Panic Buttons Will Not Help When Bad Guys Arrive

The public schools in Marietta GA have installed panic buttons that can be pushed in the event of an emergency. The buttons were installed in the wake of the Newtown Connecticut shooting and their purpose is to immediately place a call to 911. The police say that once the button is pushed they will send everything they have until they figure out what is going on.

The panic button will not reduce the number of people murdered and it is nothing more than a feel good measure.

How can that be?

It is quite simple. Notification of 911 was not an issue in Newtown. Records indicate that a call was made within a minute of the incident. That is as fast as recognizing a problem, getting to and pushing a panic button. The problem is it took nearly 20 minutes for police to arrive. By the time they got there the children and teachers had all been murdered.

To recap, notification was not the problem, response was.

A panic button addressed a problem that never existed in the first place.

Governments at all levels across this nation have been working on gun control. This is allegedly in response to the Newtown shootings but the reality is that the shootings were a catalyst to put into place that which the socialist left has wanted all along; a disarmed America. Armed Americans are a threat to their evil intentions. It is nearly impossible to enslave an armed population. The left (the same left that supports murdering unborn children) knows this and will walk on the graves of murdered children (children who were murdered because of government policies) in order to disarm the law abiding. This is why the federal government, through its agents in the VA, are classifying veterans as unable to own a gun. Veterans will defend this nation against the domestic enemies so the government is working to keep them from being armed.

The anti gun crowd wants us to call people with guns and let them come address the issue. Give up your guns and you can just call 911 when there is a life threatening issue. Guns were already banned in this school so how did the gun ban there work out?

Their answer is for you to call the police and wait for them to arrive. During the wait you end up murdered like those in Newtown. Once again, almost all of the murders in that school took place after the police were notified.

One armed person in that school could have reduced the number of lives lost. If the right person had been armed (or more than one person) then it is likely no one in the school would have been murdered.

The politicians who want gun bans are surrounded by armed guards. Obama, Biden (who is no friend to gun owners, no matter what he claims), Bloomberg, and countless others have armed security details for themselves (and in some cases their families) while they work at keeping you from being protected by the same tool their guards have at their disposal.

Our money is protected by guns, our gold is protected by guns, there are armed guards at nearly all government buildings and politicians have armed guards. For some reason they seem to think that these things are more important than us or our children which is why they want us disarmed and they designate our schools as gun free.

My children and grandchildren are more important than any of these things including the politicians and they deserve as much or more protection. Our children deserve to be protected by people with guns.

Banning guns will not stop gun crime any more than prohibition stopped the manufacture, distribution and use of intoxicating beverages (our politicians drank during prohibition). Gun bans will be no more effective than laws against illegal drug use. Criminals simply do not obey the law.

Gun control is about control of people and has nothing to do with guns.

It is time to push a button. Not a panic button in a school and not one that alerts government agents with guns.

It is time to push the button that musters patriots who will fight the tyranny of government.


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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3 Responses to “Panic Buttons Will Not Help When Bad Guys Arrive”

  1. Real Deal says:

    While I agree with you about “gun control”, I’m going to refer you to for your link on VA & veterans. While I don’t want to see anyone who is metally fit to own a firearm deprived of thier right to do so I certainly don’t want someone mentally unstable running around with one either.

    • Big Dog says:

      The issue has been addressed previously with regard to veterans being classified as a mental health issue or not able to make sound decisions without due process of the law. While the article might have been ambiguous the reality is this is taking place and firearms possession is but one aspect of such determinations.

  2. Blake says:

    Yep, vets are readily familiar w/ guns, and if they are mentally fit, then they should be our population’s first defense against ALL ENEMIES, BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.