Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Friar

Senator Barack Obama is fighting for his political life after the racist rants and views of his longtime pastor caused an uproar in our country. Obama’s core vote remains the same but he is losing support among independents and the white community in general. People are disillusioned by support for a man who has, and continues, to make racist remarks. Obama is an empty suit and the only thing going for him was his charm and message of unity. The message from Jeremiah Wright is anything but unifying and Obama, who listened to these messages for 20 years, is guilty by association in this disunity. Once the message is gone, there is nothing left of Obama but an empty shell.

The speech on race that Obama gave was an effort to stop the hemorrhaging of support but to many, the speech was nothing more than excuses for the way Wright feels and a comparison of his support for Wright to the love he has for his white grandmother. Obama seems to think people do not understand that we cannot choose our blood relatives but we can choose who we associate with outside of our families.

While Obama is trying to beat down the alligators that have surfaced around him another so-called religious leader has reared his ugly head in support of Obama. The race baiting poverty pimp Reverend Al Sharpton is supporting Senator Obama’s bid for the presidency. Sharpton is noting more than another antisemitic racist who blames white people for all the woes in the black community. Sharpton claims he will not endorse Obama because that would tie the Senator to what Sharpton says and does but that he will be working to help Obama win the presidency. To me it is a non endorsement, endorsement.

Sharpton wanted to keep his support quiet but this article pretty much puts it out in the open. Interestingly, Sharpton claims that Obama asked him to publicly endorse but Sharpton said it would work better if he did not. Now, Obama can claim that he was unaware of the racist remarks made by Pastor Wright, a claim I find suspect, but there is no way he is unaware of Sharpton’s record of racist and antisemitic remarks. Sharpton has been in the news for decades and his rants against Jews and whites are well known. They are part of the public record and Obama, who is not a stupid man, has to know how people view the Reverend Al.

Herein lies the problem. Obama gives a speech where he claims not to have known of Wright’s words and that he [Obama] would have told him that they were inappropriate if he had heard them. Obama claims that these words are inappropriate but that he cannot cast Wright off any more than he could cast off the black community or his white grandmother (as if the black community as a whole is offensive like Wright). At the same time he is giving his “I have a nightmare” speech he is seeking the endorsement of another divisive racist black man. When Obama jumps from one racist to another it makes it very difficult to believe his claim that he would never condone the kinds of offensive things Wright said.

Senator Obama is worried that people will paint him with the same brush as they do Wright and for him that is a very valid concern. But one finds it hard to see how any other brush can be used when Obama seeks the endorsement of a man who is as ugly and as racist as Wright.

There were those who said that race would be an issue in this campaign. Only an idiot would say it has not but very few figured that the defining issue on race would be the hatred and racism toward whites. Obama, by aligning himself with these racists, is showing his true color.

Big Dog

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7 Responses to “Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Friar”

  1. meatbrain says:

    “At the same time he is giving his “I have a nightmare” speech he is seeking the endorsement of another divisive racist black man.”

    Where is the evidence that Obama is seeking Sharpton’s endorsement, imbecile?

  2. Mustang says:

    Well, it only gets worse, BD. According to this
    link, Obama also has the support of the New Black Panther Party; I followed the link to that page, since removed. I find that interesting.

    Mustang’s last blog post..Another Tax

  3. Steve Dennis says:

    You are right, Obama is an empty suit full of nothing but rhetoric. Now that his rhetoric has fallen apart by his support of this racist he has nothing left. It is over.

    Steve Dennis’s last blog post..Democrats to Pursue Bush Impeachment…..After He is Out of Office

  4. phil says:

