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John Roberts: The Umpire Strikes Out

There is no doubt Chief Justice John Roberts is an intelligent man. He can cite and discuss legal cases without notes and he is well versed. These fact make his two decisions in the Affordable Care Act (previously known as Obamacare but now to be known as SCOTUScare) quite perplexing. Roberts basically rewrote the law and twisted logic as well as stepping out of his area of responsibility to ensure that the law formerly known as Obamacare survived.

When the ACA was being forced on us the Obama Regime said that the fee for not getting insurance was a penalty and NOT a tax. Obama chided George Stephanopoulos when George said the penalty seemed to fit the dictionary definition of a tax. Of course Obama was lying then because he knew it was actually a tax.

But the Regime called it a penalty and defended it as such to the public. The Democrats called it a penalty in the law and told their constituents that it was not a tax. Mr. Gruber, the POS who helped with this said it had to be called a penalty or it would have never passed and that the Regime depended on the stupidity of the public to get it passed.

When the Regime went to court it argued that the penalty was really a tax for the purpose of arguing in court and that anything to the contrary was just silly.

Despite overwhelming evidence John Roberts sided with the left wing of the court and rewrote the legislation to make the penalty a tax and within the authority of Congress. He upheld the law by legislating from the bench.

Fast forward to now. There is a portion of the ACA that says subsidies will only be available to those who get insurance from exchanges established by the state. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this sentence means the individual states. This is how it was intended and the Democrats along with Goebbels Gruber even told us that it would be in the best interest of the people if states set up exchanges so that the people could get subsidies. Given the straight forward language and what they said there is no doubt what it was supposed to be. This sentence was the subject of a Supreme Court case and once again Roberts sided with the liberal wing and rewrote the legislation. Roberts read the minds of those in Congress (Democrats only) and concluded that they really meant that state and federal government.

Roberts disgraced himself and his court and his legacy will be one of failure. I do not like the left wing right wing idea of a court. Courts are supposed to be impartial and rule on the law. Roberts made himself a legislator along with the lefties and rewrote the law to once again save Obama.

After Roberts knelt before Obama and pleased him there is no doubt now how he will vote on gay marriage. This issue should be left to the states and Roberts made a big deal of states rights when he was nominated but he will vote with the rainbow crowd and swallow hard for Obama.

It seems to me that Roberts must have been neglected as a child. His parents probably did not love him and daddy was probably never around. Roberts appears to need the approval of others and he seems to go out of his way to get the approval of Obama, his closet lover.

John Roberts once believed, or at least he said he did, that the judiciary was there to interpret not to make up the laws. Roberts basically stated that it is not his job to play the game or make the rules but to make sure those playing the game are following he rules. He did that when he compared judges to baseball umpires: “[I]t’s my job to call balls and strikes, and not to pitch or bat.”

Roberts has gone from being just the umpire to also being on the rules committee. Instead of just making sure others follow the rules he is now changing them to suit his master’s needs. Indeed, the umpire has struck out.

Justice Scalia put it most succinctly when he stated in his dissent (it is well worth your time to read the dissent. Scalia basically spells out how it should work in a legal and logical way and he holds little back with regard to how he views his colleagues in the majority):

Under all the usual rules of interpretation, in short, the Government should lose this case. But normal rules of interpretation seem always to yield to the overriding principle of the present Court: The Affordable Care Act must be saved. Court Ruling

Scalia is correct. This court has a mandate and it is to protect and save the law now known as SCOTUScare. Obama put Kagan and Sotomayor on the court because they are not jurists they are activists. They do not care what the Constitution says or what is lawful or right as long as their liberal views and desires are taken care of. They are there to ensure the liberal agenda (I should call it the Communist agenda since Jarrett and Obama were raised by Commies and are commies themselves) is upheld the law and the Constitution be damned. Add those two to Buzzy Ginsburg, Breyer and wishy-washy Kennedy and you have the make up of a court that ignores the rule of law. When Roberts joins the mix it equals the downfall of society and the furtherance of communism.

God help them all when the day comes for them to be held accountable. It will be quite unpleasant indeed.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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Cultural Cleansing; Liberals the New Nazis

And there are a few Republicans who claim to be conservative right along with them.

