Open Letter To The President

This was sent to me. I am sure it has been going around but I got a kick out of it.

Dear president Bush,

I am really disappointed in you. First and foremost you failed to stop
the hurricane Katrina before it hit the Gulf Coast. Even worse, you
should have stopped it before it first hit Southern Florida. Since you
failed to take this first action, one would have expected that you
should have, as a second thought, moved the entire states of Alabama
Mississippi and Louisiana to central Texas before Katrina came ashore.

Next you failed to keep the levees in New Orleans from breaking. You
would think that as our Commander in Chief,you would have sent
Rumsfeld or at least someone in authority to put his or her finger in
the dike.Here again President Bush,you should have known that the
levees wouldn’t hold. Remember, you have the best intelligence
organization in the world.

If that wasn’t bad enough, you failed to assemble the National Guard
on a minutes notice. Aren’t they, after all, the present day
“Minutemen?” I know that it took God 6 days to do His work but as the
leader of the free world,you should have been able to beat His time.
(Actually it took 6 days after the hurricane to get things stabilized
so maybe that’s par for the course.)

When you responded to the tsunami victims,didn’t it take several weeks
of continuing rescue operations to stabilize that area. With that
training, you should have had everyone sitting in planes with their
engines running at the end of the runways before the hurricane struck.
As a matter of fact you should keep them all at that level all the
time because you can never tell when there might be an emergency.

You also showed your careless disregard for property damage by
concentrating efforts in the flooded areas where people were trapped.
By all rights you should have been primarily concerned about getting
power back on to the casinos along the Gulf Coast. After all, what is
more important, a few peoples lives or preserving the governments
income from gambling sources.

What blows my mind President Bush is you how could have reasonably
expected people to take any responsibility for themselves. After all,
with only a few days notice how could you expect that anyone would
take the time to fill up a few jugs of water and stash a few cans of
food just because a category 5 hurricane was headed their way? Besides
FEMA’s suggestion of having 4 days of water and food is just a
suggestion. It isn’t mandatory.

You also failed by expecting local officials to take any
responsibility. After all, isn’t it the present Federal Government’s
responsibility to provide everyone with everything that our ancestors
use to do for themselves?

Based on all of the above it is clear that you,President Bush, and
your administration are the only possible ones to blame. This calls
for a full investigation by all of those totally blameless so that
they may reap as much political gain from this tragedy as is possible.

Don’t forget the Stop the ACLU weekend trackback party!

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One Response to “Open Letter To The President”

  1. Freedom 7 says:

    As It Should Be!

    That’s right; reward the guilty, bayonette the innocent, and give no-bid contracts to all Republicans! (Being a heartless conservative has never been so much fun!)

    Freedom 7