Oops They Did It Again

Well folks. We have heard the stories. Iran has nuclear material. My counterparts on the left will tell you that the Iranians are only trying to manufacture nuclear power and that they have that right. They would never make nuclear weapons. Of course the Bush administration has been telling people all along that the Iranians were up to no good. I made the point that they have all the cheap fuel they need in oil why would they go through the expense of nuclear power?

There were nations that said we should let them be and see what they do with what they have. The UN, the left’s know all, see all, omnipotent organization will be our watchdogs. They will keep an eye on Iran like they did when they oversaw the oil for food program in Iraq. They will ensure that the Iranians only developed nuclear energy for power. Those crazy Iranians would never dare doing something wrong with the UN watching them.

Oops! Looks like Iran was not quite honest when it said they were not developing nuclear weapons. Looks like they slipped one in under the UN’s nose. One of the presidential candidates in Iran said it is possible that not everything they did was reported to the IAEA The Iranians also acquired components that could be used to make nuclear weapons earlier than stated. Of course, the Iranians still contend they are not making a bomb so they will continue their program. I guess in light of their lies we are supposed to just believe them?

Perhaps we should ask the UN who was asleep at the wheel this time. Maybe we need to find out why they were unaware. The last time (oil for food) they “did not know” because they were neck deep in the scandal skimming millions of dollars off for themselves. UN representatives and their family members made quite a fortune off the scam. They would tell you that they did not get rich and are regular hard working guys if you could get a hold of them in their mansion estates on the French Riviera.

Once again the US (more specifically, the Bush administration) hit this one on the head. I wonder how long it will be before some lib tells us that the Iranians can have nukes because we do. Be careful of the comparisons you make. If we are to become equals than you have to shut up about the alleged abuses in a certain Cuban jail.

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