Pelosi Backs Restrictions, Except on Self

Al Gore is a Global Warming doomsday believer and yet he produces a larger “carbon footprint” than most people who go about their lives. This fact is often overlooked because in the Liberal elitist world it is alright for those who would do good for the world to involve themselves in the very things that they do not want the rest of us to do. Nancy Pelosi is part of that elitist clique that believes she is above that which she espouses. Pelosi told everyone how important it was to raise the minimum wage but she exempted a company of one of her constituents. It is good for everyone BUT my friends which is the way all elitists work. Murtha felt that jail was good enough for everyone but him.

In any event, Pelosi is big on Global Warming and now backs restrictions
on heat trapping gases and is willing to listen about nuclear power plants (one thing I agree on is the nuclear power). However, Ms. Pelosi wants a large military aircraft at her disposal, one that burns more fuel and produces more exhaust than a smaller plane. The plane she wants costs $22,000 an hour to fly and will cost the taxpayer 15 million dollars a year. It will also put quite a bit more exhaust gas in the atmosphere. Now Pelosi has indicated that she would fly commercial (which would be cheaper and less harmful to the atmosphere because the plane will carry more people). Even though she has stated that she did not ask
for a larger plane and that this is made up by the Republicans the fact is she stated that she wanted a plane that would fly coast to coast without refueling which means she want the larger plane, at least one larger than the former Speaker flew in.

So much for this concern for the environment. Pelosi, as with many in power, only expect these things to be done and to affect people other than themselves. The Democrats have shown time and again that they are do as I say and not as I do.

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