Peaceful Palestinians Killing Again

Those wacky, peaceful Palestinians are at it again using the favorite weapon of the aspiring jihadist, the homicide bomber. A dip stick with no purpose in life strapped a bomb on and went into a crowded restaurant in Israel and detonated the explosives killing up to nine people and wounding many others. I had a hard time figuring why Israel gave up land to people who had no intention of being peaceful and had no intention of honoring deals to stop the violence.

The Israelis are backed up against the edge with a great deal of enemy surrounding them. They are a speck compared to the size of the enemy that surrounds them and yet they continue to survive. Despite idiots like the president of Iran, who has expressed more than once that Israel should (and now will) be wiped off the map, the Israelis continue to exist.

One of these days the people of Israel are going to lash back at Palestine and the result will not be pretty. This time it should be winner take all FOR GOOD and the Israelis should eliminate the Palestinians from the face of the Earth. Then, Iran would have something to think about.

Source 1: Breitbart
Source 2: Drudge

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One Response to “Peaceful Palestinians Killing Again”

  1. Robert says:

    I don’t think it will be long before Israel gets a little payback for this one. I think instead of destroying the bombers home, they should wipe out the bloodline of the idiot.
    And hopefully about the time there are 2 or 3 palestinian families left the might learn realize its a no win situation.