Ozone Al Pollutes The Environment And Our Minds

Al Gore wants us to stop using fossil fuels and he wants to save the world from Global Warming, the theory that some scientists who receive federal dollars to research, believe. Al Ozone does not practice what he preaches:

The CEI video, which may be viewed at: http://streams.cei.org/, includes footage of Gore and his constant air travel with two CO2 meters running at the bottom of the page that compare Gore?s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions with those of an average person.

“All the evidence suggests that Mr. Gore is an elitist who passionately believes that the people of the world must drastically reduce their energy use but that it doesn’t apply to him,? said Myron Ebell, CEI’s director of energy and global warming policy and the creator of the video.

Gore causes more environmental harm than the average person yet it is the average guy that Al wants to repent and change his ways. Al is on a mission so it is OK for him to pollute but the rest of us had better not no matter what the reason. In addition, when Al is not flying all over he uses a bunch of cars for little jaunts. Al has a movie out that is a Michael Moore style documentary (read, not true) and he was at the Cannes film festival:

Last week, Gore and his team were seen driving the 500 metres or so from a hotel to the Cannes festival headquarters in several cars. The representative said that arriving at events like photocalls and news conferences in cars was normal practice in Cannes. And Gore walked the shorter distance from another hotel to the festival for the movie’s screening. (emphasis added)

Al and his folks drove 500 meters to their destination and yet he would ask you to walk that distance and save the fuel. Al would want you to take public transportation, anything but drive, especially 500m. But have no fear, the Ozone patrol rationalized the behavior by telling us that it was “normal practice” as opposed to the abnormal practice of driving 30 or 40 miles to work, or the abnormal practice of using a gas mower to cut grass. No, you people need to stop that stuff but do not get in the way of Superman Al Gore as he pollutes to save the world from pollution!

This folks, is the same Al Gore who receives royalty checks for mineral rights on his family farm, paid to him by a company that is in an area considered a superfund site (read toxic) and whose family farm has a trash dump “…filled with pesticide containers, aerosol cans, old tires, used filters filled with waste oil, and unrecycled cans and bottles — for several years.”(Media Research Center).

Ozone Al is an elitist who wants you to change your behavior at the same time he does the very things he says will ruin the world. Hypocrite, that is an appropriate word. But you can bet, there are those in the liberal kool-aid line who will absorb his mindless prattle and take it as gospel.

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