Pelosi Is Worried About Bloodshed

The Democrats are losing the battle on health care take over and their agenda is falling apart. They have resorted to using the race card for every person who opposes any of their plans because any of us who oppose what Obama wants to do must be a racist. What were we when we opposed what Clinton wanted to do? He was, after all, the first black president.

Nancy Pelosi is now kicking into high gear and she is using her emotions and scare tactics (what did Obama say about that) to influence the public. Now she is worried about bloodshed because of the nasty rhetoric:

“I have concerns about some of the language that is being used because I saw … I saw this myself in the late ’70s in San Francisco,” Pelosi said, choking up and with tears forming in her eyes. “This kind of rhetoric is just, is really frightening and it created a climate in which we, violence took place and … I wish that we would all, again, curb our enthusiasm in some of the statements that are made.” Real Clear Politics

It was reported that she was talking about the incidents leading up to the murder of Harvey Milk.

Look at how Pelosi has portrayed peaceful people. These demonstrations against the government and its plans to take over our lives have been peaceful, for the most part. The violence has been perpetrated by the goons and thugs that Obama enlisted to quash dissent. His buddies in the SEIU beat people up. People on the right were not starting fights, his thugs were. The conservatives started carrying guns to the events and the violence stopped. Of course, the MSM focused on the gun “nuts” and not the reason they had to carry them (though many were just doing what they do every day). I don’t know of any anti government protester who bit off someone’s finger.

I did not hear Pelosi discuss the potential bloodshed when the anti war protesters were using language that was much more intense than that used by the protesters on the right. I never heard her discuss the potential bloodshed when Code Pinko and the others were carrying signs that indicated that George Bush should be hanged, or that they supported the troops when they shot their officers. Those were incitements to violence and Pelosi was quiet.

Pelosi is using dishonesty and emotion to change public opinion. The people protesting could certainly turn violent, as any group of people could, but they have demonstrated, thus far, that they are not interested in physical altercations. However, we fought one revolution over what this government is doing to us so it is not hard to believe that another one would happen. I would prefer a peaceful one where we just vote all the scum out of office. We are a long way from violence and assassinations and for Pelosi to assert that is nothing more than fear mongering.

The whole idea of violence because of the protests against the gays in San Francisco leading to Milk’s death is wrong. Milk and Mayor Moscone were killed by a man who wanted his job back, was initially told he would get it and then was told that they wanted someone else who was more in line with the ethnic diversity of the area. Dan White shot them because he did not get his job back (he had resigned from it) and his violence had nothing to do with the protests that Pelosi is discussing.

This is what we are up against. Pelosi is a moron who needs to be voted out of office in the next election. If the people of her district put her back in office it needs to be as part of the minority party.

Folks, if you want a better government you cannot keep voting the same people back in office. They are a bunch of corrupt, self-serving, leeches who care little about what you, the people they represent, want.

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UPDATE: Isn’t it interesting that after spending all of August calling protesters un-American and belittling them, Pelosi is now worried that talk will lead to violence?

Big Dog

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14 Responses to “Pelosi Is Worried About Bloodshed”

  1. Barbara says:

    The people who cry “racist” are just a bunch of weaklings who have to hide behind something to make them look good. Very insecure people!

  2. Blake says:

    Pelosi is trying to co-opt the moment, and if everything plays out the way she wants, there will be an “incident”, but it will be instigated by the pants- wetters on the left. The progressives are looking for an excuse to clamp down and declare an “emergency”- they believed because it worked in Germany in WWII, it will work here.
    And then we on the right, will have to clean up their mess, because they are intellectual children, and we have always had to do this.

  3. Adam says:


    Those who ignore the record of racist attacks on Obama are being dishonest.


    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Saying progressives want an “emergency” is as flawed as those on the left saying Bush was going cancel the 2004 election or something stupid like that. You forget first and foremost that these people want to retain their power and you don’t do that by declaring a Germany style state of emergency.

    The left is made up of average Americans as well, Blake, not a bunch of people who hate and want to destroy this country. To say otherwise just goes counter to reality.

    Unless of course you buy into that stuff like FEMA camps…

    • Blake says:

      There IS a pattern that is disturbing, and you DO have to be on guard- you want to be able to see the snake in your path BEFORE you step on it.

    • Blake says:

      The rate of “czar-ships” being granted without Senate confirmation leads one to believe that the checks and balances part of our government is being circumvented- even Democratic Senators are concerned enough to call for a halt to all of this and an investigation into the end runs around the intent of the Constitution.
      Faced with this deceit, it is easy to make the jump- especially when Hussein had called for the curtailment of “Executive power” when it was Bush in the WH- now, not so much- he likes the power.

      • Adam says:

        What rate is that?

        Bush had more “czars” than Obama. I’ve been looking around for Republicans who were worried about that but I’m not finding any…for some reason. I guess IOKIYAR.

        • Blake says:

          I am sure that it depends on who you define as a “czar”- some Democrats are going with the 32 figure, which would put Hussein ahead of Bush- and I never liked the term anyway- it was invented by the media as a shorthand for someone with “hidden” power, or power that was basically unaccountable to Congress.
          And by that definition, Hussein definitely has more.
          I would be ecstatic if we just had Cabinet appointees that actually had the power they are supposed to have, rather than being figureheads.

    • Big Dog says:

      Rahm Emanuel said not to let a crisis go to waste. If there is no crisis they have to manufacture one.

    • Blake says:

      True, much of the left is regular people who just want something a little different than myself- I can live with that, but the left is being hijacked and driven by the extremists on your side- we have extremists too- don’t get me wrong, but it is your party in power, therefore it is your extremists that stand to do the most damage, both to your party, and the country as a whole.

  4. Blake says:

    We need to get something straight here- there will ALWAYS be racists- that is an unfortunate fact of life. There will always be ignorant people- that too is a fact of life just as unfortunate- but to assume, or presume an abhorrent attitude such as racism to the whole right side of the aisle, or the whole conservative movement, does the left no favors- as has been demonstrated, the left can be EVERY bit as intolerant when it suits them to be so- and there are ample examples to show this.
    The problem is that I can drag out my examples, and you can drag out yours, but in the end, have we accomplished ANYTHING at all, other than to show that perhaps we have more in common with each other than either side is comfortable admitting?
    I submit that not much else is accomplished.

  5. victoria says:

    One swipe of the Presidents pen can declare marshall law and I think they are deliberately trying to inflame the people so that they can or waiting for one big catastrophe or attack somewhere that kills a bunch of people.

  6. victoria says:

    Here is a quote from another black man–Alan Keyes–

    “it’s impossible to see why Carter and the other Obama faction apologists keep insisting that Barack Obama has anything to do with the black American heritage. His “black” background is that of a biologically African Muslim, with a strong element of Indonesian upbringing early on. His personal history in no way leads back to the experiences that forged the black American identity. His ethnic tie to America comes through a white American, his leftist radical mother. So when Carter claims that opposing him smacks of anti-black racism, he risks becoming the object of another truth serum outburst from the Joe Wilsons of the world. If the opposition comes from racism of any kind, it must be on account of his white American heritage.”

  7. Adam says:

    One swipe of any president’s pen can do any number of things. Funny how when it’s a Democrat in the White House all that fact becomes oh so scary. Keep drinking the kool-aid and spreading the paranoia around in thick globs with your silver butter knife.

    • Blake says:

      Democrats ARE scary- they have all these radical thoughts, and wear tin- foil hats and stuff- they believe that people who have money should give that money – no, have that money forcibly taken from them by the government, and given to people who do not deserve that money- people who did not work for that money. You know, slackers.