Our Military Is Under Attack By The Left

The United States Military is a uniformed service that requires skill and discipline and a willingness to put the team before the individual. I served for 24 years and had the opportunity to serve with some of the best people this country has to offer. Some of the people I served with were homosexuals who served under the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy instituted by Bill Clinton. They were great soldiers and great patriots. DADT worked because it prevented the distractions and problems of open homosexuality.

Barack Hussein Obama has vowed to end DADT and to allow homosexuals to openly serve. This is the case despite the reality that most homosexuals will not serve and despite the fact that a Military Times survey found that 24% of current service members would leave if open homosexuality were allowed. Of those, 10% would definitely leave and 14% would consider not reenlisting. 10% would equal the number of active duty Marines and 24% is close to the number of active duty soldiers in the Army. Those are significant numbers that will not be made up by homosexuals joining.

Obama owes the homosexual activists. He stated he was against gay marriage but the reality is that earlier in his (short) career he supported it. The opposition was likely some of that “campaign rhetoric” he discussed on ABC. Obama and the gay activists see this as equal rights or getting rid of discrimination but that is not what it is. The military is selective by necessity. Overweight people are either discharged or denied favorable actions. People without certain physical characteristics cannot hold certain jobs and women are not allowed in the combat arms. These are all necessary to accomplish the primary mission of defending this country.

About 75% of military members identify themselves as conservative. This is no surprise because very few liberals are willing to fight for anything. They would rather have others protect them while they protest the manner in which that protection is provided. That is all well and good but why do they have a say in how the military is handled? The majority of troops oppose homosexuality but only 24% of those would leave because of it. But how will openly gay members affect the military as a whole?

Perhaps things would be fine. Other countries have openly gay service members and they seem to do OK. However, those countries are much more liberal than ours and they have a different value system. People claim that soldiers in the Israeli Army don’t mind but what would it matter if they did? All people are compelled to serve so they really have no choice as to whom they serve with. Allowing homosexuals to serve ensures that those who do not want to serve are not able to use homosexuality as an excuse.

The military in this country is an all volunteer force. Despite the claims by the left that George Bush was going to institute the draft, that never happened. In fact, the only people who pushed for the draft were Democrats. George Bush and military leaders know that our military is much better with the highly skilled, all volunteer force we currently have. Newsflash to moonbats: Charlie Rangel is reintroducing his initiative to have a draft.

I have always been opposed to the draft because I feel it violates the Constitution. It also fills the ranks with people who do not want to be there and that is not the best way to accomplish our mission. Our government must have figured a way around the Constitution because we have the mechanism for a draft.

Regardless of how I feel about it, if Obama forces the military to accept openly gay people then every physically able person between the ages of 18 and 22 should be required to serve for 2 years. We should start with 22 year olds and work back until we hit the 18s and then service would be mandatory for all persons when they reach 18 (and have graduated or are out of high school). This will ensure that the homosexual community is adequately represented in the military and that we do not deplete the ranks in order to appease a few. After the 2 year assignment each person would be in the reserves, subject to recall AT ANY TIME, for four more years. This would solve the problem of multiple combat tours that the liberals are always complaining about. It could also rid places like Berkeley of the recruiter stations the moonbats so vehemently oppose.

My plan would include everyone and there would be no waivers for college (unless the college is a military academy) and all able bodied persons would be required to serve no matter what. This includes the children of rich people and politicians and failure to serve would be a felony punishable by 2 years in jail and 4 years of probation and loss of any type of government aid.

The military is not the place to try social experiments and allowing openly gay people to serve is either an experiment or an attempt to dismantle the Armed Forces by getting people to leave them. Since Obama is a Socialist who has surrounded himself with like minded people as well as those who want to allow Mexico to retake part of our country, it would not surprise me that he would work to dismantle the biggest obstacle to that goal.

So, now is the time to see how committed the homosexuals are. Do they still want openly gay people to be allowed to serve if the condition for it is mandatory service for all?

One other thing, if queers are allowed to openly serve they are not allowed to adopt the motto; “Never leave your buddy’s behind.”

Big Dog

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12 Responses to “Our Military Is Under Attack By The Left”

  1. Adam says:

    So what are the distractions and problems of open homosexuality anyway?

    • Big Dog says:

      HIV and AIDS is most prevalent among homosexuals. Battle field treatment is bloody and people will be exposed.

      AIDS testing is conducted and people with it are not allowed to deploy. That population is at most risk and would serve no useful purpose.

      Men and women are not allowed to shower in the same shower facility. Why would people be allowed to shower with persons of the sex they prefer?

      What about billeting. What if a devout Christian does not want to be bunked in the same room as a homosexual?

      If we house homosexuals in the same room and they have a relationship will we be allowed to punish them as we do if men and women are caught in the same room?

      Most do not like it so how will they act and will sexual harassment have new definitions if guys in a combat unit are talking crudely and offend a queer?

  2. Adam says:

    Nearly everything you outline is a factor now, except that gays aren’t allowed to be open about it: HIV/AIDS, gays showering with their own sexual preference, Christians bunking with evil homosexuals, etc., etc. So what is the major difference?

