Oops, I Flip-Flopped Again

It would seem that John Kerry, Vietnam vet, has flip-flopped again. He is now flip-flopping so much he looks like a fish out of water. First, he voted for the No child Left Behind Act. That was a good thing. Then, when he was on the primary trail, he denounced No Child Left Behind

Kerr said that Kerry and other legislators were “fooled” by the Bush plan and
its goals to make teachers more accountable and improve school quality, but
“they now know that these things will never be delivered.”

And this was stated by Rep Mary Bono R-Palm Springs:

“John Kerry was right when he voted for the No Child Left Behind Act, but he is
wrong to criticize it now that election year politics has taken precedence over
strengthening education,” Bono said. “It is unfortunate that John Kerry has
spent the last few days in California attacking strong legislation that he once
enthusiastically supported.

Now look at what Wes Clark had to say with reference to Kerry:

Yet, two years ago, both Senator Kerry and Senator Edwards voted for the
legislation. In fact, after he voted for it, John Kerry said the bill was
“welcome news to reformers.” Edwards hailed the legislation, claiming it
“maintains states’ commitment to high achievement for all students.”

years later, Kerry has conveniently changed his tune. Now, his campaign is
criticizing President Bush for failing on education and for signing the No Child
Left Behind Act, saying, “George Bush has undermined public education and left
millions of children behind.”

Now I don’t necessarily agree with what In General Clark said about No Child Left Behind, but it is clear he is accusing Kerry of Flip-flopping. But this is old news, let’s see what Kerry has stated recently

It was wrong for America to go it alone. And now every American is paying the
price. Almost all the casualties are the sons and daughters of America. And
nearly 90 percent of the cost is coming out of your pocket. The price-tag so
far: $200 billion and rising every day. That’s $200 billion we’re not investing
in health care and education That’s $200 billion we’re not investing to make
sure no child is left behind……

Now maybe it is just me, but it sure seems like Kerry is saying we should have spent this money on No Child Left Behind. Now, he wants us to believe that he would spend this money on the children. He was for it, then against it, then for it, then against it, now he is for it? Or is he using the children to further his political agenda. You see, when he wants you to think he cares, he is for it and when he is talking to the teacher’s union he is against it. He switches positions depending on which way the wind blows. Perhaps that is why he likes windsurfing so much!

You be the judges my friends but I think we have this man in another Flip-flop.

I wonder what his wedding vows were like? I do, no wait, I don’t, no hold on, I do, no wait a minute………

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