Paris Foreshadows Our Future

Yesterday Islamic terrorists conducted a coordinated attack across Paris leaving hundreds injured and at least 127 dead. Reports indicate that five terrorists caused the deaths of these folks. No society can sustain a ratio of 127:5 in a battle against and enemy.

It is no coincidence that France has opened its borders to huge numbers of Islamic refugees and it is no secret that France has allowed huge numbers of Muslims to move into its country. They invited the enemy in and now that enemy has bitten the hand that was offered in peace.

Barack Obama refused to call this attack Islamic terror and he is working hard to speed up the movement of refugees to the US. There is no doubt these refugees are full of Islamic terrorists who want to infiltrate our country (among others) and who want to raise hell and MURDER us. Any leader who witnessed what happened in France and pushes harder for these refugees is either woefully ignorant or complicit in the scheme. Barack Obama is not a stupid man so that leaves us with the stark reality that he is helping invaders arrive here.

Obama needs these kinds of things to happen here in order to put government in complete control of our lives. In France they now have what amounts to martial law and Obama is salivating at the opportunity to do the same thing here. He wants to control us and he wants us broken so he can “transform this nation” (his words, not mine). He needs this and it is all part of the Cloward-Piven strategy.

Look how quickly the French submitted after the attack. We are under curfew and the military is policing us. Stay in like good subjects and obey our betters.

We had a run through of this on a smaller scale when the two terrorists bombed the Boston Marathon. The area where the terrorists were running was closed and people were pulled from their homes as police searched their houses for the bad guys. No one was allowed out and businesses shut down while the police conducted building to building and house to house searches. Lord help any homeowner who refused entry to the police.

All of this for two terrorists who were free to run and could attack at will because, in part, of the gun laws in Massachusetts. Imagine how this would have played out in a place like Texas or Arizona…

The terrorists are getting better at what they do. Obama might call them the JV team and say they are contained but this is all a bunch of lies. They executed a coordinated attack in Paris and had such good operational security that no intelligence agency picked up chatter about the attacks. There are reports that our own Intelligence Agency had no warning. This secrecy allowed the terrorists to execute multiple attacks on multiple targets at the same time.

This is coming to America and Obama is rushing it along. We already have a number of Islamic terrorist training camps in this country and he is pushing to allow more terrorists to enter disguised as refugees.

Don’t worry, he says, they will be properly vetted. The bombers in Boston were vetted by the government. Hell, in all the mass murders in our country where some leftist whack job shoots a bunch of people that person was vetted by our government. Edward Snowden and every traitor who sold classified information was vetted by our government.

How on earth does anyone think the government will be able to properly determine the status of the refugees?

The reality is our government can’t and that is what the terrorists are counting on. Obama knows this but he has to blow smoke up the behinds of Americans to make it seem all is well. He needs buy in so he can import the kind of terror that will finally allow him complete control.

The events in Paris foreshadowed what will happen here. I know folks say it could never happen here but it will and it will be huge. Imagine coordinated attacks not in one city but in dozens of American cities at the same time. DC, Boston, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Chicago, and countless others, particularly those with large populations, could all be hit at the same time causing mass chaos and confusion. Government would impose martial law and our freedom would be flushed down the drain.

And Obama is importing the means to do it.

France is vowing to go after those who did this and that is admirable but it is too little too late. That country imported the terrorists and now it is paying a heavy price. An adage about a horse and a barn door comes to mind.

Governments are reactive not proactive so there usually has to be some tragic event before anything is done. France is closing its borders and going after those who did this AFTER the fact. The US went after the terrorists AFTER 9-11 and we will pretend to do so after the next attack.

We need to be proactive and eliminate the threat NOW. Stop the refugees from coming in, deport those who are already here, build a wall on our border (and while we are at it deport the illegals).

The attacks are going to come. America is the prime target for these animals and our leaders are helping them. The youth of the nation is, by and large, more concerned with “free” stuff than safety and our so called leadership is hell bent on control. The rest of those who are still asleep are concerned with a myth about man-made climate change so they are too busy to see what lies ahead.

The III% needs to be prepared because a storm is coming.

You can pretty much bet on that…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Paris Foreshadows Our Future”

  1. Blake says:

    Why don’t we just carpet- bomb ALL of Raquaa and any other city- men, women, children, ALL of them. Make war too horrible for them to contemplate, then we can relax a little.

  2. Schatzee says:

    I like Blake’s idea and I totally agree. I hate the thought that innocent people (especially children) have to die but I believe that complete obliteration is the only answer to this kind of enemy. You cannot fix a brainwashed suicide bomber who has been taught since his days as a sperm cell that he must die killing infidels (US) in order to achieve glory and make the family proud. They are more than just a group of idealists – they are a violent, abusive cult hell bent on taking over the world. The only solution to this is to make things so horrible and so completely unbearable that the mere thought of challenging the US again brings them to tears. Peace through superior firepower, strength, and yes by God if we must, complete annihilation of the threat. AND no way should we ever offer them a penny or assistance in rebuilding. For Pete’s sake – if they haven’t been able to figure out indoor plumbing and come out of the dark ages on their own by now don’t waste our time, money, and people doing it for them.

    I am afraid that the comment about WHEN rather than IF something like this happens on our shores is far too accurate. Obama is not importing refugees but strong, healthy men! Since when do the women stay behind and all the young, military-age men run to another country to hide? Stay and fight for your country you cowards – make it livable for your families again. They outnumber ISIS and can fight for their freedom just like our ancestors did. I mean after all they’re just the JV team anyway, right? I’m not afraid of babies (as Obama intimated) but I am concerned about any man, woman, or child (they start them young) coming into this country and being given refugee status and tons of assistance when we have veterans in need that we are not helping.

    I fear you may be right – this kind of “crisis” will be just what the Loser in Chief needs to try and establish martial law and complete his takeover as KING…