Party Of (In) Tolerance

I was happy to see the DNC pick Howard Dean as its chairman. I think Dean will do a great job for the Republicans over the next few years. He is so unstable that it will be fun to watch and many democrats will start asking, “What were they thinking?”

Dean was at an event where he debated former Pentagon advisor Richard Pearle. Dean was trying to con people into believing the democrats were stronger on defense than the republicans. This despite years of experience that shows us how the military has been weakened by the democrats. Dean wants everyone to believe that the Democratic party is a strong supporter of the military even though they continually disenfranchise the military. Despite the many claims about the outcome of the 2000 election many people still assert that Gore won and if we had not purged rolls or done other things he would have won. If they had counted the absentee military ballots in Florida and many other states it is likely that Bush would have won by a much bigger margin. The democrats did everything they could to exclude the military vote. It was more of the same in 2004. The PA governor had people taking ballots to criminals in jail while excluding the military because of mistakes the state made on ballots. Yeah, strong on the military.

Here is a great Dean quote:

Defense is a lot broader than swaggering around saying you’re going to kick Saddam’s butt…

Dean is correct. He knows that in order for you to be strong on defense you have to oppose everything that has to do with the military. In addition, you have to scream like a gazzelle that is having its flesh torn off by a hungry pack of wolves in order to be strong on defense. This “swaggering” thing is just show.

Perle was correct when he gave his opening remarks and said:

Democrats “looked at the Democratic Party and chose a physician to lead them.”

There is a bit of irony in that one usually calls a doctor when one is sick. Considering the recent run of losses by the dems, perhaps they needed to find a way to get healed. Unfortunately, they picked a person who will more likely commit malpractice in the process. Dean will sink this party farther than anyone thought possible.

Of course, we could not have a debate without the party of tolerance showing how well behaved they are. A person in the audience threw a shoe at Perle just before being dragged out screaming. Maybe he was related to Dean.

Read this at My Way News.

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2 Responses to “Party Of (In) Tolerance”

  1. Adam says:

    Well, you guys are just pissed that no Democrat ended up listening to a Republican saying “Do this…act this way…and you’ll win…”

    Dean is a strong leader and you just laugh that off. You think you have all the answers for their party, but they could care less. The Republicans won’t win forever. It is against the nature of American politics. When the Democrats do win again, 2008, 2012, whenever, your party will be going through the same crap you mock the Democrats for. Then the Democrats will say “the Republicans just don’t get it” and crap like that. It will really be funny if you ask me. It’s just the way the system works.

  2. Big Dog says:

    How on Earth could we possibly be upset that the donks did not listen? We are glad they did not listen because they lost. They have to have an ear open though. Look at the transformation madam Hillary is making to try and seem like a moderate.
    She knows how to be deceptive in order to win. The American public will see through this charade.