Pay Attention To The Signs

When a country seizes territory from another it is customary to place the flag of the conquering nation up while removing the flag of the conquered. The image of our servicemen raising the American Flag at Iwo Jima is an image that is part of the psyche of many patriots. Those men raised our flag on land that we fought and died to take from our enemy. I imagine that the Texas flag was removed from the Alamo and replaced by one from Mexico. Now, we have that happening again.

A Mexican flag was hung on a flagpole in a community in Jupiter Florida. The criminals who removed the American Flag and hung the Mexican flag cut the halyard so that the flag could not be removed. The Mexican flag will hang there for a while while the community involved contracts a company with a crane to repair the problem, at a cost of about $500. Make no mistake, this was someone’s attempt to claim property. This was a subliminal message that says “We are not here to work in America, we are here to take over America.” This would seem to give credit to stories that Mexicans are moving into Texas with the intent of retaking that state as their own one day. This display along with all the other Mexican flags through the protests shows that Mexicans not only want to come here for a better life but that they want to take over and establish their own “sovereignty.”

Unfortunately, there are those among us who help them along the way such as Reagan High School Principal Robert Pambello in Houston who decided to fly the Mexican flag under the US and Texas flags. This act was designed to show some sort of solidarity but it was inappropriate and the flag was ordered to be removed. This principal decided to give the Mexican flag and therefore the Mexicans, a status they are not entitled to. Mexican students feel the flag should not have been displayed the way it was because it should have been above the Texas State Flag:

Some Reagan students said they will try to raise a Mexican flag again today. They said they want it to fly at least above the Texas flag on the pole.

Notice they want it “AT LEAST” above the Texas Flag which means they hope to get it above the US Flag. One more instance where they want to raise a flag to display conquered territory. I believe that those students should be arrested if they attempt to raise their flag but you can bet there will be sympathetic liberals who believe this is perfectly appropriate. [See Update Below For How Arizona Students Handled a Similar Situation]

I am all for immigration so long as it is done legally. There are millions of people from other countries who come here legally and contribute to this great country and we welcome them with open arms and pray they are successful. The Democratic party though, has decided that we need millions of people who are here illegally in order to get anything done. The moonbats are so in favor of this they are referring to them as “undocumented workers” instead of illegals. The left would be just as happy to absolve these criminals and let them work here because, as the left says it, the do jobs Americans do not want to do. Perhaps they are needed to pick grapes at Pelosi’s vineyards or clean toilets at her hotel interests. Maybe Feinstain’s husband uses illegals to work in his contracting company. Whatever the reason, the donks (and the RINOs) are not willing to see these people as criminals and they are not willing to take any necessary steps to prevent them from getting or staying here.

It is interesting that the elected representatives felt it was necessary to squash the UAE Ports deal because of national security but are unwilling to see how 11 million illegal people here pose a much bigger threat. Does anyone actually think that people who break the law to get here so they can make a few more dollars would not be willing to take even more money from terrorists to help execute an attack? As an aside, how could the UAE make our ports any less safe when federal agents were able to sneak radioactive materials in through one of the ports? Good thing we stopped the Ay-Rabs from getting in here.

The left views the 11 million illegals and the Latino community as a large constituency. If the UAE had enough Arabs in the US to influence elections then that Port deal would have passed with flying colors. Instead, they pander to the Mexicans who are breaking our laws and slowly and methodically taking over our country. You sneak 11 million people into a country and soon you have a large enough force to do pretty much what you want. In all reality, what do they have to lose?

Make no mistake about it, the raising of the Mexican flag is a shot across our bow. They are telling us that one day, if they have their way, that flag will fly there permanently and by then, there won’t be a damned thing we can do about it.

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UPDATE: Students in Arizona took down a Mexican flag and burned it because it was raised above the American Flag. It would appear that the kids at that school decided no one was going to claim their property with a flag. Too bad the elected leaders of this country don’t have the same testicular fortitude. Source:

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One Response to “Pay Attention To The Signs”

  1. Great post, btw. This whole subject really sickens me, especially the idea of illegal immigrants trying to fly the Mexican flag on U.S. soil AND ABOVE OUR OWN AMERICAN FLAG. Doing crap like that takes the idea of these protests being a peaceful thing and puts it into the realm of subversive and anti-American.