Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Mary Landrieu said that the resignation of Michael Brown as the head of FEMA was not enough and that more people had to answer for the problems associated with Katrina. I am unable to accept your resignation Senator because I am not a Louisiana native. However, I am sure that people will be happy to hear you are leaving and will want you to take Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin with you. If Michael Brown was culpable in this then you and the other two stooges are more than equally so.

Americans will be happy to see the incompetent group that could not lead, could not make a decision, and left hundreds of thousands to fend for themselves. One request. While you are leaving will you take that low life William Jefferson with you. This will be one time I am sure it would be OK to use the military to ferry him around, out of town that is. I would say out of town on a rail but I understand that assistance was refused also.

Here is what Landrieu said:

Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu said Monday that Michael Brown’s resignation as head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency would not be enough to stem the tidal wave of criticism leveled at the Bush administration over its handling of the Hurricane Katrina crisis.

Brown’s departure, Landrieu said, “will not alone solve all the problems that plagued the federal government’s response to Hurricane Katrina and the devastating floods that followed the levee breaches.”

In a statement posted to her Web site, the Louisiana democrat insisted that the Bush White House still needed to be held responsible.

“The people of our nation, and in particular, the Gulf Coast, deserve and demand full accountability for this administration’s missteps in protecting and helping Americans in need,” Landrieu complained.

On Sunday, Landrieu said it was President Bush’s fault that New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin didn’t use city school buses to evacuate those trapped by flooding.

A week earlier, she threatened to punch President Bush if he criticized Louisiana state and local officials.

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