The time leading up to and during World War II Adolph Hitler engaged in a cultural cleansing. This was in addition to the ethnic cleansing that involved ridding society of undesirable people. These folks were mostly Jewish but there were also Christians, the mentally ill and homosexuals who were sent to concentration camps only to be forced into labor and then exterminated. ISIS is involved in cultural cleansing so if Nazi offends you then the liberals can be the western ISIS…

Interestingly, Hitler imposed strict gun control prior to his ethnic cleansing. Everyone had to register their firearms and on the form they had to indicate their religion. The Nazis knew who had guns and more importantly, which Jews had guns. The Nazis first disarmed them and once their means to resist was eliminated the Jews were rounded up for extermination, or the final solution…

It is no secret that liberals in this nation want to disarm all people. They can make claims to the contrary but the reality is their idea of common sense gun laws involves making guns illegal and taking them from everyone. Like Hitler, the liberals want all firearms registered so that the government knows who owns the arms. That makes it much easier to confiscate them. You see, once a law is passed our government will send its own storm troopers to take our arms by force.

Once they have taken our means to resist we are at their mercy. They know this. They know that the only way dictators and oppressive governments are successful is when the people are disarmed and ruled with iron fists. Those in office who want to take our arms (it starts with common sense and works to disarming) are no different than the tyrants who have murdered millions of people throughout history.

Hitler’s cultural cleansing campaign was against degenerative art which he believed would cleanse the psyche of the German people. Cleanse them and it is easier to turn them against the undesirable people. Subjugate them and they are too afraid to say anything about what is going on even if they disagree.

Once a culture has been beaten into submission it is easy to do what you desire to the people because they lose the will to resist.

We are at a point of cultural cleansing in our nation. The shooting of nine black people at a church in South Carolina by a racist moron has renewed the fight to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from all aspects of our culture. People decry it as a symbol of hate and intolerance rather than a symbol of times past, a piece of history. The cultural cleansing started as a call for the removal of the flag in South Carolina and rapidly moved to calls for the removal across all states that have that flag flying. This cultural cleansing is a renewal of the same calls for that flag to be removed we see every time a presidential election approaches. Liberals love to use the flag to call Republicans racist and garner votes. As an aside, when Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter used the flag as part of their campaign items liberals supported them.

This time the shooting provided a perfect opportunity for the cleansers to push once again. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

The cultural cleansing has moved from flags to monuments as many politicians are calling for the removal of statues and monuments to the people who fought for the Confederacy. Some businesses like Wal Mart and Amazon have removed all confederate flag items from their shelves and will no longer sell those things.

It has now morphed into suggestions that military posts named after Confederate Generals be renamed. Are you fricking kidding me? Have we devolved into such pussified wimps that the names of military posts offend us?

What about the monuments and statues that honor the union soldiers. Suppose people find those to be hateful because the north used aggression on the south? If anyone can be offended and have something removed how far will we go?

This is all part of the Alinsky plan. The liberal left and some of its allies on the right are working to disrupt our society and to change it into the Socialist Utopia they have always dreamed of. They take these kinds of issues, redefine the narrative and then pit people against each other over contrived issues so that we are constantly in disarray as they continue to creep into our lives and take over everything we do.

This cultural cleansing is designed to redefine our nation and to piss off a bunch of people who had nothing to do with what happened over 150 years ago.

Be careful folks because as you destroy part our nation’s history and demand things be changed or removed the same thing can happen to other items of our nation’s history that you find no fault with. This is how they pit people against each other and it is working.

Incidentally, Congress is looking to take up the gun control issue again. It is well known by thinking people that none of the gun control measures they are looking to enact (or any for that matter) would have stopped what happened in that church. It was illegal to take a gun there, the gun was illegally obtained for the shooter and it is absolutely illegal to murder people but these did not stop the shooter. Criminals do not obey the law. Gun control is not about guns it is about control.

Hitler knew it and our government knows it.

And once their “common sense” measures fail they will tell us that only a complete ban and confiscation will work. This is their end game.

They are looking for more gun control (and eventual confiscation) and they are engaged in cultural cleansing. How long before the cleansing of the undesirables begins?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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Che Che Change At Wal Mart

CGflagWal Mart has decided to remove all items associated with the Confederate Battle Flag from its retail and online stores. The move comes after manufactured indignation at an inanimate item that is part of American history because some whack job racist murdered nine people in South Carolina.

The Flag did not murder anyone and there is no indication that the flag inspired the idiot to murder people but it makes liberals feel good to bring up the Confederate Battle Flag every time we head into a presidential election. This gives the liberals who are ignorant of history the opportunity to make allegations of racism against any politician (read Republican) who does not jump up and down and demand the flag be removed.

It appears to be working as many Republicans are now showing their ignorance as well. Or perhaps they are caving to the chattering class in order not to be labeled racist. News Flash folks, they will call you that no matter what.

