Page Program Draws Many Applicants

The Congressional Page program is alive and healthy. Despite fears that it would dwindle after the fallout from the Mark Foley scandal, more young people are applying to be part of that program.

The Mark Foley scandal, which last fall threatened to kill the congressional page program, has had the opposite effect: Interest from teenagers in the program is on the upswing.

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Congressional officials attribute the increase to the old adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Whatever the reason, it is now clear that the national uproar over Foley’s sexually explicit e-mails — which led to the Florida congressman’s resignation and contributed to the GOP majority’s rout in 2006 — has hardly chilled the ambitions of young people who want to work on Capitol Hill. The Politico

It would seem that there are two stories here. One is that the Foley problem has not damaged the program and the other is that the Foley incident helped the GOP lose control of the House. For months all we have heard is that the entire election was about the war but this article indicates that the scandal helped take down the GOP. As I have stated, there are a number of reasons that the GOP lost, most of it historical precedent.

There is no word if most of the applicants for the program are from the San Fransisco area. There is also no word as to whether prospective pages want to be renamed as bookmarks. It seems that a bookmark is better than bending the page over…

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