    • John McCain may not know the difference between a Sunni and a Shi’ite but rest assured that the people in Iraq know, the people in Iran know and Al Qaeda knows. You can also bet that the cynics in the White House and the Pentagon who are planning and executing our strategy in the region know as well.
    Iraq is Shi’ite dominated. The Maliki government in Iraq is Shi’ite dominated, thus the close connections between Al Maliki and Iran as witnessed during the congenial meetings recently between Al Maliki and Ahmadinejad of Iran. As Joe Lieberman whispered to McCain this week when McCain failed to understand that Iran was Shi’ite dominated and Al Qaeda is Sunni dominated, there is no love lost between Shi’ite Iran and Sunni Al Qaeda.
    So who is the US now arming in an effort to bring stability to Iraq? The Sunnis, the party of Al Qaeda. That’s right, we’re arming the guys affiliated with Al Qaeda in an effort to counter the growing influence of Iran in Iraq’s Shi’ite led government. And at a cost of 4000 lives and $12 billion a month, you are paying for the whole sorry thing!
    As reported today by Selig S. Harrison, director of the Asia program at the Center for International Policy:
    “Until now, I was told, Iran has been actively helping the United States to stabilize Iraq during the “surge” by reducing its weapons inputs to Shi’ite militias, including the Mahdi Army of Moqtada al-Sadr, who has ordered a cease-fire under Iranian pressure. But the message was clear: Unless Petraeus drastically cuts back the Sunni militias, Tehran will unleash the Shi’ite militias against US forces again and step up help to Maliki’s intelligence service, the Ministry of National Security. The United States has created a rival agency under Sunni control, the National Intelligence Service.
    “The tensions building between the Maliki government and the Bush administration over Iran’s role in Iraq were underlined recently when Maliki, with visiting President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran at his side, said that Iran “has been very helpful in bringing back security and stability to Iraq.” Two days later, Lieutenant General Ray Odierno, the retiring deputy commander of US forces in Iraq, criticized Iran for continuing to “train surrogates, fund surrogates, and supply weapons to them.”
    “The burgeoning US-sponsored Sunni militias so far number some 90,000 US-equipped fighters who are each paid $300 a month. This is euphemistically called the “Sunni Awakening.” The militias pose a growing challenge to the dominance of Maliki’s predominantly Shi’ite army, with its authorized strength of 186,000. Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, the key Shi’ite leader backing Maliki, has repeatedly complained that “weapons should be in the hands of the government only, and the government alone should decide who gets them. The alternative will be perpetual civil war.”
    “Iran’s former deputy foreign minister, Mahmoud Vaezi, told me that arming the Sunnis “suggests to us that the US is deliberately seeking to keep them strong enough to undermine al-Maliki and contain our influence. It will be impossible for us to cooperate in stabilizing Iraq if this goes on. If you shift power to the Sunnis, then some Shia groups will say, ‘If we can get more power through terrorist tactics, why not?’ ”
    “President Bush attempts to justify an indefinite US military occupation of Iraq as a counter to Iranian influence. But the reality is that Iran will have dominant influence in Iraq whether or not a stable government emerges in Baghdad and whether or not US forces remain. History and ethnic arithmetic make this the inescapable legacy of the US invasion.
    “Shi’ites make up 62 percent of the Iraq population. Yet for five centuries, the Ottoman and British invaders who preceded Saddam Hussein, using classic divide-and-rule tactics, installed successive Sunni minority governments to contain the Shi’ite majority. By destroying the Sunni-dominated Hussein regime, Bush gave the Iraqi Shi’ites an unprecedented opportunity to rule that they are now determined to exploit.”
    So we have switched from our strategy of arming both sides in the Iraq civil war, now we are backing the guys nominally aligned with Al Qaeda so we can counter Iran’s growing influence in Iraq. Despite the wonderful rhetoric from the impotent Bush yesterday, this is what our Iraq strategy has wrought, and what our boys are dying for.
    Instead of defending ourselves from Al Qaeda we have painted ourselves into a corner where we need to fund people aligned with Al Qaeda, the guys who attacked us on 9/11, in order to counter the influence of Iran in the region. And you guys say we’re winning?

  5. Jo says:

    Phil — your comment has nothing to do with Obama …

    Obama was the first to demand Imus be removed for “just words”, yet his mentor (and I suspect his words) are more important to him than his blood. Me thinks Obama is embarassed that he is half white — kina like the embarassment Hitler had with his Jewish blood.

    Jo’s last blog post..Got Your Stain?

  6. Schatzee says:

    Really good points, Jo. I completely forgot about Imus and that whole mess. I was totally offended by what the Reverend Wrong had to say and how he blamed everyone but his own community for any shortfalls he perceives. I was even more disheartened to hear Obama’s speech that just puts the same rhetoric in another package.

    If a white person – any white person – had used such volatile speech, this would not be an issue, that person would be shunned and labeled a racist and no one would make excuses for their behavior. To think that a person who wants to rule this country and our lives has been indoctrinated with such horrid beliefs scares the hell out of me.

  7. Big Dog says:

    Meatbrain asks where is the evidence imbecile

    From the article:
    According to Sharpton, Obama protested and asked for his public support. “‘No, no, no. I want you to endorse,'” Sharpton recalled Obama saying.

    There is the evidence. Now who is the imbecile here?