Patrick Kennedy Might Need More Rehab

Patrick Kennedy, US Congressman and member of the elitist, drug, alcohol, and woman abusing, Kennedy clan is a little upset that Scott Brown actually wanted to be seated sooner rather than later. Brown has waited the requisite 10 days and he should not have to wait longer but Kennedy did not see it that way:

Kennedy (D-R.I.) told The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room on Thursday, “Brown’s whole candidacy was shown to be a joke today when he was sworn in early in order to cast his first vote as an objection to Obama’s appointment to the (National Labor Relations Board).” Boston Herald

Was shown to be a joke? I guess to Democrats when a Republican wins by a healthy margin it is a joke but when a Democrat (say Obama) wins by a healthy margin it is a mandate to change the entire country and impose Socialism.

The funny thing is that Brown waited the required amount of time and the rest was an obvious attempt at stalling and what is even funnier is that Kennedy called this a joke even though his father, Ted Kennedy, was sworn in the day after he won election to a seat that was preserved for him.

Of course the idea that an everyday guy like Brown won is beyond reason for the Kennedys who buy political seats and then use them to impose their will on the rest of us. That is, when they are not out getting drunk or drugged and hurting or killing people.

Patrick Kennedy will be lucky to get reelected this year. His daddy is worm dirt and he has no one to protect him. He has had several stints in rehab and has a few accidents while impaired along the way. People are not too interested in putting him back in office.

No, the days of substance abusing Kennedys in office being chic are over and Camelot was buried along with Teddy.

The real joke is that Patrick Kennedy is in office and that people reelected Ted for so many terms. All one needs to do is read the writing on the wall.

Then again it is hard to see much through bloodshot eyes.

Scott Brown responded to Kennedy and demonstrated what class and leadership look like.

See Ted Kennedy get smacked around.

Big Dog Salute to Jules Crittenden

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13 Responses to “Patrick Kennedy Might Need More Rehab”

  1. Adam says:

    Just when you thought your days of heaping smear after smear on the Kennedy’s was over you rake out this load of horse poo? One of the many bad things about Ted Kennedy being gone is that Democrats will have to find a new political family that will make Republicans cry and whine all the time like the Kennedy’s did.

    • Big Dog says:

      If the Kennedys did not say stupid things then I would not point them out. And you call it smearing them but their lives are out in the open and they do things that would land the rest of us in jail.

  2. Blake says:

    Look Adam- the kennedies are a part of that elitist, progressive, baby-sitter molesting, drug- abusing, drunken woman- killing (do not forget Martha Moxley) clan that just KNOWS that they are better than anyone else.
    They are a self- perpetuating eternal joke, the only thing even close to perpetual energy source.
    If we could harness hypocrisy, our nation would be self- sufficient in energy forever- throw in the Clintons, and we could power all third- world countries.

    • Adam says:

      Ah yes, the Clintons. Another family that drives the GOP into derangement. You gotta love it. It kills you Republicans that the Kennedy’s and the Clinton’s are regarded with such high esteem in America despite the constant barrage of smears and attacks on them. If only repeating a lie over and over could make it true. The Kennedy’s and the Clinton’s would be banished forever from politics and you would be so happy.

      • Big Dog says:

        The Clintons are held in such high esteem that the Democrats completely turned on Hillary and Bill and elected a no name rookie with no experience.

        If repeating a lie would make things true then Clinton really did not have sex with “that woman.”

        • Adam says:

          Hillary and Obama had an epic primary in case you forgot. Hillary fell just 195 short of the 2,118 delegates she needed. That’s not exactly the Democrats completely turning on the Clintons, is it?

          Since when has the Clinton lie you list been repeated over and over? We’re talking about often repeated lies like Ted Kennedy was drunk when he drove off the road. There’s no evidence of course and no charges but heck, keep repeating it anyway.

          Or what about the way the Clinton’s looted the White House and Air Force One when they left? Oh wait. There’s no evidence there either and investigations turned up nothing out of the ordinary.

          No, there are few families on the Democratic side that you Republicans love to lie about more than the Kennedys and the Clintons.

  3. Big Dog says:

    I don’t recall saying they took anything from the WH or AF One. I did say that there was some vandalism (some call them pranks) and that is true according to the GAO.

    The people who were at the party with Kennedy said he had a number of stiff drinks. The books written on the subject and the people who were there said he had been drinking and there were a few who said he was drunk. If his BAC was above 1.0 then he was drunk according to the law (the law now, I don’t know what it was then).

    Why did he leave and report it the next day. In my experience this is done by people who are intoxicated.

    And Hillary got a lot of votes thanks to Limbaugh and his campaign. They still treated her badly and went after him as well.

    • Adam says:

      You have the fuzzy recollections of other people at the party and you have your own speculation as to why Kennedy did what he did. What you don’t have is hard evidence or proof. Yet you still smear him even after he’s dead. It’s just the Republican thing to do, I guess.

      You have joked about the taking of furniture in the past. A few keyboards damaged and some signs left around quickly turned into rumors of large scale vandalism and looting. Funny how the right can take a grain of truth and grow it into a field of unfounded smears and lies when it comes to the Clintons.

      • Darrel says:

        ADAM: “Funny how the right can take a grain of truth and grow it into a field of unfounded smears and lies…”>>

        Often they don’t need a grain of truth to begin with. They’ll start with a lie.

        See this fresh doosey of an example.

        “The allegation against Congressman Frank is absolutely false and has no basis in reality. The Congressman in fact heard about it for the first time after the story was launched in the conservative media.

        On January 5th, Glenn Beck of Fox News, which like the Wall Street Journal is owned by Rupert Murdoch, repeated the same fallacious story, specifically citing John Fund as his source. The next day, Rush Limbaugh retold the story on nationwide radio, also quoting Fund. On January 7th, the Washington Times, owned by Reverend Sun Yung Moon’s Unification Church, ran an editorial titled “Letting Crooks and Illegals Vote.” None of the outlets called Frank’s office to verify the story.”

        • Adam says:

          Why am I not surprised? The echo-chamber does it again. Lie after lie. They’ve been doing it since the 90’s and they’re very good at it.

  4. Big Dog says:

    Right, call Frank to verify. He is the guy who said Fannie and Freddie were sound and that there were no problems.

    He does not know what he is talking about.

    But as to taking lies and spreading them or just starting them, how many of you morons on the left played the Trig is Sarah Palin’s grandchild game? How many of you played the baby lie game like Alan Colmes did?

    A lot of the real echo chamber on the left played this game.

    So don’t act like you are so righteous. You are pathetic little men who are spinning to rewrite history.

    Adam is getting especially good at it.

    • Adam says:

      The “real” echo chamber? That’s rich. Sure, just deflect by trying to make us defend something some liberal some where did because…well, we’re liberals so we have to answer for that, right? Get real. You can take a break from your daily ritual of tossing out echo chamber talking points while insisting that it’s the left has the “real” echo chamber. I’m sure some people here will believe you just like they believed you when you lied about what Michelle Obama says.