This is snowballing as Democrat Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake of Baltimore is demanding the state of Maryland stop issuing Sons of the Confederacy license plates (which feature the battle flag) and recall those that have been issued. The Baltimore County Executive is trying to get Robert E Lee Park renamed.

Blake is using the uproar to make demands for the removal of a symbol of history but was silent (in fact I have heard no liberal discuss this) as ISIS flags were waving among the rioters she sponsored just weeks ago.

It is all about not letting a crisis go to waste and to that end Wal Mart is jumping on board to show it is not a racist company. Yes, it will no longer sell any item that features the Confederate Battle Flag.

Wal Mart is based in Arkansas and Bill Clinton is from Arkansas. Clinton used the Confederate Battle Flag imagery when he ran for president. I do not recall liberals protesting the flag then and I don’t recall Wal Mart having an opinion on the matter.

Wal Mart continues to sell items with the face of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara on them. Che’s face is featured on many shirts worn by liberals and his poster adorned a wall at an Obama campaign office. Blacks overwhelmingly voted for both Clinton (who used that Confederate Flag) and Obama who never demanded the Che poster be taken down.

Why does it matter? Che Guevara was a racist from Argentina who murdered a lot of people, many of whom were black. He was a huge communist who wanted communism to take over the world. Here is some interesting information about Che, the guy you see on many shirts worn by the very liberals who demand the Flag be removed:

Guevara was a notorious anti-Black racist from Argentina who murdered hungry children and became an icon for leftists around the world for his role in the 1959 communist takeover of Cuba. This was a man who was a defender of the North Korean regime and who deeply mourned the death of Joseph Stalin. Guevara hoped the Soviets would launch nuclear attacks on American cities, for some reason confident that the communists would win a nuclear war that would have killed millions.

Che Guevara banned music, burned books, hated blacks, was an anti-semite [sic], murdered those who disagreed with him, personally oversaw execution squads, and was in charge of a system that imprisoned gays solely for the crime of being gay. X Tribune

If Wal Mart was so socially conscious wouldn’t they remove all Che items from the store?

The Southern states seceded from the union because of economic reasons. A large part of the economy was slave driven but the slave aspect is not why they left the union though they set up a government that codified slavery. The federal government was willing to continue slavery if they rejoined the union but a tripling of the tariffs crippled them economically. The flag was a battle flag carried by units that had soldiers, most of whom did not own slaves, who were tired of the federal government’s overreach. They fought with pride for their side in the war.

It is easy to sit here today and criticize and with the sorry educational system it is even easier to brainwash people into revisionist history but the reality is most people viewed blacks and inferior at that point in time. Abraham Lincoln was among those who thought blacks were inferior. There were some who believed that there should be no slaves but they still believed the white race was superior.

We are a nation with a past that has some great things in it but we also have some bad things. Slavery is among the worst part of our history and this Democrat institution should have died out long before it did. Our history after slavery was not much better with Democrats and their racist Jim Crow laws that kept blacks as second class citizens. Gun control was designed to keep blacks unarmed so they could not resist the tyranny.

That flag is just that, a flag. It is a symbol of our history and it should remain a part of our history.

But if people want to ban flags then they might want to look at the US Flag. It flew over this nation when we committed genocide against the Native Americans, while slavery was an institution, during the forced incarceration of Japanese Americans and during the post slavery period of racist laws and practices. Given this and the reasons for the Confederate Flag uproar, what makes it any more worthy?

Perhaps it is because despite the sometimes horrific history associated with the nation over which it has flown it still stands as a symbol of hope and freedom. It represents what can happen when people come together to build something and despite the flaws of its nation it demonstrates that people can move past horrific periods and events and become something better.

The Confederate Flag also represents a history that many today find intolerable. It should remain as a symbol that even in our darkest times we were able to overcome.

The Flag in South Carolina flies over a Confederate Monument, where one would expect it to be.

There is nothing wrong with displaying our history. Every aspect of our history should remain as a tribute to a nation of people who did not always get it right but improved and continue to improve.

Leave the Flag alone. It is heritage, not hate.

As an aside, there are many groups in this country with flags and banners. Certainly we could all find one reason or another to get rid of their symbols but do we want that in a nation that prides itself on freedom of expression?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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The Pope Is Not A Christian

Pope Francis is off his rocker in many ways and how the Catholics ended up with him is a mystery. His papacy is another thing that makes me happy that I left the Catholic religion many years ago. Perhaps I should rephrase that. I did not leave the church, it left me.

