Only Cowards Attack Gravesites

When people die and are buried their graves should be left alone. I would not think I would have to type that but it appears as if there are people in society who think it is perfectly OK to deface graves and markers because they did not like the person or what that person did while alive.

Vandals defaced graves belonging to people buried in the Confederate section of a North Carolina cemetery. These cowards, and make no mistake they are cowards, spray painted “KKK” and “White Supremacist” on headstones of a few high ranking Civil War officials and when they were finished their rampage over $20,000 in damage was done.

The people who did this are low life cowards. They did it under cover of darkness because they do not have the courage of their convictions to do it in broad daylight because then they could get caught and be in trouble. They are cowards.

They certainly do not have the courage that would be required to address this with the person in question had they been around in that era. No, they are cowards.

If one does not like the Confederate Flag or the Confederate soldiers or the Civil War or any of it then fine. It is a free nation and people are free to like or dislike what they want. They do not however, have the right to destroy property. This is the environment we live in today. If people don’t like something they destroy it (Ferguson, Baltimore).

Imagine if people who do not like DC and what goes on there held the same philosophy…

How about we follow a time honored tradition of leaving the dead alone. I know we can attack the dead over policies or how they lived their lives just as we praise the dead for the same. Vandalizing graves and monuments is a bit too much.

I hope they catch whoever did this and put them in jail for a while. Then I hope they get about 1000 hours of community service and they have to wash confederate grave markers and monuments the ENTIRE time.

And they should have to pay the cost to repair the damage they caused. Hell, their community service could be extended until that debt is paid off or we could confiscate all their possessions to make up for the loss.

I don’t like Barack Obama and if I outlive him I would not deface his grave and I would stop anyone I saw doing that. Respecting the burial sites of the dead is part of being in a civilized society.

The animals who defaced the graves in North Carolina should be removed from society for a while, you know, so they have time to think about what they did.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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