Open Letter To Soros and Winfrey

Dear Mr. Soros and Ms. Winfrey,
I am writing to you because you are both extremely rich people who have enough money to make a lot of people millionaires without batting an eye. I appreciate the hard work you have done to earn that money and for all the years I have been political I have believed that you should keep as much of it as possible and that your tax rates should be the same as the guy making 50k a year. I mean, we all receive the same benefit from the country so why not pay the same percentage.

The purpose of my letter is to ask you for your support on behalf of Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Ms. Winfrey (I watched you on WJZ in Baltimore when you did local news) I know that you are liberal and support the Obama/Biden ticket and that is your right. Mr. Soros, there is no doubt that you are liberal and so far to the left that you are holding up the wall. I need your support per the guidance of the Democrats on the top of the ticket.

Joe Biden said that people who make more than 250k should pay more in taxes because it was patriotic. This past week Barack Obama told a plumber that he wanted to redistribute the wealth because he believes that is how you make everyone successful.

Keeping this in mind, I am asking each of you to demonstrate your patriotism by sending me one million dollars. That is only 500k a piece and a drop in the bucket with regard to your total wealth. This will help you to do what Joe and Barry want. You will demonstrate you are true patriots and you will spread the wealth around (to me) so that this guy who is not rich can do better. Barry wants this, Joe wants this and I want your money. By sending it to me you will avoid the middle man known as government, an entity that seems to cause a mess when it has taxpayer money. Sending it direct is best for all concerned (especially me).

I realize that this will be a burden to me because then I will be a millionaire and have to pay higher taxes but that is a burden I am ready to bear if it will make me patriotic and help spread the wealth in Obama’s perverse version of trickle down economics. I am certainly ready to bear that burden if it means I can become a millionaire.

Before you dismiss my request outright, I again remind you that this is what YOUR candidates want you to do.

With warmest regards,
Big Dog

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5 Responses to “Open Letter To Soros and Winfrey”

  1. Buffoon says:

    This is a thought we’ve all had several times. Obama’s ideas aren’t a perversion of trickle down economics though, Michael Savage just correctly called it “trickle up poverty”…

    If this works for ya though, you’ll need a first mate for your boat. It is Stone Crab season after all……

  2. Schatzee says:

    I heard that, too, Buffoon and it is so accurate. Spreading the “wealth” of those working for a living to those that don’t. Creating more dependence on a system that can’t afford to support a nation much less a world. What a mess.

    BTW, can I use this letter? I’d like to send one to Matt Damon and Julia Roberts and Madonna…well, hollywood in general!

  3. Big Dog says:

    You may use this letter and tweak it to fit your needs. Since I am a capitalist at heart, I only ask for 10% of what you get from them.

    However, I would not hold my breath waiting for these “progressives” to part with their money. They only want you to part with yours.

  4. While we’re at it, we should ask Obama to unload the money he keeps in that tax sheltered account. I’m a struggling artist trying to make a living on my work. I could definitely use some help.
    If everyone in Hollywood, all the Oprah’s and Soros’ of the world pooled their money and started helping the ‘poor’, we might see some real change.
    I won’t hold my breath. They’re more concerned about what we do with our money.