Pelosi Caused Bailout To Fail

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The bailout vote taken today in the House was a failure for the people who want to spend taxpayer money to reward bad behavior and let Henry Paulson help his buddies on Wall Street. The bill failed by a vote of 228 (nay)-205 (yea). I am not unhappy about this and I am glad that it failed. There will be a bunch of finger pointing and Democrats will probably say that McCain screwed it up (when in fact he helped the process along). Obama, who took credit for the latest iteration of the bill even though he was not there, will likely blame Republicans and the “failed policies of the Bush administration.” The truth of the matter is, Nancy Pelosi caused that bill to go down in defeat.

Just before the vote on the bill Pelosi asked and received permission to speak. She then launched into a lie filled tirade condemning President Bush and the Republicans. Nancy Pelosi played politics with this issue just before the vote. She stated that Bush and the Republicans caused this mess and that it was their lax policies and failure to regulate that led to the problem. She placed all the blame on Republicans while ignoring the mounting evidence that it was she and the Democrats who caused this mess. They ignored the warnings while ensuring their friends struck it rich and that they received cash hand over fist from the very companies they were supposed to be watching.

Then Pelosi repeated the big lie, the one she and Democrats are fond of telling. She stated that President Clinton balanced the budget and that there was a 5.6 trillion dollar surplus when he left office and that George bush squandered it. This is an outright bald face lie. There was NEVER a balanced budget on Clinton’s watch and there was NEVER a surplus of any size. This is an urban myth that Democrats keep repeating but it is a LIE. Nancy Pelosi played politics with this vote and she lied to America in order to advance her party and make it look like the Democrats were saving the day when they are the ones who caused the problem. I have linked to two articles about the Clinton surplus myth at the end of this post. The government’s idea of surplus is when it reduces debt but in the real world a balanced budget means the same going out is coming in and a surplus is when you have more coming in than going out. Clinton failed on both measures.

Her remarks ticked off a lot of Republicans who then voted against the bill. If Pelosi could have exercised some restraint, the bill would probably have passed. Instead, she infuriated the people she needed to help get it through. The Republicans know who was taking all the money and they know who was ignoring the problems that were pointed out by the Republican party and the Bush administration.

This is so blatantly stupid that I can’t help but wonder if she did this on purpose to make the bill fail and have the market tank so that she and her party could blame this all on Republicans and use it to get elected. Nancy Pelosi is a no good cu*t and she would do anything for power regardless of what it did to the country. Republicans now need to oppose any kind of bailout and shove this defeat right up her liberal a$$.

I have said it before and I will say it again, you cannot trust a Democrat. They do not take responsibility for their actions and they take credit for things they had nothing to do with. Obama is a perfect example. He has been taking credit for the latest version of the bill and this is not the first time he has taken credit not due him (he failed to take responsibility for the failure despite the ton of cash he got from the GSEs). The Democrats are ignoring their responsibility for this mess and are pushing blame to others. They sat around and allowed the mess to occur despite warnings from the Bush administration on at least 17 occasions. They were too busy making sure their buddies got rich and that they had money funneled to them to have any concern about the country.

Republicans need to now band together and oppose any bill put forward. The Democrats have the majority in the house and they can pass it on a straight party line vote so let them do so. They were hoping to use Republicans as cover from the ire of the more than 70% of people who oppose this but now they will have to go it alone and suffer the consequences.

American citizens, you can do your part by voting for the non incumbent on November 4th. Get rid of all 435 and replace them with fresh faces and fresh ideas. Replace them with people who have not spent a life time in DC living a life of corruption. One third of the Senate is up for reelection so we can get rid of them at the same time. I will be voting for the non incumbent in my district.

It is up to us to clean up the sewer known as the Congress.

Breitbart [Pelosi video] | The New Editor | Letxa [Clinton surplus myth]

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