Paris Hilton Got What She Deserved

I am not one of these people who is all gaga over Paris Hilton. She is an attractive woman but not drop dead gorgeous and if it were not for her celebrity and money she would be another plain Jane blond bimbo who couldn’t pour water out of a pail if the directions were written on the bottom. Hilton was arrested for driving while intoxicated and got a very light sentence. They called it reckless driving and fined her $1500 (a mere pittance to her) and she was required to sign up for an alcohol class.

In my home state of Maryland it is not uncommon for people to get a probation before judgment with attendance at AA two times a week for 1.5-3 years, 26 weeks of alcohol abuse treatment, Drunk Driving Monitoring Program which involves monitoring once a week for a period of time (a breathalyser is used on each visit and there is random drug testing), attendance at the Shock Trauma Course to see people who were involved in gruesome alcohol related accidents, suspension of license for 120 days, an alcohol restriction on the license which means that an alcohol level of one-fourth the legal limit is a violation of probation, and a fine. Most of the requirements have an associated fee and the person on probation is required to pay those fees. Additionally, the person has to get and keep a job which is tough with a suspended license.

Paris decided that she did not need to follow the rules and she drove on a suspended license a number of times thus violating her probation. In Maryland, violation of probation for the average guy means jail time. Hilton figured that this did not apply to her because she is rich and famous. I do not buy her argument that she thought her suspension was for 30 days and then she could drive to and from work and I do not buy her lawyer’s assertions that this is what he thought and told her. She has an army of lawyers at her disposal and it would not be difficult, in fact it would be part of their job, to check and see exactly what restrictions were placed upon her. I also do not buy this idea that she just signs what is put in front of her and did not know. Let me make it as clear as I can, SHE KNEW SHE WAS BREAKING THE LAW. Arriving for her hearing 10 minutes late sort of reinforced her disregard for the law.

Hilton thought, as so many rich people do, that she was above the law. She figured that her celebrity and her money could get her out of any trouble and that following the rule of law is for the rubes who adore her. I can’t blame her for this attitude because the celebrities in our society have gotten away with so much that they just expect that the laws do not apply to them. OJ and Robert Blake murder, athletes drive drunk, shoot up bars, and beat people up, Michael Jackson molests little boys, and politicians like Dianne Feinstein and Harry Reid break ethics laws all the time and they are rewarded for their criminal activities. Hilton certainly believed that she was able to escape the judicial system because that is what is done for those of her stature.

Well at least one judge saw it differently. Hats off to Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer (we need more judges who will do the same thing) who decided that Hilton was no different than the thousands of other people who pass through his court with similar stories and circumstances. Most of those people really do need to drive to get to work and can not afford to hire a driver or sit at home during the suspension. They must work while Hilton has enough money and enough lawyers to ensure she does not break the law. No, she broke it and she knew she was breaking it.

I hope that 45 days in a regular jail is a humbling experience for her and that she realizes she is no better than anyone else. I will not hold my breath on that one. As for her mother who claimed that this was a waste of taxpayer money. Any woman who has a $3000 handbag should not talk about wasting money.

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