Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Rush Limbaugh is fond of pointing out that with the democrats it is never about the truthfulness of the accusation only the seriousness of the charge. The democrats like to say things that are untrue and they like to say them often and in the case of Howard Dean, they like to say them loudly. They know that if they make serious charges the uninformed will believe them without question and they are also aware that if you say something over and over eventually people will start to believe it is true. This is why urban legends survive. People say it a lot and those who are not so well informed believe the stories.

The democrats love to do this. During the Clinton years Social Security was in a crisis. Now they say that it is fine and it would be OK if we just paid more taxes. They seem to forget that all those Clinton years when they were saying there was a crisis, Clinton was raising taxes. So it stands to reason that raising taxes would not fix the problem. Prolong probably, fix no. There are those who believe that if we raise taxes on the top 1% of earners it would fix the problem. The top earners in this country already pay 80% of the taxes. I would agree that the Social Security cap could be raised but I would only agree to that if people were allowed to invest some of their money in private accounts. The left does not want this because they do not want us to control our own futures. They believe that they know better how to look out for you than you know how to look out for yourself.

Now we have Howard Dean running around the country calling names and screeching like a wounded chicken. He has, in essence, said that republicans are the party of whites and that they exclude others. The democrats, he tells us, allow everyone in. Well look at their leadership. How many of the “excluded” do you see at the top? They look pretty Lilly white to me. The Bush administration has the ‘excluded” in all positions and is trying to place them in other positions. The inclusion party of democrats is blocking the process. To top it off, Dean is out spouting off things to make those less informed believe the lies. Here is a recent fabrication of his:

“What we’re focused on is how to have a decent Social Security system, how to have a strong national defense, how to have jobs in America again, how to deal with incredibly high gas prices and get a decent energy bill which actually will do something about gas prices.”

Let us look, shall we? We are focused on having a decent social security system. Hey Howie, if it is not broken and all is OK, why do you need to make it decent. By decent do you mean allowing people to control some of their money or do you mean the donks taking it and telling us how it should be spent? But remember folks, it is not broken. Hey Howie, a strong National Defense? We have that despite the attempts by the donks to make it weaker. We have not been attacked since 9/11 though we have ruined many attempts. Why, because we are strong. Dean and the donks want you to believe they want strong defense when they gutted the military during the Clinton years. Hillary despises the military. The only reason she has anything to do with them is because it is an unpopular position to go against our fighting men and women. She is Ms. politically expedient. How to deal with incredibly high gas prices. They are high but only half of what they pay in the UK. Gas prices have been reasonable for years. There is now a higher price to pay. Ted Kennedy would pay $40.00 for a gallon of Scotch but cry about $3.00 for a gallon of gas. And then my favorite. “how to have jobs in America again.” Has someone told dim wit that we have added around a million new jobs in the last 9 months? Has anyone told him that we have had job growth for over 23 consecutive months? Perhaps he should read the numbers before he screams. You see, he is saying it over and over so you will believe it. Perhaps he should go here and see what the growth has been. He can also see the recession that was caused by the last few years of Clinton and how relatively quickly we recovered despite 9/11. BTW, for the less informed who will argue that this did not start downward with Clinton, I remind you that the job loss started in July of 2000, 4 months before Bush was elected and 6 months before he took office.

Howard should really check his facts but he knows the truth. He knows it as well as Nancy Pelosi who had this to say about republicans who are calling for an apology from Dean:

“The fact is that the Republicans are trying to make a lot of hay out of Governor Dean’s remarks because they are failing to meet the needs of the American people.
If Governor Dean were not being effective, they would not be going after him so strongly.”

Is it not strange that when a republican is mean spirited or calls someone names he needs to apologize and quit or some such nonsense but when a donk does it he is being attacked because he is effective? So all this mud slinging is being effective? Be careful Howie. When you throw mud you lose ground. Listen up San Fran Nan, the fact that the republicans are meeting the people’s needs is the reason Dean is running his mouth. He is trying to spread hatred and lies to derail the republican efforts so he can convince a bunch of poorly informed toadies to vote for an entitlement agenda. Howie, you guys had 40 years of control to get it right. Ask yourself why your party has to do so much for America when you should have been able to do it for them for 40 years.

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