Barack Obama Is A Sexist

In a speech while campaigning for Hillary Clinton (instead of doing his actual job), Barack Obama presented a thinly veiled message that men who do not vote for Hillary are sexists. He did not come right out and say that. No, instead he said we have not had a woman president and I think you guys know why.

If Obama thinks men who do not vote for Hillary are sexist then he is a sexist.

Remember, Obama ran against her in 2008 so he did not vote for her. He blocked her from getting into office. Let’s face it, if she had been the nominee then she probably would have beaten McCain. At least she would have had a good chance since this was BES (Before Email Scandal).

Funny though, Obama challenged her and beat her thus denying her the chance to become president. He must be, by his own definition, a sexist. He is already, by his own definition, unpatriotic.

Obama also did not mind beating McCain and his running mate, a woman, so he is a double sexist because we have never had a female VP either.

It is also important to note that all the things Obama is saying about Hillary and why she is so great are the exact opposite of the things he said about her when she was his opponent. He told us she was not qualified to be president. Now he says she is more qualified than he or Bill Clinton ever were.

In other words folks, not only is Obama unpatriotic and a sexist, he is also a lying sack of feces.

I also pose this question. When Obama ran any opposition to him was considered racist because he is black. He is out there opposing Trump and insulting him. Since Trump is white does that make Obama the racist?


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From Watergate To Water Under The Bridge

I have not posted in a month. In late September my father died and 12 days later my brother died as well. It has been a tough time for our family and I ask you to pray for us

The Washington Post went after Richard Nixon and the cover up of the Watergate break in. Reporters Woodward and Bernstein were relentless and they finally got the goods. Their pursuit of the truth led to the resignation of Richard Nixon.

While there is evidence to indicate Nixon was not the one doing the bad things the reality is the blame fell on him and he ended up resigning. This never would have happened if The Post had not investigated. They, if you are to believe them, looked to expose government corruption.

If Nixon had not been forced to resign under threat of impeachment it is hard to imagine The WaPo would have ignored all of it and endorsed him for office (he was in his second term and could not run again but if he could it is hard to imagine The WaPo would ignore it and endorse him).

The WaPo though is no longer interested in government corruption. Truth is The WaPo was never interested in it when it involved a Democrat. Can you recall any in depth investigation into Bill Clinton’s sexcapades?

Hillary is corrupt. She has a long history of lying, doing illegal things, lying some more and then getting away with her misdeeds. There is no doubt about this and one only need look as far as her server and email issue to see it. She set up the server to avoid having her emails archived per the LAW. She did it for one reason, to skirt the law. Then when she got caught she deleted over 30 thousand emails that had been subpoenaed. That was also a violation of the law.

Hillary supporters will tell you that she was cleared of any wrong doing but that too is a lie. She was not prosecuted for her wrong doing. The FBI director laid out a case of point by point issues where Hillary Clinton broke the law. He also showed where she had lied about classified information and it has been shown that she lied to Congress. Amazingly, the FBI director decided not to push for charges claiming no reasonable prosecutor would indict such a case.

Maybe in his world that is true. It also helped that the Attorney General met with Hillary’s hubby and that these folks are all liberals. The fix was in and the reasonable prosecutor claim was the nothing more than the No True Scotsman fallacy. Plenty of prosecutors would have taken the case.

In any event, The WaPo has ignored all of the evidence of corruption and endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Hillary made Nixon look like a piker and the very same newspaper that relentlessly pursued Nixon over government corruption is ignoring the mountains of evidence showing the corruption of Clinton and endorsing her.

They toppled Nixon.

They want to elect Clinton.

And this folks, is why most people do not take them seriously and why newspapers are going the way of the Dodo.

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The Zero At Ground Zero

By now nearly everyone knows that Hillary Clinton suffered a medical event on 9/11. The “official” report was dehydration (one that has been used a lot) and later pneumonia (a report of a diagnosis that had been made last Friday but withheld from the media and the public). Hillary took a nosedive on her way out and appeared to be suffering from more than dehydration or the effects of pneumonia. Perhaps this video cuts through the BS and gets to the real issue:

Hillary is very sick and her problems are not just dehydration or pneumonia. She has some serious issues going on and there is no way she is fit to be president of this country.

I do think that given how she ignored those brave souls in Benghazi and that her episode took place on 9/11 she should have had to wait 13 hours before getting any help…

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So Oppressed They Attend College

Pomona College states that it believes in diversity and is against discrimination but in the past it has hosted events white students were not allowed to attend.

This year the arriving student population was greeted with posters hung in dorm hallways explaining how all white people are racist, how they can’t understand racism like people of color (POC), how they must make amends by not using racist code words or speaking about racism and they must acknowledge they are racist, have white privilege and should apologize for it.

How is that for a diverse and unbiased standpoint?

I am glad I do not attend the brainwash factories that pass themselves off as “higher” education. I would not last long if I were subjected to this kind of nonsense.

Yes, it would not take me long to tell the people responsible to take an aeronautical intercourse at a revolving pastry.

This is the kind of nonsense that divides people and causes hostile environments and it is nothing more than an attempt to stifle white people and scare them into keeping silent.

I guess white lives don’t matter at Pomona.

I guess I get the point. There is so much white privilege that all the affirmative action slots are taken by the white kids. Oh wait, those only exist for the POC…

I imagine it is tough to overcome all that white privilege that is so pervasive the white kids are second tier on grants, loans and slots in the school. Yep, I can see how it all adds up.

In reality I see a bunch of people making excuses for the failure of the liberal policies that have fostered so many single parent homes in the black community. I see the culmination of liberal policies that have turned cities into battlefields where education is frowned upon and not needed when a kid can run drugs and make money. They don’t live too long but they earned while they were alive and passed on that generational welfare mindset that enslaves generation after generation of POC to the liberal plantation.

Put your silly posters up if you must.

My hope is that the non POC will call them out on this and confront the racist attack.

Then again, I would not be surprised if the white kids just kept quiet and did as they were told.

We have, after all, raised a generation of pussies who can’t stand up for themselves and what is right.

Keep in mind if these POC were truly oppressed they would not be in college.

But nothing says stop the oppression (phony as it is) more than oppressing another group of people.

Source: Claremont Independent

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This Is What Happens When You Pay Ransom

Barack Obama paid 400 million dollars to his buddies in Iran so they would release Americans they were holding. The longstanding policy of not negotiating with terrorists and not paying ransom was ignored by Obama as he sent a plane load of money to Iran.

He claims it was a coincidence but the Iranians said it was paid to release the hostages and the hostages said the plane they were on was not allowed to leave until the plane with the money arrived.

The State Department put out a warning to Americans yesterday (22 August 2016) telling them to avoid travel to Iran because Americans are being targeted for capture there.

That was pretty easy to see coming. You get more of what you pay for. Give in to demand for ransom and there will be more incidents of abductions leading to requests for more ransom money.

If you paid it once there is no reason for the bad guys to think you won’t pay it again.

Why Americans would even go to Iran escapes me. If you go there and get captured then you are on your own if the only way to get you back is to pay a ransom. We will keep negotiating for your release but we are not going to pay because it will encourage the abductions of others.

At least that is how it was until Obama gave in and provided a state sponsor of terror with 400 million dollars.

Just think what that kind of money would have done for the folks in Louisiana…

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