Open Mouth, Insert Foot

A gym instructor in the Washington DC area decided that helping people with their workouts, as he was being paid to do, was not enough. He decided that he should go into a rant about the President of the United States. Glenn Makl went into a rant making fun of the President and then handed out a compilation of video clips of some of the President’s more notable gaffes.

The problem is one of President Bush’s daughter’s was in the class. Imagine the surprise that Jenna Bush must have experienced when she expected to hear a gym instructor and instead heard a jackass making fun of her father. Jenna’s boyfriend was with her and he was not happy about the incident. I am amused that some twit whose life work is a gym instructor (aim high little buddy) is making fun of a guy who holds the highest office in the land.

The report on the incident indicates that Makl was horrified to learn that Jenna was in the class. My question is why? If you are man enough to say it then be man enough to pump your chest out and take responsibility. Just stick out that bird chest and say, “Yeah I said it and I meant it.” I don’t imagine this guy could do that because he is a coward. Says things when he thinks it is OK but when he finds out that there is someone there he would certainly not have said it to had he known, he gets horrified.

It is obvious that Makl did not do this on a whim or on the spur of the moment. He thought it through enough to hand out the video clips that he compiled. This took prior thought so he obviously has some issues with the President and he thought he would be a big man and express his views. I guess he is not much of a man after all, i mean getting horrified about something he said. if he felt it and had the courage of his convictions then it would not matter who was there when he said it. Or is he worried he might lose his job? There are consequences for actions.

His mommy did not tell him that if he did not have something nice to say then don’t say anything. If she had, he would not be “horrified.”

Source: Drudge

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2 Responses to “Open Mouth, Insert Foot”

  1. Robert says:

    This is some thing that is getting more and more common. These people that have the vision of a grapefruit, insulting people that see the big picture. I think the day of, say only what you would say in the presence of the person in question is gone. No balls,No guts, No character, No pride. That about sums up the entire left wing.

  2. Laurie says:

    He should get fired. If the job doesn’t have anything to do with politics, and especially a service position like that, they don’t need to be ranting about their political beliefs. At the very least he needs a lesson on what is appropriate for the workplace. It is one thing to talk with co-workers during break time, but it is completely out of line to use on the job time to push any kind of personal agenda to the customers.