Party Of The Little Guy

For God knows how long now we have been told by the democrats that they are the party of the people. They are the ones who will look out for your rights against all that is bad in this country. They will protect you from the republicans, from big bad companies that pollute, from the people who want to take away your government provided benefits and who will take away your Social Security money.

The reality of it is the democrats are a party of people who believe that people are unable to make their own decisions. They believe that people are not smart enough to know how to invest their own money. The democrats believe that as long as they make people dependant upon them there will always be voters willing to put them in office. This is the party of do as I say not as I do politicians. This would explain why we pay more in taxes (as a percentage) than they do and why they have retirement plans that allow them to invest but they will not allow us to do the same. Now the leftist judges in the Supreme Court have dealt a blow to the little guy.

It has long been a reality that if the State needed private property to build something that would benefit the public at large then they had the right under eminent domain. There have been recent instances where States have condemned private property under this principle for the purpose of allowing private development. The theory is that these entities will generate more tax revenue than the private owner. This country has a long history of property ownership and people have fought to keep what is rightfully theirs. The Supreme Court has ruled that the States have the right to condemn private property in this fashion. The greater good of the public is no longer a requirement for the government to forcefully take your property.

When the Supreme Court made this decision it was a 5-4 split. The 5 liberal leaning judges voted in favor and the 4 conservative leaning judges voted against. So here we have the party of the people voting against the people and the party that is supposed to favor big business voting in favor of the people. This should dispel the notion that liberals want to help out Joe six pack and are the party of the people. Their judges voted to screw the little guy. The conservatives voted to protect the little guy. This should end all this nonsense talk about keeping Bush’s conservative selections off the Bench. When he appoints a conservative Supreme Court Judge he will be appointing someone who looks out for the people. Opposition to the nominees takes protection from the people.

I have heard quite a bit about this on the talk shows but have heard little about it from the MSM. I don’t expect the administration to comment because George Bush benefited from eminent domain when he owned a baseball team. Owners lost their houses for a stadium. I would however, expect that more of the libs out there would be all over this. Of course, if it were the conservative judges that voted for it the donks would be going nuts. At the present, they are having time reconciling the obvious contradiction. Also, the donks can not oppose any scheme that gets more tax money for their entitlement programs.

I must admit that I am perplexed as to why the donks have not spoken out against this. After all, they are the group of people who are crying about using a couple thousand acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil exploration. It is beyond me how a person can fight for a caribou to keep his home yet keep silent when people can be forced out of theirs.

Not so long ago in this country land owners stood up to the tyranny of government. The took up arms against anyone who tried to take their property. The time has again come for home owners to assert their power and take up against the tyrannical government and its out of control SCOTUS. I can only hope some developer decides to put shopping malls in where the 5 justices live. I hope that they lose their homes under the precedent they established. (of course then they would rush in to session and change things to suit themselves).

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