The Pope had another stupid thing to say this past week when he stated that people involved in the arms trade of making weapons can’t really call themselves Christians.

He then went on to say that those who profit from the arms trade (by investing in it) are really no better and, as I read it, can’t be Christians either.

The Vatican has armed guards. They have swords and halberds and they also have modern firearms like Glock and SIG Sauer pistols and Steyr machine pistols as well as submachine guns such as the H&K MP5A3.

So the Vatican has invested in firearms (by purchasing them) which means the Pope can’t be a Christian.

It should come as no surprise that the Catholic leader is a hypocrite. That religion is the one that preaches against abortion and then endorses politicians who support abortion and allow it to be paid for with taxpayer money. This is the religion that refuses to excommunicate Catholic politicians who support items contrary to the rules of the church (like abortion).

This is the same church that covered up the numerous child molestation cases where priests had sex with children.

Yes, the Catholic Church even supported Obamacare and then had to fight in court to keep from following certain parts of the law.

The Pope thinks that arms dealers are merchants of death. This is not true. The firearm is an inanimate object that has many uses. People and countries that use them to murder are the true merchants of death.

Dear Pope, the commandment is Thou shall not murder, not thou shall not kill. Killing is a legal taking of life. David killed with a stone and it was justified. Cain murdered with a rock, it was not.

I know you and the rest of those who follow your every word and think it means something important all believe if we got rid of all these firearms people from around the world would hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

The reality is there will always be evil and all it needs to do harm are people like you who are unwilling to confront it with superior force.

Don’t worry Pope, you have guards to protect you and the sheep in society have us guard dogs to protect them from the wolves.

If that makes us or the people who manufacture arms non-Christian in your eyes, well I imagine we can live with that because you don’t get to define us; it is really not your place to judge. I would recommend you reread Matthew 7:1.

Maybe you should stick to the Catholics and leave the rest of us the hell alone.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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Obama Shaping The Narrative Again

Some moron shoots up a church and his racist rants are disclosed. The anti-gun liberals, including the chief liberal Obama, come out in force to push for more gun control.

The tactic Obama uses is to pounce on the event as soon as it happens, to invent the story and then to push that story to his political advantage. While the compassionate among us mourn the loss and search for answers and for the details of what happened Obama invents the narrative and plants it in the minds of people so he can push for what he wants.

During a podcast interview Obama had this to say:

He said it’s important to respect that hunting and sportsmanship are important to a lot of gun-owning Americans. “The question is just is there a way of accommodating that legitimate set of traditions with some common-sense stuff that prevents a 21-year-old who is angry about something or confused about something, or is racist, or is deranged from going into a gun store and suddenly is packing, and can do enormous harm.” CBS

There is no evidence that this man bought the gun. It has been reported that he received it as a present so no gun law or increased background check would have stopped him from getting it. If he got it that way it is likely a straw man purchase and that is already ILLEGAL.

Let us assume Obama knows what he is talking about and the man did buy the gun. He had a felony on his record and was on psych meds. He would have been excluded from buying the firearm so if he did then the background check system THAT THE GOVERNMENT SET IN PLACE failed.

It is already against the law for certain people to buy firearms, it is already against the law for people to buy them for others (in certain circumstances) and it is absolutely against the law to murder someone. So what makes any rational person think that some new gee whiz law will suddenly make all people OBEY those laws?

I also point out that the Second Amendment is not about sporting or hunting, it is about the ability to defend this nation from invaders or from a tyrannical government.

In another article Obama states that most gun owners support the laws he wants. This is a lie and another example of him inventing a story and then pushing it to get what he wants. If most gun owners supported this stupidity it would already be law.

Obama is setting the narrative so he can get what he wants and that is gun control. And we must keep in mind that gun control is not about guns it is about control.

Obama and all liberal anti gunners want to control YOU. It is important that they take away your means to resist before they run roughshod over you.

Liberals are cowards and they know it will be easier to control you if they disarm you. These people do not want to try to control you while you have the ability to fight back because they will lose and they know it. We showed that once during the Revolution.

Resist all calls for gun control and realize that the real reason so many people died is because a deranged person went to a place where guns ARE NOT ALLOWED and shot people. The people who obeyed that law are dead.

If any one of them had been armed the results would have been quite different. In reality the guy might not have even attempted. You see cowards only go to fight where people are not armed and are unable to fight back.

This is why liberals want to disarm you before they engage you.

They are cowards.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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