Parents Become the Unwitting Drug Dealers

If you read my post on an overmedicated USA, you won’t be surprised at this turn of events. Today’s parents have become their children’s drug dealers — and, they probably don’t even know it. Let’s hope they don’t know it!

“A new category of substance abuse is emerging in America: Increasingly, teenagers are getting high through the intentional abuse of medications,” said Roy Bostock, chairman of the Partnership. “For the first time, our national study finds that today’s teens are more likely to have abused a prescription painkiller to get high than they are to have experimented with a variety of illicit drugs – including Ecstasy, cocaine, crack and LSD. In other words, ‘Generation Rx’ has arrived.” — Partnership for a Drug-Free America

According to a study by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, the new drugs of choice come from the family medicine cabinet. Why not? If you want a cheap high, have your parents pay for it. It removes the danger of being arrested during a drug buy. Since doctors now prescribe drugs like candy, refills should be no problem at all. Hey, this stuff is legal!

Fewer than half the teens — 48 percent — said they saw “great risk” in experimenting with prescription medicines. “Ease of access” was cited as a major factor in trying the medications, with medicine cabinets at home or at friends’ homes a likely source, the survey found. — AP/Houston Chronicle

This disturbing trend only emphasizes adult dependency on the local pharmacy. If the drugs weren’t in the family medicine cabinet, the kids wouldn’t be taking them. We are teaching our children, this “Generation Rx,” to not only rely on prescription drugs as a “quick fix” — but also as an easy and convenient “high.” Yes, Mom and Dad have become the new drug dealers.

Read the AP story here.

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