and it will be advanced under the guise of curbing lobbyists. Once again, the average citizen is forced to pay for the inability of Congress to follow rules and work ethically.

I will never comply with a rule like this. Unlike the big web sites, I do not influence 500 people (an arbitrary limit in the law) but I might reach that many over time. I refuse to report to Congress about anything I write or encourage. They can see me in the Supreme Court and we can discuss it there. I will go further right now. I encourage all the people who read this to contact their elected representatives and tell them that this idea is wrong and violates the Constitution. I also encourage the big web sites to have their readers do the same.

We founded a great country by fighting for it and if necessary we will fight for it again. The oath is against all enemies foreign and domestic and those who would take away our freedom of speech are definitely domestic enemies.

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