Out Of Touch RINO; It is Not Your Money

The problem with the Republican party is not that it has too many low brow Christians as claimed by Kathleen Parker . The problem is that the Republican party has too many people in it who are Republicans In Name Only (RINO). These are the people who are registered as Republicans and say they are conservative but then support issues that are not in any way, shape, or form, conservative. This is true especially true for elected Republicans.

The left and its propaganda wing in the media would have us believe that the last election shows that conservatism is dying but this is a mistaken belief based on a false assumption. They say conservatism is dying because McCain lost but McCain is no conservative. If the party had run a true conservative Obama would be in the Senate trying to bail out the auto makers instead of killing business in Chicago.

The problem with RINOs is that they have most of the beliefs of liberals but they are registered and elected as Republicans. Case in point is Republican Representative Joe Knollenberg of Michigan. He has this misguided belief that the money the government has actually belongs to the government. While discussing the bailout of the auto industry with Neil Cavuto this RINO said that the money belongs to Congress and they will do with it what they want.

I have stated this before but it is worth mentioning again. Government does not earn money, it does not have its “own” money and the only way it gets any money is to forcefully take it from the people who actually earn it. The money in question (in fact, all the money) belongs to the US taxpayer and not to the Congress or any other government entity. The people who earn that money expect the people they elect to be good stewards of that money and to spend it wisely and in accordance with the Constitution. Knollenberg is the type of Republican that needs to be removed from office. We need to get rid of all of them who think like liberals. We might suffer in the short term with larger Democratic majorities but in the long run it will be best for the party and the country.

Knollenberg naturally wants to help the auto industry because he is from Michigan and he is entitled to have the opinion that we need to help them. However, he needs to remember that the money he is talking about also belongs to people from the other 49 states and they have a right to say how it is spent.

I believe that the auto makers should file for bankruptcy and let the chips fall where they might. The companies have been poorly run and hijacked by union thugs. They put out inferior products that people do not want and now they want the people to foot the bill for their ineptitude.

If the federal government spends OUR money bailing out the auto industry then it will set a precedent that allows other industries that make bad decisions to run to DC with their hands out. Government does not belong in the private sector.

If the government spends our money on the people who flew corporate jets to DC to beg for cash then I will NEVER buy another product made by any of the recipients of the extortion scheme. I urge all readers to consider this as well. If they get our money then you should consider one of their competitors when it comes time to replace your vehicle. Why reward their incompetence. If they get the money then we can use the power of our purse to put them out of business.

It might seem harsh and it will suck for the employees but the time for playing games is over. Let the market handle things and if they cannot compete then they will be forced to change or they will disappear.


Line 1: Amount you earned last year ______________
Line 2: Send the amount on line 1 to the government.

Big Dog

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2 Responses to “Out Of Touch RINO; It is Not Your Money”

  1. Reason says:

    Sadly the thinking demonstrated by Knollenberg is prevalent in all levels of government. They treat the citizen taxpayer as if we exist merely to amuse them. It really is a form of slavery, we work and have the fruits of our labor taken from us basically at gun point (the guys to show up to arrest you for tax evasion most certainly are armed) and given over to people who’ve forgotten the duty and definition of “public servant”.

  2. Dave says:

    I think its also important to remember that the Liberals and RINO’s that claim to want to “help” the auto industry, that are assumed by many as having good but misguided intentions, truely want nothing of the sort. All they want is to be on the signatory line for a bailout bill so that they can claim that they “helped”, and get the poor saps that believe them to vote for them. In fact the demise of the auto industry would create a windfall profit for democrats in terms of votes, even if it crashes big time despite the “bailout” (which will certainly do only bigger later). More people in soup lines is great news for Democrats, and don’t for a minute believe that they don’t know that. When you look closely at their policies, that is exactly where those policies take us. Not by accident or happenstance, but by design.
    “Evil is not defeated if it is not recongnized, and most certainly not defeated by cooperting with it.”