Osama Bin Laden Supports Obama

One would think that after Obama killed Osama (and you know he did because he keeps telling us he did) he (OBL) might not be so eager to help out Barry. It appears though as if OBL is a big Obama supporter so much so that he has donated at least $20 to the campaign. How could that be? After all, it is illegal for foreigners to donate to our political campaigns. Not to mention that OBL is dead. And let’s make no mistake, the Navy Seals killed him.

During the 2008 election Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs wrote lengthy and detailed posts about the illegal donations that were flowing into the Obama campaign. She documented the lack of security at the donation website and the huge numbers of illegal donations coming from overseas and not from Americans living overseas.

This was not looked into and one would think that in the past four years the Federal Election Commission could investigate but that never happened. Perhaps they are turning a blind eye. No matter what the reason, this should have been investigated.

Of course, we know the Attorney General would not investigate. His job depends on Obama staying in office and this guy would not prosecute the Black Panther intimidation case (note to Panthers, not a good idea to try it again). Eric Holder is a racist who does not uphold the law. He does not abide by the oath he took.

In any event, the idea that Obama is playing fast and furious, I mean loose with the campaign laws is again in the news but not as much as it should be. The media are covering for him and trying to help him get reelected.

Several people who are not American citizens have made small donations to Obama just to prove that it could be done. They proved that Obama fails to employ the industry standard website credit card security that would prevent illegal donations from coming in. To make sure they were fair they tried the same thing at the Romney website. His site rejected the donations.

To leave no doubt in anyone’s mind, a person donated in the name of Osama bin Laden, The address information was bogus (but did have a US zip code) and the credit card used was a prepaid card. The $15 donation went through and Bin Laden was added to the mailing list. This person received nine more emails requesting donations. To make sure this was not a fluke he donated $5 more and that money was accepted.

There is no doubt that Barack Obama is taking illegal donations. The names of donors who give fewer than 250 dollars are not released and a number of his donations lack information like zip codes. This is the Chicago way and Obama is a Chicago thug politician. He does not think the rules should apply to him and he is not honorable so he breaks the law. His donation process is flawed allowing him to take money from non citizens thus allowing them to have some influence in our election process.

Mitt Romney’s campaign does not do this and neither did John McCain’s. The only person doing the illegal stuff is Barack Obama. Will anyone call him out on this?

Democrats scream about voter ID Laws and claim that these laws disenfranchise people. Nothing could be further from the truth. People need IDs to get welfare and if they do not have one they can go get one free of charge. If they can get to the polling place they can get to the MVA for an ID, period.

But Democrats oppose this and they oppose it for one reason. It makes it more difficult for them to cheat. The cheating starts at the top as Obama has demonstrated and it rolls downhill. A politician’s son, who worked in his campaign, was caught on tape telling someone how to vote more than once. In Ohio the Democrats are busing in Somalis and telling them how to vote. They don’t speak English (and might not even be allowed to vote) but they are being brought in and someone is voting for them in the name of Democrats on the ticket.

This is the kind of stuff that Democrats do and have done for a long time. Nixon beat Kennedy without the fraudulent votes and Coleman beat Franken without the fraudulent votes.

This runs rampant in the Democrat party and it starts with the top guy.

Barack Obama has deliberately set up his site so that he can receive money from illegal sources.

He is a felon and should be in jail. I will settle for throwing him out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on 6 November. Then the Romney Administration can decide if he should be prosecuted.

Imagine what would happen if a Republican was caught doing this….

Cave canem!
never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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