Open Letter To Elected Republicans

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I hope that the carnage experienced last night leaves a very bitter taste in your mouths and that you awaken this morning wiser than when you went to bed. The American people have spoken and they have chosen a new direction not because the Democrats offer anything better but because you failed to offer leadership. People crave leadership and if they do not get it they will latch on to the first person or group they think offers it. Germans craved leadership so badly they elected Hitler to lead them because there was no one who stood up to provide an alternative. I hope you also realize that the power of incumbency is diminished and that people will vote to replace you if you do not demonstrate that you can lead. Americans saw that Democrats offered no leadership in 1994 and turned to you for guidance and leadership. You started strong and then fell into the trap of complacency and greed. Yesterday, Americans doubted your ability to lead and turned to others. It should be humbling to know your leadership was so ineffective that you were beaten by people who had no platform. When a party that terrorists endorse wins, you have lost your grip on leadership.

It is not the mark of a leader to listen to lobbyists and ignore the people who vote for you and who you are supposed to represent. A lobbyist only gets one vote and it might not even be in your state but the people that you are supposed to lead have tens of thousands of votes and they will use them in their best interests. If you are not in their best interests you will not get that vote. It is a crime to be lured by the money of lobbyists who have you on speed dial while those who expect better are ignored. I have had the same Congressman for nearly 20 years and the first time I received anything from him was a week ago when he checked, “as he likes to do from time to time” to see how things were. It was nice of him to send me that form letter. I received a survey from the Republicans asking me what they could do to make things better but I only received it when the tide was beginning to rise against them. All the years that things were good I was taken for granted.

The American people rejected you for Democrats who were selected because they are moderate. Their leadership fully realizes that Liberalism fails when it is placed before the public and that in order to win they must either select moderates or pretend to be moderates. Why do you think Hillary is playing the part of a moderate? She knows that Liberalism is a hard sell. Conservatism works every time it is tried and yet, you somehow lost sight of that. Americans want leaders who vote based on principles, not on how much money a lobbyist paid them. There are new Democrats in Congress who are there because they are moderates and they know they must remain so or they will lose to a more Conservative candidate. You lost because people saw them as the lesser of two evils and figured that a Democrat who is moderate is better than a Republican who does not know how to be a conservative.

In 2008 you have a chance to win again but it will take hard work on your part because you have betrayed the trust of the Conservatives who put you in office. We are beginning to ramp up for the 2008 elections and we are looking for real Conservatives and we will not support any Republican that is not a true Conservative. Those of you who will be up for reelection in 2008 and who are not Conservative do not have a chance of getting our support because we are only supporting people who actually espouse Conservative principles, not just act the part for the cameras.

We want candidates who will secure this country. We will only support candidates who are dedicated to winning the war in Iraq. We will only support candidates who are dedicated to broadening and winning the war on terror. We will only support candidates who will give us Constitutionalist judges. We will only support candidates who will secure our borders without amnesty and without exception. We will only support candidates who represent strong moral values. And we will only support candidates who will reduce spending and balance the budget. Your failure to do these things resulted in a resounding defeat. Here is your fair warning, if you do not espouse these qualities through word and deed you need not apply.

There are a number of you that have hibernated in the Congress for far too long and who have not given the Conservatives any value. You are on your way out so start working on your memoirs and your career after politics. We are going in a new direction and we are not taking you with us. Those who are prospective candidates, take notice because you will not be considered if you are not a Conservative.

Right on the Right

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5 Responses to “Open Letter To Elected Republicans”

  1. Little Fox says:

    All I have to say is that many republicans deserved to lose last night. But I don’t deserve to be punished with years of democrats in power either.

  2. Bosun says:

    Thank you for the eloquent post, Big Dog,

    The night began as a squeaker, but it led to a new House speaker. In a historic political evening, Democrats swept Republicans out of power in the House of Representatives for the first since the 1994 Republican revolution that made Newt Gingrich the speaker. WND.

    Why we ask? Perhaps greed, perversion, and gross incompetence came between the Republican party and its constituents.

    Howard Dean’s get it now party won. Now we are going to have to live with the outcome. Lot and lots of pundits on the conservative side of the house woke up this morning with egg on their faces.

    Folk, the Republican party failed us and many walked or did not go to the polls. If and when the Republican party decides that morals, values, and ethics are important, we will continue our decline and degradation.

  3. jh says:

    “We will only support candidates who will secure our borders without amnesty and without exception.”

    I suppose you mean comprehnsive immigration reform that Bush was proposing. I think some conservatives need to realize that many of us Conservatives were not thrilled with the Tancredo approach. When we dared try to advocate this we were flamed and in many cases banned from internet forums. I was told I as wasnt wanted. That despite that I agreeded with them on 90 percent of the issues this made my :ilk” rinos and get the hell out.

    Just saying you might want to compromise on that issue a little.