    So I guess it depends on whether or not being able to serve openly means more gays will serve. Are there any stats on that or do you just assume more gays will serve?

    Your points don’t hold much validity really but I appreciate your use of the word “queer” to emphasize your acceptance of gays in our society…

  3. Adam says:

    I don’t buy in any way that allowing gays to serve in the military will be any more of a hardship on the current order of the system any more than the changes that came in integrating units with different races or allowing women to serve and hold authority.

    People will still serve for the same reasons they always serve: To serve their country, for the opportunities involved, to gain leadership experience, etc. It will take more than a Military Times voluntary poll to convince me otherwise…

    • Big Dog says:

      Adam, they call themselves queer. They have organizations with the name queer in it. Don’t tell me that I can’t use it since they find it acceptable.

      I never said more would serve.

      The old saying about what you don’t know…

      The military is a macho organization and homos are not perceived as macho. The people in the military don’t want them there so it will cause problems. Either there will be confrontations or people will leave and that is bad for the military.

      People do not serve to gain leadership experience. They serve to protect and defend the country. They become leaders as a result of that.

      You have never been in the military. You don’t know what people say and how they act. I have seen it. If the people in the military don’t like it why force them when there will likely be no huge increase in gay enlistment.

      Certainly not enough to make up for those who leave.

  4. Randy says:

    I don’t think our service members are that unprofessional that they could not look past something as simple a servicemember being able to serve without having to hide thier sexual orientation.

  5. Adam says:

    Using the word “queer” like you do is like you using the N-word and saying “well they say it themselves.” Not the same…

    You and I both know that homosexuals are are of all flavors just like normal people. They aren’t more pre-disposed to be less macho or anything like that.

    I’m sure we heard similar arguments about women serving, or African Americans as officers over white people. I’m sure you’d be right there saying “why force them” yadda yadda yadda. Fortunately they were both forced on the military and for the better of the branches I assume. But since I’m not a career military man such as yourself, maybe you can enlighten us further on those points…

  6. Big Dog says:

    If you read what I said it was ARE NOT PERCEIVED as being macho. Whether they are predisposed or actually are not is not the question, it is how they are perceived.

    Being black is natural and not an aberration. Homosexuality is not normal. How do you force people to accept something in an organization where they cannot just leave (immediately) if they do not like it?

    Maybe they could offer an immediate discharge to those who do not like it.

    Women have always served, they like the blacks had separate units. However, we still do not allow women in the combat arms.

    You said yourself, homosexuals are not normal.

  7. navyvet48 says:

    In the last few years I have become more understanding of homosexuals because my daughter is now out of the closet and freely admits to being gay. It took me a while to accept her choice but I am her mother and love her no matter what.

    I don’t think that DADT (instead of openly gay people serving) should be repealed. I remember the response the military had when Clinton passed the policy! The reaction was pretty much the same. A very large number of people were going to leave the service, a number that could not be replaced by the gay people willing to enlist in the services.

    I submit this thought for your perusal….DADT will become the policy for the heterosexuals…the confrontations may quite possibly be bloody and violent… You are correct the military services are seen as macho…might be why when people find out I am a female veteran they think I am gay. I’m not I have been married to another male veteran for nearly 20 years.

    By the way none of the gay men I know call themselves “queer” but they don’t belong to any of those fringe groups. They worry about what we do, Will I have a job tomorrow? Will I be able to pay my mortgage payments?

    I just wanted you to know that there are gays out there that don’t use the word queer the way Whoopi Goldberg and that other black woman on the view used the “N” word about themselves.

    I did serve on 2 ships a repair ship, USS Vulcan and a tender, USS Yellowstone…

    Maybe they could offer an immediate discharge to those who do not like it.

    That would cause another problem all together, a manning problem. Remember when they did that for pregnant women…they loved getting pregnant while serving onboard a ship…it left us short personnel! (I got pregnant the first time while the ship was in the shipyard…all I did was give up a desk job. I moved to a shore station. I had my second child a littl more than a year after the first…I planned it that way!)

    Thanks for your post I will add you to my blog roll! Loved reading this one!

    Visit my site I just posted an article about the American Legion. They have published a 30 page booklet with a great case against illegal immigration. Best I have seen yet!

    Here is the link:


  8. Harry says:

    Well It seems that liberals think they know the answer to the Military! Wow and all these “queers” think the Military is easy! If YOU did not serve in OUR ARMED Forces, well then you dont KNOW SH#T!
    A 2-505 82nd Airborne Infantry Man
    Sgt.Blanco AKA Foxtrot Psycho!

    • Harry says:

      Big Dog Thanks for our conservative support! May you and our brothers be blessed! I cannot express my self enough of how backed stabed I feel by these ButtEffin Liberals, Im leaving the backstabbing state of Florida and moving to Kansas, to a more realistic and conservative state. And to those Solzialist, communist liberals who think I’m a white racist biggot, because of my Views and conservative believes, Im Hispanic! So how about that! I’m proud to have served my U.S.A. And a proud member of the N.R.A. Tell Mr.President that the war in Iraq was NOT a Mistake, we the conservative Military have set a stepping stone founding Democracy in Iraq.Period…