Parents, How Will You Protect Your Children?

Imagine a United States city under siege. Imagine a blast from a dirty nuclear device, or deployment of a chemical weapon, or a biological weapon sprayed around a city, right on Main Street America.

If this scares you, you are not alone. Americans of all ideologies, all faiths, and all backgrounds want a safe, free Country. We loathe the idea of an attack on our sovereignty. We were a nation of one when those planes hit the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Pennsylvania field. We could not understand why anyone would have such wanton disregard for life, any life. We could not understand why they hated us. I don’t think we fully understand their hatred, I just know they despise our freedom.

We need to ensure that we are never, ever, unprotected from the kind of attacks those who hate us will surely attempt. We sat by idly in the past as each terror attack took more and more lives. We finally awakened on that fateful day in September. We took the war to the enemy and we have been relentless in our pursuit.

Now we are at a great crossroad in our history. We have the opportunity to decide who will lead us in this war. We can decide to re-elect George Bush or we can elect John Kerry.

John Kerry has already stated that 9/11 did not affect him much. He told us that he wants terrorism to be a nuisance. He said that we were fighting two wars, the war on terror in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq. I can not believe there is an American alive today who has not been profoundly affected by the attack on America. I feel that it is extremely callous to suggest this historical event had little affect on a person. It is extremely naive to suggest terrorism can be a nuisance. At what level of death and destruction would a person consider terrorism a nuisance? In addition, anyone who does not equate the war in Iraq with the war on terror is out of touch with reality. How can anyone who sees the facts not understand that Iraq was haven for terror? John Kerry lives in a safe, protected world afforded to the elite in our society. Right now he enjoys the protection of the secret service and, if elected, will continue to do so.

George Bush has kept his word. He took the fight to the terrorists. I believe with all my heart that the scenario depicted above could become reality if we were not engaging the enemy on their own turf. George Bush vowed to fight the people who attacked us and he has done so. Sure there have been problems. Every war has them. But our success outweigh the setbacks and we are winning. We have not had an attack in our country since that terrible day. Plots have been thwarted and terrorists captured or killed. One would not know of our successes in this war by watching the MSM. Kerry told us about our failures and said all we had to do was watch the news. The news does not show you the success we are having. The soldiers and their stories are what we should listen to. The free elections in Afghanistan are an example of our success. I would also add that it worries me that John Kerry gets his intelligence from the news. Perhaps he needs to do this because he is never in the Senate. When you miss 77% of the intelligence meetings and vote to cut intelligence funding you do not have a grasp of the situation.

Moms and dads, you need to think about the safety of your families. We can talk about our children’s futures and how we will pass debt on to them and say we are doing this and that for the children all we want but if we do not fight and win this war it is quite possible our children will not have a future. The terrorist attack on the Russian school could have just as easily happened here. Nations that did not want to get involved in the Iraq war are still under the threat of terror attacks. The terrorists have no regard for us or our way of life and they do not care if their victims are our children.

Think carefully about your vote. When you cast it do so for the man who will do anything to keep us safe. A man who will not seek permission to protect us and who will never accept terrorism as a nuisance. Think about your children and their safety when you cast that vote.

I have to ask, if Kerry becomes president and we are attacked, will it make you feel better knowing your children died because you voted for weakness? Will you feel good about your vote knowing you did not do everything you could possibly do to protect your children?

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