Only In The Liberal World

Only in the liberal world can there be an uproar when a supposed covert agent’s identity is released but nary a word when national secrets are exposed. The New York Times this week again disclosed a classified program the government is using to root out terrorists. There was no benefit to be gained by the disclosure because the program is completely legal according to the law. The NYT felt it was necessary to release the information and that the public had a right to know.

The Bush administration had some harsh words for the traitor media and there are a few folks calling for legal action against the paper. Personally, I hope that the paper is subjected to the same scrutiny it expected when it was crying about the so called outing of Valerie Plame. For some reason, the New york Times thinks that revealing the name of a person who was in Vanity Fair and introduced by her real name, who pushes paper while waxing a seat with her ass, and who is a nobody in the CIA is a matter of national security and the welfare of the nation. For some other reason they think that revealing programs that help track terrorists, thus leading us to the terrorists is no big deal.

Only in the liberal world can this obvious contradiction exist and go unquestioned.

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One Response to “Only In The Liberal World”

  1. Aksa Martyrs Brigades Pulling a Saddam…

    OK, two things:

    1) They really have chemical weapons.
    2) They don’t have chemical weapons….